April 30, 2009

Something Handmade...but not from me!

I have a post about something kind of neat...a friend has her etsy shop and makes handmade beautiful creations Angela Harris ( Angela's Etsy Shop or check out her blog Angela's Blog) - I am showing one that I put in a frame to use for home decoration because I loved the color so much (that is the color we would like to add to our living area with accessories). We have a beachy themed home - well what we would eventually like to portray! I am NOT a good decorator at all so I was excited and quite pleased with this look I did by myself. We have ladder bookshelves since around March and now and then I have been finding things for it ...it is a process for me since I have trouble in this area but sometime (and in no rush) it will be complete!

I just wanted to share her beautiful work. I needed a background to go behind the tag so I just used some tulle I had from my business around cardstock - eventually maybe I will find a background that better suits but I enjoy this for now. Some of her tags I have started to use in my business too as thank you's and to write nice things to those in my business too. They are different, unique, beautiful, and handmade which makes people feel nice (my hope) to share a nice thing every once in awhile - I have with thanks ones that I give out with gifts to my clients and have added some to Mother's Day baskets I will be/am doing. With Angela's permission I have added these pictures of her tags - my picture quality may not be as good so you will want to check out her shop.

She had made some butterfly and dragonfly ones I purchased too so I plan to eventually put those in a frame in the girl's rooms too when I come across the right frames. They are so cute! I also had to do some mini tags that I will do something special for the girls and write neat things to them every once in awhile...I have had plans in the works for awhile now to make the box to store them in, but that just hasn't happened yet either. The mini tags are shown below too.

Here are some more of her trim tags she has that I have purchased - I have more but I thought I would just show a variety.

Here are the mini butterfly and dragonfly tags she made me for the girls. They are great. Also shown are mini crown tags I use for Bobby and the "Remember When" tags for Bobby. With our MOPS group we were introduced to doing the Love Dare so I started with that which if you have never done that - it is great for anyone! Then I moved on to the "Remember When" tags for neat moments over our almost 15 years together! The crown tags - I challenged myself - just as the "remember when" tags I would leave one per day for him. The crown tags - (again an idea from Angela...boy she is wonderful and an "old soul" if you will!) - if you look in her February posts (I believe) she details it there too, but anyway "365 reasons why I love Bobby." I love challenges and challenging myself is the best thing I can do for me. You know to be honest this takes up time, and one of the reasons I am now an insomniac (but I work ahead the weeks he is out of town), but in the end it helps me when I miss him, helps me when it gets hard doing all the things I do, but the most important reason it makes him feel special when he is gone too...to know that I do miss him and he is thought of by all in our house even though it gets long and difficult sometimes! One of the things I learned in the Love Dare to continually do things - I have a great husband, and I want to make sure he is reminded of that. So for me...this idea works. Now I won't be able to do the 365 thing forever and every year...but I thought I would give it a try this year.

So these are my Thoughts on Thursday!

Blessings from all of us

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