December 29, 2010

sweet serendipity

"i don't need to play the lottery"

 not at all

i'm in love with the new song by Lee DeWyze

*in love*
with it

I hope you'll listen to the song first and then maybe read on...

just don't mind the radio introduction at the beginning of the song

remember listen first

yes this picture is minus Daddy on Christmas Eve
we were in a rush searching for some little girl's black shoes for over an hour
that we never found
so we had limited picture time with the girls
most of our pictures are blurry of the girls
but still really cute

Madison did take this photo of Daddy, Hayley, and I
{minus Daddy and Hayley's}

this song reminded me of something I hadn't showed you all yet
I don't know why
but just realized I hadn't told you a couple of days ago

this year
  I made a decision in October sometime

also known as my *rebel* decision this year
I'll get back to the *rebel* decision in a moment here

to be honest
this has been a difficult year for my family
and my extended family
many issues I don't talk about here
because I don't have to share it all
and some things are personal to others in my family

I know I've talked about really personal things before
but I just won't on a few things

even though this has been a tough definitely wasn't our worst

and that's why we're coming out smiling in 2010
there is plenty to celebrate
plenty to smile about
and plenty, plenty to be happy and thankful about

 the things Bobby and I have been dealt this year
{no I'm not talking about his traveling...}
but things in our life...
and things in our extended family's life
have been quite difficult

we are still smiling and celebrating what we do have

 all I can think about ending this year with is

snow angels
{if we still had snow}
and anything good that exclaims happiness

because there is soooo much in our life we should be smiling about

this song makes me just want to dance with my family
knowing that yes sometimes
we've just barely landed on our feet with things

but the point is
"we landed"

"whether it was by the nic of time
or the skin of our teeth"
{lyrics from Sweet Serendipity}

that's what I'm choosing to remember from this year
was all the good things
and the fact that I took a leap with my *rebel* decision
and finally chose to not care about others opinions
{not care in a good, healthy way}
and finally doing something that was *me*

at the end of it all...
I'm choosing to relish in
our family
the support we've had from our wonderful family
and our wonderful, wonderful friendships

this year we've had so many great times...I couldn't possibly count
that's what I love about a tough year
the "tough" things may have seemed difficult at the time
and they are and still are at times
I won't lie

but they are never the things I ever remember in the end

just the way it should be...
in my opinion

because we are doing just fine
and we do love what we've got
and that's all that matters

now for my *rebel* decision I made in October...
in all honesty
this was a decision a looooooooooong time coming

something I put off for about a year and a half
I have told Bobby I wanted to do this for a very long time

 here are two truths about it

it is *me*
and it was sooo much *fun*

I was with a couple of friends, and I mentioned my long-standing hesitation with doing this
I didn't know if I *should*
or if it would affect the business I am in just because with a personal business you do sometimes get judgments

I couldn't have had two better people to go right along with me
as they told me it didn't matter
just be me

and point two seconds later
all three of us were in the car and another girlfriend did it with me

by the way "*rebel* decision" was coined by another close friend of mine
and that makes me smile

my nose...
yes it is pierced

and you know what
I loooove it
it felt great doing it
there has not been one regret
Bobby, of course, loved it
and it makes me smile every time I see it

and I love it with my new hat that Santa brought
actually that's just an excuse to show you my hat
since I looooove my hat too

even though you are an even numbered year
you all know I'm not a fan of even numbers by now, right?

it is a year to celebrate
a year ending in wide-armed twirls, smiles, a lot of fun, and a lot of love

hoping you and your family had a very Merry Christmas...
and wishing you a very blessed New Year

thank you all for your sweet comments each and every year
they always make me smile


Laurie said...

Love how you're choosing to remember the positive experiences from the year- life is about choosing, isn't it? And although "extra" piercings aren't for me, of course it looks great on YOU!! And hey, did Hayley's hair grow 3 inches overnight or what??? Gosh, they are just SO darling!!

kasey said...

So you did it huh!!
oh..and you are so skinny...i want to look like you;-)

Ruffles and Heels said...

Oh, I really love it!!! It looks so chic! Good for you...and your family is just beautiful!

Shannon said...

Okay first off your girls are soooo adorable. Love them in their Christmas jammies!
Good for you doing something you have wanted to do for so long, you look beautiful with your nose pierced.
I had not heard this song yet and it is great, I love his voice so much. Have a Happy New Year & wishing you a better year in 2011!

Jules said...

What a great post. I love how you put this into words....

paige said...

i love a woman with a little rebel spirit in her!
( i have one too )
love the pierced nose. oh my should so be a model martha. oh my!!!
im sorry you dealt with pain this year. i had no idea.
praying for you in 2011
your spirit & graciousness inspires me

Tish said...

ahhh! you KNOW i luv that you pierced your nose. it's beautiful!!!

Julie said...

rebel, i love the decision to pierce your nose :o)

i love your post too and your outlook on things even when times haven't been the easiest. it helps to remind me to try to do the same.

wish you, the girls and bobby a very happy new year!