February 27, 2011


this past week...

has been interesting to say the least

but eventually manageable...

a few happenings

first thing Monday my car had to be fixed

I gulped at the cost

swallowed it

moved on...

but taking a positive from it

I seriously and weirdly thought

hey...at least I get 500 reward points from my bank

and then I got excited...only slightly

okay not really
but 500 points you know rack up eventually

but I did learn quite a few things waiting for my car to be done

which the guys knew my husband travels and this was my only transporation
for my family

so they stayed late out of wonderful niceness

ahem...almost 7:00 late {2 hours late}
just to fix my car for me

now that's customer service

but in the mean time
I read a magazine as I sat in the waiting room the last two hours with my dad
since thankfully this was on president's day so he was home to take me

so a few things we learned reading the magazines...

 a website that tells you the best part to "tinkle" or pee during a movie
they tell you the exact minute and the cue to listen or look for....

for example...

{bc I saved the website in my phone
only lord knows why I did that?....}

so the movie
"The Fighter"

the best times are:

@ 34 minutes {you can be gone 5 minutes}
cue: After Mickey and Charlene kiss for the first time

@ 60 minutes {for 5 minutes}
when Charlene comes over to Mickey's during the HBO show

@ 114 minutes {for 2 minutes}
for the credits...

do you think the credits might be a good time?...lol
that made me laugh they seriously listed the credits

I also found a link to a website that calculated the best time to take a nap
based on when you get up in the morning

I told my dad...
"yah that would be useful if I actually ever took a nap"
which is never

went to the website anyway...just to see...
she gives you an example of one scenario

but that wasn't the time I got up...
so to see "my time" I needed to buy her book

but since my dad and I had some time
we sat there calculating for us
2:00 in the afternoon would be my most optimal time for a nap...
the deep sleep time

that's when my natural energy drink just starts kicking in...
so no way that's going to work:)
not giving up that burst of energy I need that gets me through the rest of my day
and evening with kiddos, family, and work things

moving on...
because Tuesday night
was a very fun girls night
super fun time to spend some time with some besties...
love these girls
as we watched our show
and ate way too much

topics of conversation before watching our favorite show
things we'd like massaged
and I'll go no further on that
we were kidding
completely kidding
{perhaps not for me}
but had some good laughs about it

I swear...pinky promise I'm not meaning anywhere that is tmi
do you all pinky promise or is that waay outdated now?

so Wednesday made my week with career day for the girls...
I asked the girls a bit ago to get prepared
and it turned into a lot of fun for all three of us

Madison likes to design outfits at home after school sometimes
so two weekends ago I took her for some special Mommy and Me time
and I let her pick out an outfit head to toe
and I think she did fabulous

she's my color girl who likes to add white
and she got her look down perfectly

she called it her "fashionista" outfit
when I asked her what a fashionista did
she said "...designer of clothes," of course

when we asked Hayley...
she wanted to be "Marfa"
but she says my name with the "f" instead of "th"
and that made me smile
because she sees what I do
and wanted to dress in something of mine

so I put her in one of my casual {logo} business tanks
with a shirt underneath it for her 
tied the tank in the back with ribbon since it was big for her
and added my name tag
yes...the tank top has shrunk a bit for me personally
not one myself would wear by itself anymore, ya know
since I don't really like sporting "showing the mid-section style"
of wearing clothes

and she went as "Marfa"
of course she wanted polka-dot leggings...

I said "Hayley...do I wear polka-dot leggings?"
she giggled

but it turned out her version of "Marfa"
and that was perfect

Tuesday...I'm a bit excited as I have a little give-a-way to announce
I'm hoping it'll put the springtime sparkle in your eye

February 20, 2011


this weekend...

was really cherished
*by me*

we had a comfortable easy~going late Friday at home

a wonderful extended lunch with family visiting on Saturday

a realization our pup...needs "mature" adult small bite food
probably 3 years too late on that one since she will be 9 this year in people years
and the food we were buying her was from 1 to 6 year-old
thank goodness I finally realized that:)

yesterday was a very relaxed and productive...kinda busy,
but cherished Sunday with my favorite three

Sunday has grown to be a love.hate day as that's when Bobby leaves for work
but it was a happy.happy Sunday I'd probably say

it smelled and sounded like spring
you probably will think I'm nuts

but the first signs of spring
I always take a deep breath
eyes closed

and take it.all.in
with spring

 it will be cold again
before it's finally all "warmish"
but I know Spring is coming

this weekend...
 I even colored my very own hair for the very first time in my life

my hair didn't turn out orange
like what happened to my husband's hair in high school
I will never forget that day
seeing him wear an orange shirt walking out of my parents bathroom with orange hair
I don't think his family will ever forget that either

his dad about died
I believe {anyway}
{we are high school sweethearts...
if that helps explains this reference from the high school coloring
which now seems awhile ago}

so my hair is definitely not blonde....
it wouldn't really float his boat
"Bobby said"

thank goodness for me
because my skin tone and blonde
would make me look like
something I probably wouldn't type out right now

I just joke with my hubby
as apparently blonde is NOT his thing

  I really love being a brunette
I enjoy doing different shades of brunette

and my root regrowth was awful...embarrassingly awful!
I refuse to admit how long it has been

I honestly haven't seen my original brown color until lately...lol

 but when it comes to my hair
I like...

 "the somewhat different"
beachy hair with it not being a perfect cut
messy...perhaps a little edgy
a little choppy

miscellaneous highlight colors
here and there

it just cannot be red
on me...
I'm told
even though
I know red is very, very pretty on everyone I have seen it with

in reality...sometimes my "wanting of a beachy look" poses as a challenge
as my hair is straight and as fine as a board
go figure that, right?

but I've learned a few tricks
that I'm still trying to get down

okay...so I picked the brand of color based on the box
kind of like
judging a book by it's cover
as I picked the color ~
I was trying to match my "real" brunette
it turned out a tad bit darker
but my hair looks so much better in that it flows so nicely without seeing any roots

so there you have it
no orange
no blonde

just a nice shade of brunette

 on to this weekend...

that I really cherished

 family time
with extended family
and our family
a walk or two
fabulous running weather

also noticing that
my early spring tulips have sprouted
I see green
I repeat...I see green
{oh a happy dance}

I smelled a delicious bbq on the way home from the store
and right now fresh produce is overflowing on my favorite "kitchen friend"
{aka...one of my favorite purchases evah}
ya'll have seen it before

and I'm out of this roof excited about a little girls night I'm having on Tuesday
a pretty fabulous night
as we are celebrating a season premier of a "guilty pleasure" show
that a couple of us are recruiting other future "watchers" of too
now to answer your questions
thank you by the way
I feel like I get a handful of questions
here and there from people about my blog
so I try to put it out there

I appreciate you all
and thank you all for all of your blog love each of you continue to extend to me

answers to questions:

*my middle name is Kristine...with the "K"

I love that it's with a K because it's not as typical as the "Ch"

although I secretly wish that was the name I went by
{sorry mom and dad}


*is our family complete with Madison and Hayley?

well...I'd like to think no...
but the hubby has to be in town for it to happen
perhaps, right?
{smiling and laughing}

okay..honestly...we don't know right now
so I'm glad you asked

but if it doesn't happen...we're okay with that

but we fought so hard for the two we have
that I really can't complain either way
we feel really thankful

I know you understand that Laurie
{my sweet friend who asked that}

to answer more...
because I get asked this too

we are so thankful for the opportunities and procedures
we did do in order to get pregnant and keep our pregnancies
I can say that now because we have two
but I don't regret a single thing we did either

we feel...right now...we just need to be thankful and carry on

however, we are hopeful and positive
that if we wanted it to happen
it could happen without any help/procedures now


*martha stewart skills? really?
Laurie...you're just being too kind sweetie
but thank you
you always make me feel good


I really cannot imagine our kiddos wearing those baby shoes either
but then I look at them
and see what great keepsakes they are now
*I love them*

I'd have to ask my mom again
but I believe these are corrective shoes that may have went with my corrective casts
 I had to wear after I was born
because my legs and feet were not straight


my favorite tv show
thank you Shannan for saying it's okay to say a few
because sometimes I am as indecisive as it gets
at picking one and only one

okay...here we go...

my favorite show this last fall

*Modern Family*...hands down
I really need laughs this past year
and this show is the absolute best

but I normally watch dramas
so my favorite show goes to
Criminal Minds
love/hate relationship with it

because I no longer sleep "Criminal Minds" nights
any longer
no joke
I really don't
after watching some of the episodes
but I'm still addicted regardless
I love criminal minds for all the characters {especially}

my favorite "guilty pleasure" show
that keeps me occupied
is every.single.one.of the real housewives shows on Bravo

hands down
I watch.every.single.one.of.them
now you know the "secret shows" I watch
and when my husband is in town
he really does watch them with me too
and likes it
I swear it
just promise you won't share that with anyone

that's what "my girlies" and I are watching on this Tuesday
is the new spin off in Miami
NYC was postponed
because I was going to host a premier party last Tuesday
but bravo...
changed the premier date because they were not done with the editing
even after advertising it for a certain date

I can't really believe I admitted that...
but I just did
only some of my besties know I watch that show

oh and I enjoy that show because no thinking is involved
and that is really good for me sometimes


*my favorite places to shoppe...

okay I am in a "budget life"

so Target and Ruche
I adore you!
love you
and want to kiss you

I love also J Crew and the Gap and VS
VS i will always love you
lets just say
once you have worked there
{in college...met some great friends there}
and become a die hard fan
you never.ever.ever go back to buying anywhere else
trust me...the purchases last longer
and they are more comfortable
as I've tried elsewhere and it doesn't cut it

I also love American Eagle
they get my beachy comfortable look hands down
TJ Maxx...I do love you too...
and I will be even more of a fan when your new location opens under 7 miles away

once a year
or maybe twice
I can get the hubs to agree to Anthropologie
for clothes
or a few home decor items

home decor...
I love
flea markets
I enjoy Willow Lake in O'Fallon
where my kitchen friend came from

and I am excited to see a few other local shoppes
a new one just opened in town I'm excited to visit
I really love Anthro for home but not in normal budget for us
wish we had an IKEA but we don't
gotten a few things from IKEA via Bobby when he's been in Arizona
love Target
love Pottery Barn for inspiration items
and they are getting the vintage look more lately
I love, love etsy shoppes
and would love to find more fav local shoppes
{within an hour or two}

I don't have much time to spend to shopping
as I'm trying to save and expand my business
but i know a few people
who know places within an hour or so that I definitely want to check out sometime
I just haven't done any of that yet


thank you for staying with me
never meant this to be never-ending

but thank you all

February 17, 2011

if you've got 'em...I'll take 'em...

these put a smile on my face today
my mom found my baby shoes the other day and gave them to me in the original box

completely going in another direction right now
and completely on the verge of t.m.i

I'll tell you a little story
one that will embarrass the heck out of myself
but I'm really at a point where it's better to laugh at myself than not

I sent this e-mail to my husband yesterday
thought he might like the laugh

Me:   Who forgets to pull down their underwear when they sit down to tinkle?.....

That would be your wife…not your children…but your wife

Thank goodness I was home :)

Bobby's response:

When I first started reading that I was thinking it was Hayley.
Are you just that tired?…
SO you just peed in your underwear while sitting on the pot..I wish I could have seen that.
That is some funny stuff
Good thing that you were home.
Love you and thanks for sharing…I needed a little funny


like I said...this may just be on the verge of tmi...
 who does that?
apparently me, right?

I'm really hoping I am not the only adult that has done this...

so I haven't gotten much for you all this week
it's been busy
the weather has been beautiful
my husband is in town this week
and we've been enjoying it

since I have nothing else to say
and because you probably don't want any more "tmi stories"

I thought I'd open up and answer any questions you have for me...
never done this before

if you've got 'em {questions}
I'll take 'em!
if you have 'em...that is :)

I'll have the answers on Monday

February 14, 2011

*love* day

today is all about...

strawberry cream cheese waffles
topped with fresh strawberries

strawberry milk
sprinkled heart cookies

strawberry shortcake dolls

with lots of...
pink fluffy bows

special moments
shared valentines
small gifts

homemade pizza making
with all the toppings
special italian soda for the girls
and a glass of wine for us

 is all about spending the day with my special loves

Happy Valentine's Day

February 12, 2011

i sooooo made you a valentine...

that's what Hayley said

to the nice {but pretty cute} repair guy that came to our home on Thursday...

he must have made an impression on her

my daughter wanted to sooooo give you a valentine
that already had someone else's name on it


and she called him "tootie"
{her term of endearment for people she really likes}

apparently daddy now feels the need to have a talk
with our almost 3-year-old

I told him "good luck with that one"

as she's "the one" when you have talks with her

just like her daddy...
did I really just say that?
oops, I did...
{I'm smiling}

I better be kidding...
it's valentines weekend
and I better be on my best behavior
if I want date night to happen tonight

I told him...
"at least she has pretty good taste, right?"

Bobby didn't really like me saying that
for some reason
as he got all in a frenzy

I then said...
the repair guy told me he had a 3-year-old son

Bobby said

I said... "what?"

and Bobby walked away
and I laughed
he knows I say those things just to get under his skin
{btw...it works everytime I try}

so our annual "homemade" valentines are now finished

and pens

yesterday they were stamped and sent to our family
the girls had so much fun making them

me...I should have did a pre-set up of the supplies
I will not set up as we go next time

note for next time: it is a decorating disaster if I don't plan ahead
and there is glitter all over the house
even though we were at one table doing the glitter

all I have to say is...

at least it's not marker on our walls


at least it's not play doh
so we're good

when I asked Hayley to be herself for a few pictures...
this is what I got

silly faces
that's soooo her

meet Mrs. Fish and Mrs. Monkey

Happy early love day!

February 9, 2011


I've been tossing and turning on this topic for quite some time now
really tossing and turning
because I don't usually "go there" on certain issues
we all have some things that are just too personal to share
{most of the time}

granted...I feel like I get real sometimes, right?
I probably haven't in awhile

I finally feel "as if"
I'm supposed to share this whether I like it or not
for it's not always up to me
{as much as it's my comfort zone when it is up to me}

I think I have finally processed how to share a few thoughts jumbled in my mind
and I cannot seem to rid of them during my runs
like I typically can

a wonderful person in my upline shared this video with me
that pretty much
tied me in knots
twisted my thinking up
held me there
then untied and unraveled me

rearranged my thoughts
and finally did a sort of
"put me back together" again

 the video applied so much to my life right now
it is very hard to admit that

 my hopes of
"going there" with you in this post
is not out of lecture or "I know all" place
it's because
just maybe
what if someone else needs to hear it too

to be honest
I've fought with myself on this post
I didn't want to share this or write about it
I feel right now is a very happy and confident time for me personally
with my business...friendships
just a happy place

at the same time
I have a few things that are weighing on my shoulders
that I wish it wasn't so
but that's life, you know

I guess my point is that
other than a few things
I'm doing great
but I am dealing with some lows
that are bringing me down
  a few things that are just preventing me from really

what works for me
always has been either writing or talking it out
and since I'm writing it out
that is what you'll are stuck with

and to think I had such fun and vibrant pictures of valentine cookies to share
from a wonderful, wonderful girls night
sorry for perhaps bringing the mood down

heck I've probably hyped this up to be more
but first is first
my inspiration words for this year
talked about here

love and embrace

three days after those words were pressed upon my heart
my Grandpa ended up in the hospital for emergency surgery
and then a couple of weeks of living at the hospital
for him
but also all of our family too

then he was back to surgery while I was gone at my conference
and a month and a few days later
things are really "still tough"

you see
I've always had a very strong relationship with my Grandpa
he was the most important male figure in my life besides my dad growing up
he ended up living down the street
and if I didn't seem him 6 days a week
it was at least 4-5

to me...
he is the heart and soul of our family
and over the past several years
Alzheimers has set in
and since this last surgery
it's hit or miss whether he remembers the girls and I when we visit

so the video I watched really struck a few cords with me

I always assumed he would be "grandpa" like he always was to me
I was thinking

"what if this...."
"what if that..."

that is not a good place to be at

and from watching video by Craig I learned

that fear is placing your faith in the "what ifs"

scary sort of thing
as these past 8+ months I've also had some health issues that I cannot get figured out
and it prevents me from increasing my running mileage because it gets really, really aggravated
when I try to do more

that may seem so trivial
 whether I run or not
or can go past so and so amount of miles

but running is my "thing"
and without my "thing"

I'm not sane

I'm not going into details about my health issues
as I haven't really shared with anyone but my parents
and a few other friends/family members have found out "some" in conversation

so with some of the stressors I have right now

I've been living in the "what ifs"
with a few things in life

"what if this...."

"what if that?"

"what if my health issues are going to affect or are related to my reproductive/fertility issues
I've had in the past"


"I'm the same age about as my mom when she lost her ability to have more
what if it is my time too"

for awhile I just didn't know but recently found out that it has nothing to do with my past fertility issues

and back to

"what if this or that happens with Grandpa?"
"what if Grandpa sees me as
 a young girl visiting him"
 that he may not recognize again

 I feel it is one of the best times of my life right now
funny how that is

so I'm trying only to think of the good
because there is quite a bit of good

but the honest truth
it makes me feel guilty sometimes
that things are really good
like I don't deserve it to be that way

how twisted is that?

then I feel guilty about the tough things going on
and not addressing them

I see right in front of me all that is good
and I feel it is hard to complain 
 because my health issues are not life-threatening
and my Grandpa is still here with us
doing his best

but when I watched the video
{a sermon by Craig Groeschel from Life Church}
and he said

"fear is placing your faith in the what ifs"

I felt as though a

"told ya so"

was happening

because that is what I have been doing

but in the video Craig also said

"what you fear is also what you value the most"


that names the stressors I do have in my life right now

the thing is
when all that happened with my Grandpa

I was very upset about my inspiration words for 2011
as in my original post I talked about them kind of scaring me this year

and then I was upset
because I didn't want those words to be true
I didn't want to embrace that my Grandpa may never be the same
I knew I needed to love on him
that was the easy part
but there was no way I was going to embrace it...

or accept it...
or "whatever" it

but you know what?

 I have to

I have to start acknowledging this
and begin moving forward

that is what I'm called to do

believe me...I don't talk about my faith and my relationship with God on this blog
because I never want to sound like I'm preaching or "I know it all"

but I want you to know
this is all coming from a "place of good intentions" from me

 me sharing this
is because
I cannot get it out of my mind
and because
"what if sharing this video helps someone else"
that would be worth going "there" to me

the part where I felt twisted up and knotted from the video
is realizing that when he said

"what you fear is where you trust God the least"

I'll say it again
because I had to watch it again personally

"what you fear is where you trust God the least"

 that put me in my place
very, very quickly

because I wasn't trusting God with my Grandpa
I wanted him better
right now

I also wasn't trusting God with other things like whatever is going on with my health issues
funny what has helped the most with them
is things I can get from my business 
it was.right.in.front.of.my.face

 all of those issues have been weighing me down at a very, very good time in my life

I couldn't be more thankful for my family, business successes,
wonderful, wonderful friendships
ones that build you up
make you laugh
but also let "you be you"
ones that also "call you out" nicely when needs be
and then love on you all over again

I've finally found those friends again

 back in October of last year I shared with a close friend of mine some personal stressors
during a conversation
and she said to me

"Martha...what is the worst that can happen?

she then said
"you can't carry that by yourself"

and she continued to fill in the blank for me
and I said you know what....

"you are right"

Just as Craig said in his sermon

"Even if my worst 'what if' comes to be…there is nothing man can do to hurt me if I’m ultimately trusting God with my whole life"

and you know what...
these past several weeks

I've been upset about my Grandpa
but I've also been going there very happy to see him
 even if he doesn't remember every single time
I'm just so happy to see him

and when I just gave my health issues to Him
I've realized I'm beginning to heal

I'm excited to say this is the first week that whatever is going on with my health
is starting to get somewhat better
and I have to know it will continue to do so

for when it continues to get better
this week
the week after
I can start increasing my mileage again
because I've been stuck physically
but mentally I've been ready to go further for quite some time
so I'm ready to make a better effort of putting my fears
away..and moving forward
one foot in front of the other

I know this may be out of left field me talking about my faith
because I just usually don't
 but I felt I should share this

my hope is that
whatever you fear...that you trust in Him
because it is what you value the most
but also what you are not trusting Him with

my inspiration words this year
love and embrace

 have taken a new meaning these past two weeks
when I was given those words
I thought
"that is what I should be offering to everyone else"

you know...
the thought of 
"how I should be taking care of everyone else around me"

never did I consider

and this week He placed on my heart
loving and embracing

are not meant just for others
but for me as well
and that is not selfish
to put "you" first sometimes

too often I have put Me on the sidelines
{every woman/mother can probably agree}
but this year
I know I'm being told

"you are off the sidelines"

I'm very thankful for this video being sent to me
as sometimes
friends know just the thing to share with you

much love to you all
and thank you for staying with me on this very long writing
I hope it has helped someone else

"I sought the Lord

He delivered me from all my fears"
Psalm 34:4

btw....the pictures are my Valentine cookies I brought to my girls night
it was a very fun night
too bad I was writing about "fear" with these pictures

to see the video click {here}

February 4, 2011

*love* finds

some *loves* to share with you for this month of *loving*

as I've always said
I believe in supporting the small/personal businesses
like myself
rather than going to a store and grabbing something off a shelf
{just a hint...things are done and made better with a small business}

I like to make the effort to find someone who carries that product
or who makes their product themselves
hope you enjoy my recent finds


Light Teal Love Pillow

found {here}

 these would be perfect on cupcakes for the girls

Ruffled Cupcake Toppers Set of Six

found {here}

 these to spice it up for your love

Set of 3 Letterpress Valentines

found {here}

*love* these adorable, adorable hats that would have come in handy this past week

Blushing Beauty vintage rosy pink visor hat

found {here}

Wildflower Spring Hat

found {here}

 these cake truffles I ordered for my friend's shower last September
and they are delish and so beautiful
the pink champagne and lemon are sooo yummy
and she added a coconut flavor it looks like too
here's her Valentine version

Glass Cake Truffles Full

found {here}

happy weekend everyone
I'm off to finish the decorating the last of 72 cookies

February 2, 2011

the details...

of being homebound...

is that you either are

a. going stir crazy
b. cooking
c. eating
d. finding alternative ways to workout
*like shovel snow*

shoveling lots of snow

e. cooking again
f. and eating again

g. making favorite recipes of mine
that I normally don't get to make since Bobby's not a fan of them 

chicken salad ~ a healthy version
stuffed pablano peppers

h. realizing you are out of wine

i. and knowing that one more day staying inside
is not good for one's sanity
moi's sanity

or all the above

thank goodness my parents made a store run for me of "necessities" today
{I'm stuck on my street} 

they brought me back
some wine, pecans to make my "healthy" chicken salad,
 baking supplies since I need to bake 72 cookies by Friday
for an event
that I am going to
 regardless of the weather

I cannot get out of my street
as of these past 3 + days
because it has not been plowed
and I do not have a winter vehicle

but my husband does
and his big ole' truck is currently sitting at the airport
 in the satellite parking

 great use for a truck, right?

...I couldn't drive it anyway since it's a company truck
{I better say that in a little disclaimer here}
just in case, you know
but, it would be very useful
 just statin' the facts

thank goodness the guys in the neighborhood have been trying to drive their trucks
on our streets in order to make some sort of way for us cars to get out

that is very much appreciated

 school is closed for the 4th day in a row tomorrow

but now
there is hope to seeing the "real world" tomorrow
 because the snow plow just came through about 2 1/2 hours ago
and I have heard the in-town roads are quite so bad anymore

even if we are just going to the automated postal center tomorrow
{that I'm in love with that machine b.t.w.}

or better yet, a trip to Target with the girls
I know it will help us regain our sanity tomorrow

for the first time I'm thankful to possibly clean

 that also gives me an excuse to run out to get my favorite lavendar floor cleaner
because I'm out...

and if that's why I have to leave the house tomorrow
than so be it...because I love fresh cleaned floors

my highlights for today:

1. shoveling driveways with my neighbors for
*adult interaction*
thank goodness

and it was so fun to do together
as well as a workout

2. I had a very fun phone call about 2 hours ago for my business
*love* those

3.  I made a "healthy" version of chicken salad...
the girls loooved it

to make:

I put some chicken in a crock pot
with organic/free range chicken stock from trader joe's
let cook slowly
{as I was shoveling snow}

once that was cooked...
I shredded the chicken
mixed in organic greek yogurt
diced up celery and red/purple grapes
and chopped up some pecans
added some pepper and parsley

and voila
a very healthy and simple version of chicken salad

4. the girls have been loving saying to me....
"stop doing that 'Marfa' "

what they wanted me to stop I still have noooo idea
Hayley just wanted an excuse to call me "Marfa" {Martha} instead of mama
5. truly knowing that I've had a pretty darn good time these past 3 + days
with Madison and Hayley...
we've made it together just fine
quality time spent just us 4
{Cadence included}

we've had great meals
a warm house
 nice beds to sink our heads into at night

not too much to complain about, right?

I would never...ever...choose to be homebound
this round of it wasn't so bad
the girls even had a chance to make some snow angels

and relax on some hills of shoveled snow

how that picture of Hayley is relaxing...laying on frozen snow
I will never know
but it must have been for them

tomorrow we are headed out of here
6. and one more thought...
 just finished a late night watching the taped Modern Family
so funny...
and definitely some lines I will be using in the future
okay that's enough of my randomness
I've got a few cute finds I want to share with you all another day

February 1, 2011

the biggest evah

who knows where I was going with that title

but since we woke up to ice and no school this morning
the girls were super excited

and asked for the "biggest pancakes evah!"
topped with nutella, blackberries, strawberries, and a little reddi wip from the spray can

their ears and faces perked up as soon as I sprayed that whip cream
on their pancakes and they came running in the kitchen just to see
{the sound of it spraying makes them giggle}

you should have seen their faces when I actually set their plate in front of them
{I had to put them on our dinner plates}

of course they won't eat it all
but it sure made them smile and giggle

hoping everyone stays safe and warm

{that is my beloved crab apple tree I adore
since it keeps some color during winter}