December 13, 2010

13 {secrets}

well, secrets
{for lack of a better term right now}

I thought I'd go with what's on my mind tonight
and came up with my predictable number 13
13 things inspired by my number in the picture
{so creative tonight I tell you}

yes...I will show you one decor item in my home this year
I haven't taken any photos of anything else yet

and the only thing on my mind this evening is a bunch of nonsense randomness

1. cold weather stinks in my book
I can appreciate it only to wear boots
well and the snow does look really pretty

2. I definitely failed at mom-of-the-year tonight
frustrations with attitudes
ugh :(
then all three of us ended up with attitudes
3. but we did have a great dinner together
ding, ding, ding

4. I'm in love with a few inspiring pieces
found here...

5. I think I may go upstairs and give a few forehead kisses to two sweet girls
when I'm done
yes...these are guilty feelings talking

6. I'm excited about a few things happening this month for me

7. these stockings are my favorite
I'd take a picture of ours hanging
but I haven't gotten that far
but you may find them {here}
and that of course is Andrea's pretty picture and idea of hers

8. tonight I think I may start some wrapping
I feel a movie to go right along with wrapping gifts will be quite nice
comedy v action
haven't quite decided yet
but I better get going before the night slips away
I may even be accompanied by topsy's cinnamon popcorn

9. starfish in the winter = smile
and I found two today in our garage
for some reason
random, yes I know

10. I slept on my sofa last night freezing cold because I was too tired to walk upstairs
really, that's pretty ridiculous, huh?
especially since our downstairs is freezing during the winter

11. and then I woke up this morning to my most annoying alarm on my phone
the rooster alarm
yes I choose this on purpose
and each morning I regret it
especially when it is in "increasing volume"
but it gets me up sure enough

12. my girls do not like my alarm either
every once in awhile I do "bunk together" nights with them
and I left my phone upstairs one morning
as I was up before my alarm
and Madison finally shouts downstairs

"mom turn the bird OFF your phone!"

I take it she didn't like it much either

13. I would pay big bucks for someone to do dishes and unload the dishwasher
not really a fan
I used to enjoy cleaning for some crazed reason
now I just like the results of cleaning

fair enough, right?


koralee said...

Your list made me smile...I can think of a few of those that would be on my list too...especially the dish one.

Sending you oodles of Christmas LOVE ....your posts always brighten my day....oh I will take some of your snow PLEASE as I am afraid we will have a green christmas.


paige said...

what a sweet list, even the attitude part!!
love that branch tree thingy too

Tish said...

i giggled over the rooster scolding you got from your daughter.

love your tree and the stalking idea...wish i would have thought of that before i took a hammer and nail to the wall :)

Shannon said...

Those stockings are so adorable. Love #5, I also often feel bad after a long bad day and then I see them asleep looking so sweet and cuddly! Hope you are all ready for Christmas!

Julie said...

i love random thoughts!

so what movie did you go with last night?

hope it's not 59 degrees in your house tonight!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Honesty, gotta love it.

And the bird alarm, seriously? Love that too. ha.

Lissa said...

i just enjoy the results of cleaning also. I love jeanne's work also!! I'm sure your house looks beautiful and cozy! The top pic is adorable!

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

I love random thoughts...and love that you Madison tells you to turn off your bird...too cute.

Seizing My Day said...

I love your first pic.. lovely!! and the cold... yep... I am SO done with cold... though I do want to play in snow!! only for a few days.. then I want to move to Hawaii... = ) I have been so lost in the land o blog... haven't visited in forever... how did I loose you?? =) I love the realness of how you post... yep... those mother of the year awards... who needs em... they need us to be hard on them... though it is harder on ourselves to be hard on them... when they need it... sheesh! who knew?!! but... I love kissin the foreheads too... warms my heart!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Love the pretty and wintry! I'm so jealous you got to see the reindeer...I would have been excited too! Adorable picture of you and the girls!
Have a merry Christmas my friend!