April 22, 2009

A Fun Wagon Ride!

Well, it is mid-week...the girls get antsy for Daddy to get home so we ALWAYS spend extra time outside...a nice long wagon ride and dinner outside tonight! It sure was nice! They LOVE the outdoors like mommy. We took along Cadence for this walk in the wagon, and since it was extra long ride she was tired. So I solved that...Madison "Miss Oversee-er" held Cadence for the reminder of the ride...half of it with Cadence in her lap and the other half telling Cadence to sit beside her. Hayley just was as happy as could be with her waterbottle and trying to pet Cadence and watch Madison. We enjoyed dinner on the porch that evening in their little chairs! Thought about a picnic in the grass...but definitely a mowing needed. I would be happy to do it, but don't want to take any risks with the girls and doing it at the same time.
It turned into a great night with taking the minds of Daddy being gone for the girls (that is the hardest part seeing them miss him)...and me too:)! Just two more days and that's it! We have a fun Friday morning planned at the Jump for Fun place with other kiddos and moms so that will be great and some time for Mommy to get out and do her thing on Thursday evening! A busy week but in our family that is always best!

Blessings and love from all of us!

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