June 29, 2010


I always like to begin my morning...

like this morning

really enjoying my coffee

taking a 1/2 hour of personal time

of which usually leads to another 1/2 hour or hour of a little work

and another cup of coffee

note...my cups of coffee are a lot bigger than normal...
I was just informed over the weekend when Bobby told me how much he actually makes in the morning

and realizing there is about 1/2 cup left after I'm done...
I'm going to play dumb here and act like he didn't tell me
because I enjoy it way too much

coffee is like cheese to me
I can never do without...

back to my morning now...

after a couple of hours of which the girls walk in my room or downstairs wherever I may be

girls are dressed

smoothies are made for them

and they are loaded in the double jogger to go on a run with me

and right before I walk out the door to go anywhere I always seem to notice what we finally did with the letters I had gotten Bobby as a birthday gift last year...
it makes me smile to see it right before I leave every time

we just couldn't seem to find the right spot or have the right idea

isn't it funny how you can have something for so long and then it comes to you?
{well I should note here...
that it was actually Bobby's idea that he came up with a couple of weeks ago}

he loves getting the credit for this one...

but now I'm thinking of another idea for curtains for the window that is below...

oh boy...
but that is the greatest part on making your house a home
one idea just spirals into more...

so I have three ideas for curtains...
maybe blue and white ticking to go with our beachy theme
or vintage floral pattern to spice it up with color
or simple white curtains...

I'm personally leaning towards adding some spice in the kitchen I think...
but we'll see...
Kasey had once shared a fabulous idea a friend of hers had that if I find the right ones...
I would love to use the idea too...
making curtains/valance out of very cute dishtowels...
and you just know who has the fabulous dishtowels with perfect color and vintage style right?
I won't even name the store because it gives Bobby a heart attack everytime I do.

not to mention
I almost had a heart attack already this morning...
I walked out into the garage and found on my once organized shelf that the hubby has his stuff piled on
because he is cleaning out his car that is now listed on craigslist...
{I'll be doing a happy dance when that car is gone}

I found a love letter I wrote him about 9  1/2 years ago
{it must have been in his car for 9  1/2 years literally}
that is about how much he loves to clean
every 9 1/2 years {chuckle}

can we say cheesy writing Martha?
what was I writing?

now I know why when I was about 9 or 10 or so
and my sister and I walked in on my parents going through some boxes
laughing hysterically in their bedroom at their old love letters to one another
and destroying them right then and there and before our eyes...

I tried to tell them they should keep them
because then someday we could read them
but they didn't go for it

now I know why...
I completely understand why they didn't want them in our hands someday
after reading one I wrote

now I am thinking of befriending my shredder this week...
because I'm thinking of destroying such myself

and now the second my hubby reads this
I'll probably be getting a phone call from him
he'll be asking me what I'm doing
to make sure I am not destroying them
because he keeps everything
and he is probably freaking out because I don't

I love to trash and donate stuff
I'm not great at dealing with clutter
so I minimalize
not so much!
I don't even think that is in his vocabulary

don't get me wrong...I keep the important things
I am very sentimental
but I don't keep everything...

but here is what I'm thinking...
maybe it was a great thing I found a ridiculously cheesy love letter

I probably should consider writing some more 3 page {cheesy} love letters
for awhile I wrote nice things on tags
but after reading that I don't think they are quite the same
granted those were fun and challenging to do
 I've really slacked on love letters this past year...two years...or so...
really slacked...

I know there is a lot going around blogland about writing letters
but now I have an itch after finding that today to go write a love letter
on extra narrow notebook paper
{chuckle and smile}
as I know me mentioning extra narrow notebook paper will plant a smile on him too...

I think I may need some practice though
I feel rusty as of right now...
wish me luck!

June 28, 2010


nothing says a summer weekend...


some time spent with family

renting movies from Redbox...

Saturday night church so you can sleep in on Sunday morning...

enjoyment of some non-intentional *couple* glasses of wine
in which sleeping in on Sunday was a big help to both

fun at the pool...

a wonderful rainstorm you just like to sit, watch, and listen to...

that created the best peachy-orange tint to the sky afterwards 
in which Madison said...
"It is raining lots of candy all over the world"
"well it will start in a minute" she says

doing a little yardwork...

and seeing butterflies in your yard
{but I just took the pictures this morning...}

our very own tree frog
well I'm calling it ours anyway

{an awful picture yes I know because I cannot take pics at night;)}

watering within a foot of your hummingbirds since they are getting used to us {and the girls} by now

and spending Sunday night relaxing...

now we are all geared up for the week...

{yep...this girl is all about using every piece of safety bike gear we own}

that is unless "crank" attitudes keep on fighting over who drives

it seems that is how it goes around here
notice Madison laughing
while Hayley screaming
one is always doing the opposite of the other
so it seems...

especially when Madison was trying to help Hayley drive straight

in which Hayley rather drive straight into my car...repeatedly...
and intentionally

she listens well about as well as someone else who resides in our home...
not mentioning anyone in particular though...
the upcoming weekend at the lake with family is quite an incentive
for the girls to listen to mommy this week
it's been working like a charm so far...
loving that!

June 24, 2010

speaking of baby boys...

well here you have it...
I decided to throw another shower for a friend expecting a baby boy
{her second child}
I come from a family that is known to have a party when a child uses the restroom which was literally once said....but not literally true...

my mom used to host several get togethers growing up
so I was used to having celebrations at our house growing up

I loved it and I am guessing that is where I get it from
so...I know many people don't believe in showers for the second child
but....oh....I do
absolutely and no doubt about it
a celebration for every new arrival
I've thrown a couple showers before...
so I offered again because I love that...
because I love to do this sort of thing
even though I stress myself out over the littliest details
but that's okay...it's good for me

I had a different idea for this one
I didn't want to just make it a typical cake and appetizer deal with shower games, etc.
I wanted it to be a celebration, luncheon...
true {girls only} celebration
that was until I jokingly volunteered my husband to serve all us women drinks and food

I said I would call him "our waiter"
 in which I said I would tip him later...
but he didn't go for it
I tell you
he missed out on a good tip ...
he very quickly declined that offer even with me bribing because he knew I was deep down joking

if you know me...it is hard to pull a joke off
smiling while you are trying to act serious doesn't work I've learned
bribing usually works for him
because then later he forgets I actually bribed him so it is win-win for me
but this time was a no-go

oops...I really said that...
now he knows my ways
between us...he probably already caught on

now I'm off track here...
okay now
so even though she was having a baby boy this time...
{she has an adorable little girl already}

I wanted to have lunch served and make it extra pampering experience with no focus on games but just celebration and socializing...
what we women do best right?...

I had a couple of obstacles though...budget and time
first...I wanted to use white plates...check...had found some for $1.75 a piece
second....I needed around 12 placemats because you know how everyone doesn't rsvp these days anymore
so I wanted to be prepared
my yellow ones weren't working because they don't even go with my decor anymore
I've had them for 8 years now
just not somthing I've not changed yet
I didn't have enough linen napkins so I decided to dress up some nice paper ones

but what I did have was yards and yards of burlap that I had a vision of asking my mom to make some pillows for me...but I hadn't asked yet...
so I had plenty of burlap to make some placemats
and I even had some scrap clearance white linen on hand that I was bound and determined to make rosettes with

yes...me the girl who is unable to even sew a button wanted to make rosettes...
but I did it...
I'm not quite sure how technically correct they are...
but I figured it out and pretty impressed with myself

my mom had the most difficult part with the placemats...
I asked her to sew them for me
she had a great time doing it {wink, wink}

I also requested my mom's help with some recipes...
and plating the food the morning of...
so here we go...
of course I had to start with flowers
to me the most essential part
but that's just me

I had plenty of hydrangeas and daisies in my yard
it is soooo exciting to be able to walk outside and cut your own flowers
not to mention these fuchsia beauties I forgot the name of
{I'll have to ask my mom again since she gave me them}
and my honeymoon wine bottles that I've been saving came in handy:)

{Hayley's cross she painted at VBS made it into the picture somehow too:)}

I had a flower bouquet picked up from Trader Joe's that had an assortment to use as fillers in with the other flowers since i didn't have quite enough of my own

I had the flowers as centerpieces on the larger table of 8
with a few bird and butterfly cut outs...
birds because cardinals reflect the baby's room decor
butterflies because well you know my blog title and they so happen to signify new life

{my cute little {empty} measuring bowls that did have lemon wedges in them
but realized I took the picture before I put them in there}

I used this bouquet below as the centerpiece for the smaller table of 4 
Since I didn't have enough white plates I used 4 plates of our "normal" dinnerware
I think it turned out great and having the tables different was fun

hope you all are hanging in there...I know this is a long post...
but my very favorite thing was the placemats my mom sewed for me
and I figured out how to do the rosettes...
loved them!

I didn't have linen napkins...well at least enough so I did use paper napkins but rolled them with twine and cut out mini tags with a world map pattern

for the favors I found a candle vendor on etsy...
and she is newer with her shoppe...but I loved the look of her candles...
I purchased the white tea scent because I wanted them to be as close to white as possible

 I found wooden engine pieces at Michael's
{one of the only boy themed wood pieces they had}
and my love {Bobby} spray-painted them for me with chalkboard paint and
easy peasy favors and they were within my budget!
{not to mention the candles were on special too}

for the chairs...I already had some tulle I use in my business so I tied bows around the back of the chairs to make them more inviting...

I wanted to have a little memory keeper for the mommy-to-be so I ordered a mini scrapbook in which she uses all kinds of different papers with different textures, pictures, words, etc.

I coffee-dyed notecards for the guests to write a special message
I glued the notecards in the book and on the opposite side of the page from the message they wrote I glued a picture of each guest with her

I inserted some tags I had from Angela Harris' shoppe Your Angil
that said...baby, family, cherish, etc.
and I had a few baby scrapbook stamps I stamped some baby things in there like hands, feet, etc.
I also used some vocabulary cards {such as friends} in there too

I was so thankful for Sarah with the scrapbook...I had ordered from her before and was really impressed and asked her that I was doing this for a boy if she would have any ideas She came up with the bird on the front since the baby's room will be in the cardinal mascot...
she was fantastic and had super fast shipping to me to have it just in time!

silverware went into these glass ball jars I got for 50 cents at the flea market the Sunday before

since I was on a budget...
most of the decor i already had...I just reinvented the use
and for the surprise gifts for people
I put two tags under the placemats for the winners...

one of the gifts was a flower pot
I already had the pot and flowers {flowers left over from a gift for
my mother-in-law's b-day}
and I had the burlap and tag to decorate it

second gift...
a galvanized bucket...check had that too
and a left over sparkling lemonade and extra votive candle because they smelled so good

for beverages I offered lemonade
my intention was to make fresh but I ran out of time so I used all natural lemonade
added about 3-4 lemons and sliced strawberries to make strawberry lemonade
peach tea, and water with lemon

{icky wall plate in the background...sorry}

for food...I wanted it light, fun, healthy, and fresh...

my favorite apricot cheese from Trader Joe's
{that is also fantastic grated up on salads too:)}
but I had Trader Joe's pita crackers because they are soooooo good with the cheese

Spinach salad with mandarin oranges, avocados, blueberries, strawberries,
dried cranberries with lemon pepper salad dressing

Chicken salad croissants...my mom so lovingly made the chicken salad because she has a great recipe

the morning of...I whipped up the cucumber sandwiches on whole wheat bread because they are my favorite and so thankful that are quick and easy to make...

and finished with some fun fruit kabobs...

of course we had some dessert...I used my burlap table runner I already had
from Tara's Vintage Kitchen
and picked three desserts...

I made my Grandmother's lemon cookie recipe

vanilla bean cupcakes with vanilla bean icing
my favorite part about the cupcakes was the ruffle paper cup holders

My mom found a recipe for 3-layer chocolate cake
however, I decided to borrow her bunt cake pan for it instead of doing 3 layers
I used a chocolate glaze recipe from a completely different recipe for the "icing" for this
it turned out great and quite good and that's coming from someone who prefers vanilla cake anyday over chocolate! {I still do even after this cake}

and that was the shower...along with gift opening
a special day to celebrate a new life arriving...

June 22, 2010

note to self...

stop assuming Martha...

do you remember how I was concerned about some neighbors
because I was caught in the middle of feeling like should I wave or not wave
or I wasn't doing enough to welcome them
or was I doing too much and bothering them?...

a newer couple that moved in about a year ago had a baby recently
a baby boy...
one of the first boys on our block mind you...
because the rest is girls

and before they had him we had given them a baby armoire that I wasn't interested in refinishing and it wouldn't sell for over 8 months for whatever reason

I had Bobby walk over and ask them if by chance they would like or need one for their new expecting baby instead of just dropping it off somewhere....
I'd rather give it to someone
who possibly wanted it
and they did...
they are really a great couple we are starting to get to know

and after the baby came I was seriously stressed because I wanted to make them a meal but had no idea what they liked because I didn't know them well enough to know what they liked

to be honest I wasn't quite sure if they even liked us
and I perhaps thought well okay...
maybe I'm offering them too much and they are thinking that crazy lady is always trying to say hi when she sees us and offering her baby armoire and food to us...

I guess I didn't quite know or understand if they were neighbors that liked their quiet and didn't want to socialize
{which doesn't make them mean or rude I know}
just wanted to add that in case I got that anonymous commenter that calls ME that bad neighbor and person again...
for awhile I didn't think they liked us
but just wanted to let them know friendliness does exist in neighborhoods
and if they need something they can ask type of thing
I know you don't have to or want to be friends with every neighbor you have
but I do believe in community.

{random picture of a storm rolling in last week}

so of course about everyday I asked Bobby..."what should I make them?"...
"what should I bring them?"....
I was like a broken record you know...
that he probably wanted to stick a sock in my mouth or something

finally I think Bobby just tuned me out you know...
and he stopped listening to me stress about it
because I truly wanted to do something because I remember how helpful it was to me
when meals came

so I thought and thought
what did I love the most and what did Bobby enjoy?
well Bobby...that was easy...anything sweet for him...
me...I wanted stuff to snack on because when I had my girls it was hot and 
what sounded good to me was some fresh cold stuff...
so I made a big fruit dish for her to snack on and some cookies
but I still felt bad it wasn't a meal
I took it over and last weekend on Friday night...
our dishes came back over with the sweetest picture of a baby boy
and the sweetest letter written back to us
it seriously made me teary-eyed and speechless
I'm not talking a basic thank you note here...

I'm talking a well-written...kind...friendly...
one they put so much thought into
a letter that really makes you realize that your actions and interactions with your own family are watched and noticed
{not in a weird way but just noticed in a nice way...hope that makes sense}
pretty much one of the sweetest thank you's I've ever gotten!!!
and I barely get through it without a tear


note to self...
Martha stop assuming...
that neightbors want nothing to do with you
and they may not like you
well not everyone will always like you
but you get my drift...
I just am feeling pretty darn bad that I assumed...
but therein is my imperfection...
just takes me a bit to get it right sometimes

but I realized keep doing what you love to do for others
quit being ridiculous, Martha...and just stop right now with the assuming!
for all I know...people thought the same of us!

I hope I'm not the only nut-job who thinks like this....
or maybe I am...

speaking of good neighbors
I was stressed about a few things these past two weeks
and came outside to this in front of my garage

my parents bought me some flowers to plant
because they know how much I love flowers and that they make me smile...
especially ones that I can plant
now those are some good neighbors a few blocks away too:)

June 20, 2010

this is the real deal...

I'm finally up for a breather...
from some activities
and oh how good it feels

but honestly I think I do better staying extra busy
I'll be doing some backtracking this week on a few things
but I'll start with my very favorite thing...

this past week I volunteered for our church's VBS
before I walked in the first day
I was thinking...what did I get myself into just because my week was jam-packed...
selfish yes...I know
but deep down I knew I would love to volunteer because I love to do that sort of thing

 I left speechless at the end of this week...
almost everyday I wanted to cry out of joy and excitement
and as a matter of fact got teary-eyed quite a bit
seeing all the children sing and praise God was so moving

granted my girls are underage a bit to go but since I volunteered they were in the preschool program that is offered to us

and they loved it so much
it was the perfect sidetrack to some stress that our family has been exposed to

God's perfect timing that I had those 3-4 hours knowing my girls were having a great time and having fun with some kiddos myself...

but I have to tell you one of the best part about the entire week was the first day
as I picked Madison up from her room
"I met Taylor today Momma!"
"Oh okay...sweetie...why don't you say good bye to her"
So she did...

and about 15-20 minutes later in the car
{because it takes that long to get to the car with my girls}
Madison said to me...
"That was Taylor mommy...."


"Taylor Swift! Mommy!!!"

..."who?" I said...
"You know Mom...that was Taylor Swift..."

"maybe her name is Taylor too then" I said
"no....Mommy that was Taylor Swift..."

well there was no arguing with that
and all week I got to hear about Taylor Swift
and how she sings
how she is her new friend
and how she was able to meet her...

So the next day I asked Taylor "Swift" if I could take their picture together
and she happily said yes...
and as I was talking with her I told her that Madison was so excited to meet the real "Taylor Swift"

and Taylor said to me..."So that is why Madison told me she saw me on tv"
oh we just died laughing...

And the last day with their pillows they made
Taylor wrote Miss Madison a special message just for her on it...

and that made me a very happy momma!

June 10, 2010

i'm just not really feeling anything...

so I feel like I've got nothing to share...
although I am enjoying time and life...
I have nothin' I can put into words
aka...a funk, right?

all I dream about these past several nights is the beach
and us being there as a family
I find that my mind is playing some sort of sick joke on myself
considering how much I love it

hopefully I'll be back soon with more entertaining thoughts and words

I have been working on a project with my mom
that I'll share in about a week or so
I did the easy part of it because I cannot even sew a button
{please no comments on that}
because i know how ridiculous that is

but tomorrow night everyone
girl's night
a lot of fun, socializing, and just being together
an end of year celebration for our group

they also asked me to share more about what I do
since they love it but want to know more
friends are far and few between that not only care about you
but also what you do or love in life
and I love that we all can support one another and have that level of comfort
with one another
but I'm in charge of making margaritas...
because they know I like them

little do they know I just usually order them...not make them
chuckle, chuckle
we'll see how they turn out

and thanks to Bobby
and his travels
for $7.50 {the tax for a free ticket}
I get to visit a friend in August to help with wedding plans

June 8, 2010

when I grow up...

when I grow up...

I can stir the dough batter faster {so it doesn't spill you know}
I can sleep in your bed Mommy
I can run with a jogger stroller
I can be a mommy too
I can get hot things out of the oven too
I can write all my numbers {perfectly}
I can get in the big pool by myself
I can drive
I can get married
I can crack the eggs

my little 4-year-old for these past two months or so has been obsessed with doing more and saying "when I grow up, I can..." 
some are short-term goals she has with her numbers
and some are long-term like being a mommy...

I am forgetting every last phrase she says with "when I grow up I can..."
because it is with a lot she says that to
but some of the things are so simple and it makes you appreciate every little thing you can do by yourself or because you are a bit older...

but I have started to laugh and smile about it...because I love to hear the things she hopes for or wants to do...

I don't tell her that I don't want her to grow up...
{even though that's what I'm thinking}
I don't tell her to be patient
{because she is not like her mama}
I don't tell her she has plenty of time ahead of her
because she doesn't quite get that anyway
and that's not what she wants or needs to hear...

I don't tell her how much life is easier as a youngin' like her
because I want her to live in the moment

I do tell her..."someday it will happen"
"someday you will"
I do tell her "absolutely"...
and sometimes I don't say a word at all I just smile and hug her
because I don't want to take away from anything that she is telling me

she is a quiet girl that studies life
and when she talks and opens up about what she likes or hopes for...
I'm always ready to listen

I remember when i was little and all I could hope for was to grow older so I could do this or I could do that...
but oh the days of really no "real" worries are long gone
and that's something the girls will learn and experience all on their own
and they will remember someday when they said
"when I grow up I can"
and it will make them smile because they will know...
if only those days were still here

but when they remember all the times they said "when I grow up I can"
they will appreciate the present time and where they are in life

over the weekend as Bobby got back in town
we had a movie night and the girls wanted some of Bobby's water
and of course they just walked over and took a drink
and set it back down on the table
not on the coaster which made Bobby in a bit of a huff

I just looked at him and smiled and said let it go
it's really not a big deal because someday if we see water rings on that table
I will remember exactly this time in our life
and I said "honey...all this time with the girls you learn to pick your battles"
"and this is not one..."

because we can simply reach over and put it back on the coaster and still see them walk back to where they are watching their movie smiling big
and not worrying about a coaster

one of the things Bobby is a nut about is using a coaster
and I never use a coaster myself {at my home} and it drives him crazy
{I'll use one at yours if I am there...no worries...}
but it is so funny as he is known as the extreme laid back one
that I'm telling him to relax a bit and let this one go
makes me snicker and laugh

I'm slowly getting caught up reading your blogs...
I've missed so much but have been enjoying so much here