April 28, 2009

A Change of Pace!

Well, I thought I would do something different tonight...I needed to do something different (yes...I said needed!) I think I am still recouperating from yesterday, no joke! It definitely was a day from whatever you want to call it. Madison was tired from apparently no rest time or nap on Sunday. Oh WOW - not a great combination. Madison just has a difficult time- we even now have Bobby talk with her one time during the day instead of just in the morning because that seems to help. Something happened last night! To sum it up short - Madison was in bed at 6:00 pm - well maybe 6:15 - she has never gone to bed that early. I just could not take her horrible attitude and back talk she was giving me from a very opinionated 3-year-old- and time out didn't work so her option if she didn't stop was to go to bed. And she didn't stop so it was bed. (I am not that horrible...she was asleep in literally 10 minutes - I checked on her because I felt guilty...I did get it right though -she was tired).
It even got better as the night when on... Meanwhile a client calls me - definitely thankful for the break - but my bedroom was destroyed trying to keep Miss Hayley occupied while I helped her. Enjoyed the conversation but Hayley was due for bedtime too (which is why my bedroom seemed destroyed...she was telling me Mommy bedtime!). I was up until about midnight- woken up at 2:00 by Madison (she seems to sleep more restless when tired) and then up for the morning at 4:00 (by my husband calling me...seriously?! He got the time wrong since he is 2 time zones away) At least he called, right! I can laugh about it now :)I get up at 5:00 to have my quiet time, Bible time, computer work time, etc. but getting up that extra hour early this morning made me very cranky today! I could have used that extra hour. My mom called me to check on me, and she said bring the girls over. I ABSOLUTELY took her up on that - got errands, one delivery, and other things done for my daily agenda all WITHOUT my kiddos. AND I picked up an AWAKE tea (no sweetener...Why did I just add that? No idea I guess just going through how I ordered it!) from Starbucks - my usual is Zen tea (my favorite...all I needed was to drink that and fall asleep on the way home so 2 tea bags it was of AWAKE...I love my tea strong!) Thank you MOM!
Well my intention for this post was to NOT talk about my lovely girls. However, I must add they were in pretty fun moods this morning...waking up in the morning so excited to see me with their smiles erased yesterday (except for being overtired). [But] ...this turned into a very detailed post...sorry guys!

So...what in the world is this post about? Well it is rainy here and I had so many blooms on my hibiscus tree open up today and more coming. While taking Cadence potty I saw them and just looked at them...I just think they are beautiful. The flowers are different...supposed to be the same color...but I am not digging one back up to get one to match perfectly. Bobby would kill me! Besides it may actually look better that they are different. I just thought with the rain on them they were beautiful - not all my plants are in bloom yet...still waiting on my asiatic lillies, hydrangeas to get ready - (what I did up front was try to plant all my wedding flowers in the front (well not this spring - I started that when we moved into this house) - I don't do the hydrangeas blue (as I prefer them)...just don't have time to deal with getting the pH correct)...anyway still needing the gerber daisies and one more. However, I did show my purple flowers that I just thought were beautiful too.

I thought I would take some time out before doing the rest of my items for the evening and take time for myself. I actually read this morning since I was up so early this - which got me thinking - I still have around 10 agenda items left but I am making 15 minutes for me and sharing this blog - who knows someone may need to look at pretty flowers too! Here is what I read this morning:
"God is superhuman, tireless, and all-powerful. Yet what did He do after creating the world? He rested. Let that sink into your brain. God. Rested. He didn't need to rest, but He purposefully took the time to step back, cease working, and enjoy His creation. If an all-powerful being made time to rest, that should speak volumes to us mere mortals.
As a member of the human race, you need to rest occassionally. You need to focus on "human," once in a while, and not so much on "race." You need to take time to recover physically, emotionally, and spiritually from life's demands. You need time to take stock of where you've been, where you are, and where you are headed. You need quiet, reflective, and restful moments - away from stress and to-do lists. You need to take the time to be a friend, a parent, a child of God."----excerpt from book - by Scott Degelman and Friends - God always has a Plan B.

So yesterday and today- I feel I fell short, but by the grace of God - everything is really fine when it comes down to it! Just a tired Momma from continually staying up so late. I was short with Bobby for waking me up an hour early this morning and for the fact he fell asleep at 7:00 in the evening when last night was no fun with two upset kiddos. Must be why he called me so early too - he was mixed up by falling asleep so early.

Maybe I should have just put instead of typing all this:
Enjoy the flowers!

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Laurie said...

Loved the reality of the post, Martha. It's comforting to know those days happen to everyone and not just me. Now, bring your green thumb over to my house!! The flowers are beautiful!!