December 31, 2010


I mean really good hugs



{I mean belly laughs}

is what I hope for you all today

Happy New Year to you and your family

ps...the girls picture above was my favorite the other day...

it was one of those hugs where you saw every bit of love the girls have for one another

*hoping everyone has a chance to give a hug like that today*

December 30, 2010

no boys allowed...

no boys allowed...

that's right
those were the precise words uttered by these two girlie girls

well actually Madison said it first
and of course Hayley is in the stage where she repeats
every.single.thing her sister says
point two seconds later repeats it

for instance

Madison:    wahoo
Hayley follows:     wahoo

Madison:   I don't like this drink
Hayley  {before even trying it}:    I don't like this drink "eeether"
{yes either is spelled "eeether" for a reason...'cause that's how she says it}

Me:    Hayley you haven't even tried the drink
{Hayley tries the drink}
Hayley:     I do like this drink
Me:  told ya

Madison:   toodie  pants
Hayley:   toodie toodie pants

Madison:     banana head
Hayley:  banana head...ha, ha

they used to say banana pants which I have no idea where that came from
I thought...well...that maaaaaay not be the best thing for little girls to say
so I had to tell them
maybe banana head would be better to say to one another
maybe just getting rid of the banana all together would be best
maybe I'm reading into it tooo much...who knows

girls please don't whine
{I say this a lot during the evening it seems like}

Madison:    I'm not whining
Hayley:    I'm not whining "eeeether"
matter of factly I may add
I beg to differ half the time

Madison continues on:    no boys allowed
Hayley:    that's right, no boys allowed in the tent

it's really quite cute and doesn't annoy Madison
so all is good with that
I assume it won't be annoying to Madison until they get a bit older

but these two girls are convinced that their little tent
needed a sign that would read...

"no boys allowed
only girls"

"only giiiiiiirlsssss" was really emphasized


{which made me smile}

"that means cannot come in the tent
only we can"
they exclaimed with excitement

because Daddy is a "boy"
{as they chuckled}

"...and Mommy
....and Cadence
can come in the tent...because they're girls too"
{who would have thought, eh?}

so we were left with only one decision
a sign for their tent was absolutely necessary

and that way they'd have a sign to take anywhere 
where no boys would be allowed
{around the house, anyway}

they were insistant it should be done before Bobby gets back home

 a mini chalkboard, it was... 
of course they wanted pink ribbon
and we added white glitter around the edges
{glitter is always their favorite thing to use}

and there you have it
a super cute sign
that reads:

"no boys allowed"

and now it is placed nicely right outside their tent

I'd show you a picture by the tent but our loft is not well lit
and it's been really gloomy here lately so there is absolutely no light

but their conversations are pretty priceless right now
what they talk about
how long their conversations last
how they reason their decisions

which now has me thinking after we made this sign that
two more signs may just be in order for them

they both
well I should say Madison is really big on her alone time
at least once per day

and a
"do not disturb" sign
or "privacy please"

would be perfect for them
usually right after school Madison will say
   "I need some alone time"
or she just disappears into her room for a bit

Hayley of course repeats the exact same thing her sister said
"I need alone time too"
{but she really doesn't want alone time...
there is no alone time with her...
chuckle chuckle}

my response:
you got it!
{as I smile}

I see a trip to the store necessary for this one
yesterday the "no boys allowed" sign was made so last minute
we found supplies we already had
but for their personal "alone time" signs
 I think some new supplies they pick out may be necessary too

little girls clothes
are soooo cute...
I cannot get over the cuteness
of ruffles
and frills for them

I had to snap some photos before we had a family day Monday
they looked so darn cute
in these outfits my parents gifted them
yes I did just say my own girls looked cute
oh no
better call in the proud mama detail

btw...{by the way}
do you know how looooooooooong it took me to figure out what btw stood for
lets just say I'm finally getting the hang of the texting/fb lingo
maybe a year ago
before then
I couldn't have told you a thing
and even had to look up what a few meant
that's how behind I am
and yes...I really did just admit that:)

December 29, 2010

sweet serendipity

"i don't need to play the lottery"

 not at all

i'm in love with the new song by Lee DeWyze

*in love*
with it

I hope you'll listen to the song first and then maybe read on...

just don't mind the radio introduction at the beginning of the song

remember listen first

yes this picture is minus Daddy on Christmas Eve
we were in a rush searching for some little girl's black shoes for over an hour
that we never found
so we had limited picture time with the girls
most of our pictures are blurry of the girls
but still really cute

Madison did take this photo of Daddy, Hayley, and I
{minus Daddy and Hayley's}

this song reminded me of something I hadn't showed you all yet
I don't know why
but just realized I hadn't told you a couple of days ago

this year
  I made a decision in October sometime

also known as my *rebel* decision this year
I'll get back to the *rebel* decision in a moment here

to be honest
this has been a difficult year for my family
and my extended family
many issues I don't talk about here
because I don't have to share it all
and some things are personal to others in my family

I know I've talked about really personal things before
but I just won't on a few things

even though this has been a tough definitely wasn't our worst

and that's why we're coming out smiling in 2010
there is plenty to celebrate
plenty to smile about
and plenty, plenty to be happy and thankful about

 the things Bobby and I have been dealt this year
{no I'm not talking about his traveling...}
but things in our life...
and things in our extended family's life
have been quite difficult

we are still smiling and celebrating what we do have

 all I can think about ending this year with is

snow angels
{if we still had snow}
and anything good that exclaims happiness

because there is soooo much in our life we should be smiling about

this song makes me just want to dance with my family
knowing that yes sometimes
we've just barely landed on our feet with things

but the point is
"we landed"

"whether it was by the nic of time
or the skin of our teeth"
{lyrics from Sweet Serendipity}

that's what I'm choosing to remember from this year
was all the good things
and the fact that I took a leap with my *rebel* decision
and finally chose to not care about others opinions
{not care in a good, healthy way}
and finally doing something that was *me*

at the end of it all...
I'm choosing to relish in
our family
the support we've had from our wonderful family
and our wonderful, wonderful friendships

this year we've had so many great times...I couldn't possibly count
that's what I love about a tough year
the "tough" things may have seemed difficult at the time
and they are and still are at times
I won't lie

but they are never the things I ever remember in the end

just the way it should be...
in my opinion

because we are doing just fine
and we do love what we've got
and that's all that matters

now for my *rebel* decision I made in October...
in all honesty
this was a decision a looooooooooong time coming

something I put off for about a year and a half
I have told Bobby I wanted to do this for a very long time

 here are two truths about it

it is *me*
and it was sooo much *fun*

I was with a couple of friends, and I mentioned my long-standing hesitation with doing this
I didn't know if I *should*
or if it would affect the business I am in just because with a personal business you do sometimes get judgments

I couldn't have had two better people to go right along with me
as they told me it didn't matter
just be me

and point two seconds later
all three of us were in the car and another girlfriend did it with me

by the way "*rebel* decision" was coined by another close friend of mine
and that makes me smile

my nose...
yes it is pierced

and you know what
I loooove it
it felt great doing it
there has not been one regret
Bobby, of course, loved it
and it makes me smile every time I see it

and I love it with my new hat that Santa brought
actually that's just an excuse to show you my hat
since I looooove my hat too

even though you are an even numbered year
you all know I'm not a fan of even numbers by now, right?

it is a year to celebrate
a year ending in wide-armed twirls, smiles, a lot of fun, and a lot of love

hoping you and your family had a very Merry Christmas...
and wishing you a very blessed New Year

thank you all for your sweet comments each and every year
they always make me smile

December 24, 2010

the reindeer are lining up...

tippity tap

tippity tap




the presents are finally all wrapped

the baking is almost done

the errands are almost complete

coffee was poured early, early this morning to help me finish up a last few touches

we have waited until the last minute on many things
but sometimes thats the fun in it all
rushing to get it all complete in time

for His birth
Madison has been asking if it is Jesus' birthday yet

and that has put a smile on my face every day this week
we just have to get His purple cake made
as she insisted it had to be purple
and she told me that we can make purple by mixing red and blue

and my Dad...
known as Mr. Professor
to my mom and I

because he knows everything
didn't know something that simple

I guess he's minus one on the knows everything now
I'm still laughing about it
my mom tried to compliment me on that Madison knew that
since she said it so matter of factly...
and my mom said what a great job I do teaching them things

but shhh.....
she had to have learned that in school
and I betcha one of her wonderful teachers told her that
because I didn't

but I'll take the great mom compliment anyday of the week

yes we do celebrate Santa
Madison in the car yesterday asked me

"Do you believe?"
just like in the movie Miracle on 34th Street

I said
"heck yes I believe!!!!"

all while I was thinking
if I want my Clark W. Griwold style twinkle lights next year I better believe

truth is
I do believe even if there are no Clark W. Griswold twinkle lights next year
I believe regardless

we hope for warm hearts and smiles to spread across your family and your household today

and through the rest of the holiday season

Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas
Happy Hanukkah
{I'm getting this {Hanukkah} a little belated aren't I?...}

to all of you
our friends
and our family


ps...we didn't do holiday cards this year
just didn't get to it at all
in case you are wondering
it's our first year we haven't done them

next year I should probably get a head start in October
just to make sure it happens

December 21, 2010


this title has nothing to do with what is written below
maybe it does...

well, no

everything is
and that feeeeeels nice
so yes, it may have everything to do with it

topic of today:

and reindeer at that
{look at those feet}

I actually volunteered to be in the picture with the girls
and I never...ever
 volunteer to be in pictures...ever

it's not a great picture of all of us
but it's a picture:)

I may have been more excited to see the reindeer than the girls
that's probably silly
but whatever makes me smile, right?

this holiday season in our household there has been

and love

wishful thinking

calm serenity
and a fullness I cannot explain

it's been simplicity

 days where I can look around and see many blessings


we also have our holiday stories...

story one:
Hayley and the grinch

during our road trip over the weekend
 Hayley said she kicked the mean old witch
{which she meant grinch my sister-in-law figured out}

in her dream, she kicked him
she kicked the Grinch in the chin
she said
then she went about saying that God helped save her baby from the mean ole' Grinch
{her a matter of fact}

at least she knows who can help her fight the big fights, right?

quite the dream she told us about as she woke up in the car headed to my in-laws
Bobby said...
well that explained the kick into my seat when she was sleeping then
then our family heard 20 minutes of the same story on every hour
she'd rotate who'd she told
seemingly I was in the room each time the story was told
so I heard it 4-6 times in 2 hours
no joke....

thanks Daddy for that one
while I play Miracle on 34th Street for them
he puts on the Grinch

this season...
there has been lots of


a few twinkle lights here and there
next year  I think we may plan ahead
as "we" forgot our reindeer broke last year along with many of our lights "not working"

actually I forgot
I'm not so sure Bobby forgot
maybe...just maybe Bobby didn't forget

and maybe...just maybe he didn't want to endure the cold to put them all up
but with Bobby home a day and a half most weekends
there isn't much time
we'd rather spend family time together then sending him outdoors in the freezing cold


oh, alright
this girl would have no problems having her husband freeze a little
so her twinkle lights could be put up

at least I'm honest
he does enjoy warm weather all week long while he is in Phoenix

yes that is a confession
Since most of us have been enduring freezing harsh winters
every week he enjoys wonderful weather

I asked him if he'd refrain from any warm weather talk in this house

and he has...

 I did mention to him next year
that I would love to go all out on Christmas lights
Clark W. Griswold style
but not the plastic light-up figures
just the lights all over
the house

perhaps the roof

the porch

maybe even the yard if I'm lucky
I better get on Santa's nice list next year

if we do it...Bobby said you have to go big or go home doing it
we'll see if our lights are "working" next year
and if he goes "big"

but possibly some reindeer and angels
my favorite things
I think our neighbors will love us
don't you think?

we did say simple this year
I'm just being honest
the one thing I really miss this year is lots of outdoor twinkle lights
can you tell?
 since I have thoughts of going overboard next year

hopefully this week
we're about to indulge in
and holiday treats
{probably a little too many holiday treats}
but it's on the agenda this week
to do our traditional Christmas baking
I just hope I have time to get to it
I never usually ever say...
"I hope I get time"

but this year
that phrase is true
just the way it is
I'm not going to stress about it if I don't get it all done

but we have one request from Miss Madison
to make Jesus a "royal purple birthday cake"
it has to be purple she said 
in celebration of what Christmas is all about

I'm not going to put on a fascade of all sugar plums and fairies this Christmas season
but it's been really different this year

 with Bobby gone right up to Christmas Eve pretty much
it just feels different
without him around more
but we are blessed and thankful beyond measure
and that's what I know

 I've been looking to all the goodness to keep me going
because there really is so much
 and the time all four of us do have together
because we are thankful for just having one another
celebrating it all with warm hearts and smiles

and yes...

this is my simple


holiday and Christmas wrapping
everything but the paper I already had
so it was easy peasy
and fun to use up supplies that I already had

 the beautiful cursive writing is not mine
I wish it was
I regret to admit
I cannot write a bit of cursive
ask anyone who has seen my signature
and they'll confirm it

December 13, 2010

13 {secrets}

well, secrets
{for lack of a better term right now}

I thought I'd go with what's on my mind tonight
and came up with my predictable number 13
13 things inspired by my number in the picture
{so creative tonight I tell you}

yes...I will show you one decor item in my home this year
I haven't taken any photos of anything else yet

and the only thing on my mind this evening is a bunch of nonsense randomness

1. cold weather stinks in my book
I can appreciate it only to wear boots
well and the snow does look really pretty

2. I definitely failed at mom-of-the-year tonight
frustrations with attitudes
ugh :(
then all three of us ended up with attitudes
3. but we did have a great dinner together
ding, ding, ding

4. I'm in love with a few inspiring pieces
found here...

5. I think I may go upstairs and give a few forehead kisses to two sweet girls
when I'm done
yes...these are guilty feelings talking

6. I'm excited about a few things happening this month for me

7. these stockings are my favorite
I'd take a picture of ours hanging
but I haven't gotten that far
but you may find them {here}
and that of course is Andrea's pretty picture and idea of hers

8. tonight I think I may start some wrapping
I feel a movie to go right along with wrapping gifts will be quite nice
comedy v action
haven't quite decided yet
but I better get going before the night slips away
I may even be accompanied by topsy's cinnamon popcorn

9. starfish in the winter = smile
and I found two today in our garage
for some reason
random, yes I know

10. I slept on my sofa last night freezing cold because I was too tired to walk upstairs
really, that's pretty ridiculous, huh?
especially since our downstairs is freezing during the winter

11. and then I woke up this morning to my most annoying alarm on my phone
the rooster alarm
yes I choose this on purpose
and each morning I regret it
especially when it is in "increasing volume"
but it gets me up sure enough

12. my girls do not like my alarm either
every once in awhile I do "bunk together" nights with them
and I left my phone upstairs one morning
as I was up before my alarm
and Madison finally shouts downstairs

"mom turn the bird OFF your phone!"

I take it she didn't like it much either

13. I would pay big bucks for someone to do dishes and unload the dishwasher
not really a fan
I used to enjoy cleaning for some crazed reason
now I just like the results of cleaning

fair enough, right?

December 9, 2010


it's been quite the week
and I'll leave it at that

we all have those weeks
and this week was no different from those that many of you have also

but it has taken me all week to go through some photos
slightly distracted at different times
and just not being able to get my act together

so I think I'll just show you the pictures
these pictures have just made my week I'll tell you

well last evening...
 and the evening before made my week too
with Madison and Hayley

every Wednesday evening I do movie night with the girls
it gives them something to look forward to

it's a fun and special "sorta" night for the girls when Bobby is away

I try to watch it with them every week
but it doesn't always happen
 {some weeks I use that hour or so to do things I need to do}

yes, it's a Wednesday
but I treat their Wednesday like it's their Friday
as they don't have school the rest of the week

so I do the popcorn
in their special popcorn containers

of course they each have their own mini popcorn container
courtesy of the sucker dollar bins from Target
that catch your eye every time

sometimes a dessert too
more often than not we have a dessert

but lately they have been in love with warm cocoa
with lots of marshmallows
instead of the dessert
and that's fine by me

last night I had plenty of lattes to go right along with them this week

 last night I couldn't wait to pick the movie
{as every week is usually their decision}

when I was younger my sister and I had a very favorite Christmas movie
we would watch together
every year
throughout the year even
I actually think this movie would start playing in June or July in our house sometimes

our favorite movie

Miracle on 34th Street

both versions are great
I'm more familiar with the more recent version just because that's the one I have

but I thought the girls would love the newest version better anyway
and they did

it was so cute to see them get so excited during different parts of the movie
and hear them shout
"I believe!"

I quoted one of my favorite parts from the movie
and thought I would just share it with you all again
just because I love it that much

"Someday you are going to find that your way of facing this realistic world just doesn't work, and when you do, don't overlook those lovely intangibles. You'll discover those are the only things that are worthwhile."
"Faith is believing when common sense sometimes tells you not to."

those quotes just make me smile from the movie
and watching it with them last night
was so much fun for me

it was nice to share a piece of my childhood with them

my sister and I used to wear the VCR tape out every couple of years
{before DVD's}
as a matter of fact maybe 5 or 6 years ago I wore out my personal DVD copy
from watching it too much

and I bet the girls will too someday
seeing how much they loved it

 and because this is off point but just on my mind

"Go Fish"
with a 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 year-old
was full of laughs this week

I haven't ever tried it with Hayley before
but they both loved playing it together

It was soooo much fun but quite interesting at the same time

of course their favorite part
was when they didn't have the card that the other was asking for
because they could shout

"Go Fish!"
at one another

of course they loved that part
what am I thinking?

these pictures are ones I took over Thanksgiving at my in-laws
the time of day was not the greatest as it was the mid-afternoon
and that always makes it difficult for pictures

but I thought maybe another time I could hit the morning or right before sunset
to get some more pictures by that fabulously old truck
I sigh every time I see that truck when we visit them

if it isn't too stinkin' cold out
which it is
too stinkin' cold

most days I'm in shock or just completely frozen through
especially after my run
only 3-4 more months of this too stinkin' cold weather

although I do have to say this weather has me drinking way too many lattes all day long
and all night long
because they are fantastic at keeping you warm

 seeing the girls see so much beauty outside sure made me smile though
and I love these pictures anyway
good time of day or not

Happy Weekend friends