July 28, 2010


on my agenda this week
was to start the drying process of the hydrangeas for our home
sometime in very early spring when I was dreaming of spring and summer
I mentioned how I wanted to dry my hydrangeas for our home...

well it's about that time
however as I thought they were all going to go in our bedroom
I'm having to nix that idea

just because pink does not go in our bedroom
my so-called white hydrangeas turned out to not be white
so next year...I'll just make my pink ones blue!
or go get me some white ones:)

In any event I have two excited girls because they now want them in their room
I think they will be perfect

I was going to dry them right on the vine
and actually most of the work has already been done on the vine with drying them
but some started to turn brown
so I'm making some slight adjustments and will try the water drying method to finish them up

but first meet my fantastic helper Madison

she snagged an itty bitty hydrangea for her hair
I couldn't help but love her perfect placement above her ear that she did with it

as I was cutting them she asked
"are these going in my room mama?"

well I hadn't actually quite thought about it
but that's when it clicked...
you bet you!
they'd be perfect!

how could I turn down this sweet face
she's the one who convinced me to let her have the chandi we got for our room
she utterly fell head over heals for it
and asked for it...
so to slide that one by Bobby
I said "what a great birthday present for her Bobby!"

she loved it and it made me smile to see her so excited over it
especially when it just got hung about 3 weeks ago

when we are home
she usually always has it on...

so this is what I did after reading online

I cut the stems to be about 12-18" like it said
peeled all the leaves off
{but looking at my next picture I missed a few tiny leaves}
I then filled my pitcher half full of water
organized the hydrangeas

Right now I have a beautiful display of hydrangeas to enjoy in the meantime

Once the water evaporates hopefully they will be completely dry and
ready to decorate the girl's rooms

thank you my sweetie for your help

July 23, 2010

just a tiny bit of pink...

these pictures of them just make me smile

for endless possibilities

the beauty of life

the cuteness of my little girl's legs
I love this picture so much I can't stand it

even if I got it a little blurry...
these legs make me smile and laugh

we spent an afternoon at the park the other day
and I promised them some swinging if they just let me get some pictures of them in these tutus
they quickly agreed...
"swinging" was all I had to say
but it was hot...
so I was drenched...
what's new, right?

and by the way the girls love the "Boogie Shoes" song I used for a couple of posts ago
so much so they ask for me to play it 3 times a day...
and what do you know they asked right before pictures
well darn if I didn't happen to carry my laptop with my playlist on me

so their response to me not having it...
because you know I just carry it with me always
just like I got asked today to pull a cheese stick out of my purse while we were driving along
{oh how I love they always think I have everything with me at all times}

no really...
I asked if they would stand closer together and that was their sad little faces I got
so I called them drama...
then I got a few sweet laughs from them

other than it being extremely stinkin' hot or humid
it was a great few hours at the park
and they loved, loved being around the pond taking pictures

well fun until we heard some seriously weird noises
because I guess we were close to some animals hideout or home

the girls asked what the noise was...
I simply said "nothing"
as I scurried them along trying not to freak out

because all I was picturing in my head was the stinkin' possum
I saw in our backyard a few months back

yes I realize that possums are are nocturnal...
and it wasn't a possum at the pond for sure~
 I just knew Bobby would kill me for having them so close to the water
with the girls telling them they heard weird noises

and sure enough that was his first comment when he saw the pictures
"do you have any idea?"
I said
"live a little honey!" {chuckle}
I told him we were fine...no worries {me laughing}
and the girls weren't scared because I didn't make a big deal out of it to them

we had a great afternoon of some sisterly hugs

did I ever tell you that I love how they love?
Hayley told me yesterday "I'm proud of you Mommy!"
and I melted...and didn't move it made me feel so good

she's not typically the one who necessarily loves with her words
{she does say very sweet things all the time but I hope you understand what I mean here}

she most often loves with her touch
she loves to love by being near and snuggling

I love that about them
how they compliment one another

Madison loves with words
{yes, she does love to snuggle too before family corrects me}
but I appreciate their differences so much
it makes me so happy to see them becoming their own little self

days like this are so happy and fun
for some reason these tutus made them want to dance...

the love between them
their comfort in their environment
and their love for the outdoors
is happiness for them

to them it's all about letting loose and making silly faces to one another

I about literally peed in my shorts when Hayley did this face because I had never seen her do it before
no one probably would have noticed it was so stinkin' hot
{I probably should have just kept that to myself, huh?}
and no I really didn't pee in my shorts....

I've decided when the girls aren't wearing these tutu's I'll hang them on a hook in their room
part of their room decor
to add the perfect touch

which is why they both have pink
because you know if they don't have the same...
"that's not good momma"
plus pictures together I thought it would look cute

I think I became a little tutu picture taking obsessed but they were having so much fun
it made me have fun snapping some photos of them
we had a wonderful day together

next time I just have to remember to not forget the water
but they didn't seem to mind to picking up their own drinks on the way home

I decided we *need* a little bridge just like that one in our backyard
it was so fun and Hayley hadn't been to it yet
it was just their size
I probably just got the eye roll from somone here...
because he is probably wondering where I would put a bridge in our backyard
when there is no way to do it
To that...I say use your construction imagination...honey...
yah...not going to happen I know
but I can just dream of all the greenery and flowers around it

sending some pink love your way this weekend

and just in case you would love a little tutu for a little girl you know or have
I know just the person to make them for you!!!

I've got a super sweet friend who makes them
she doesn't have her online site up quite yet but she's getting there
you can contact Tonya here {her e-mail}
she has tons of different colors and all sizes

July 21, 2010


I was taken by surprise at my last yoga class...

I wasn't even quite sure how to handle it afterwards
but during it was so wonderfully peaceful in a way

you just never know when feelings are going to surprise you
and that was exactly what happened to me about a week ago

I started yoga because it was with friends and I wanted to supplement my running
something different to do and something I knew would be good for me

our class is focused on restoration of the mind...
practicing being still
respecting yourself
letting go of the daily grind
challenging the mind and body
all women of different flexibility and yoga history are involved in this class
our pastor's wife is our instructor
and God's words are spoken to us throughout

we were doing a simple resting pose towards the middle-end of our session
that we have done many times before...

it was child's pose
but she has us switch our child's pose
into a gratitude pose
a simple movement of our hands behind our neck in prayer form

and as my hands approached the back of my neck
I broke down in tears
right in the middle of my yoga class

I wasn't expecting to have feelings rushing out
I wasn't expecting to cry in the middle of class
I wasn't even thinking of anything in particular
it just came over me

but what I do know is

that for a moment in the midst of my own tears

I felt close to Him
I felt close to myself
I felt peaceful
and loved

I was actually still
more still than I have ever been
{a big accomplishment for many}

and as I was trying my best to keep my tears very quiet
it only made them worse into continuous rolling hills
down my face
and onto my mat

but I had that moment
to myself
even though it was a class full of people
I felt like it was just us...

a moment that I felt
and reassured about some things

it was peaceful
just as our instructor intended this class to be

you see
she has a voice that immediately calms you
and a gentle understanding of how important this class is for so many

a class that I started out to do with different intentions
has become a class that truly has taught me
to be still...

I felt embraced
and that I must be going in some sort of right direction
it was one of those moments where my hands were in prayer
and I lovingly felt them being held

The idea of being still is so very different
from actually experiencing it
there are lots of moments where I'm living in the moment and enjoying everything
having fun, laughing
but being still...
is a continual work in progress for me

 until her class
I never knew what it truly meant
it was different than living in a moment
I didn't feel "oh how much longer"
...I'm someone that goes by time
and I wasn't thinking about the time or to-do's for once

I finally practiced yoga as it was meant to have been practiced by me
not because I cried
but because I felt that stillness within me
I allowed myself to feel my own breath cycles
and finally was able for the first time to tune everything else out
that was the class where yoga became more than stretching to me

I was talking with my friend the other day about what happened
{she was next to me in class}

As I told her what happened...
I think she knew that it not only was about me feeling grateful at that moment
but she said...

"I think you needed that maybe
 to feel
and you were probably getting some stuff out
even if you weren't really thinking about it"

what I truly remember most
is the feeling of being grateful
exactly what I should have been feeling
and perhaps some baggage being tossed too...
I just don't know
but it was a confident feeling

 in relief she also said she didn't hear me
because its not like you want your stuff
whether it is a happy or healing cry
being cried out in front of everyone
that's just not me

but the power of my open mind that day
to allow myself to feel
and clear the mind
that is what I felt grateful for at that very moment
in the midst of my rolling hills of tears

for me...that was an experience of gratitude

July 18, 2010

my clutch...

okay girls...
this post is for you...

so I was watching SYTYCD
{taped by the way}
and they used this song...
"Boogie Shoes" in one of the dances

it got me thinking about how much I love the song
because this song is in one of my favorite clutch "girl movies"

I have my action "clutch" movies
I watch
{Bourne series, Italian Job, Kickboxer}

{clutch: meaning the movies you can watch a 1,000 times and never get sick of...}

 I've also got my clutch "girl" movies I turn to especially when Bobby is gone

The Wedding Date
is one of them
{with Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney}
for some reason I never tire of it...

and so I thought of that movie as "Boogie Shoes" was playing the other night
it made me laugh
because that is one of my clutch movies
and this song

well it got me thinkin'
it sure did...
not only do I have my clutch movies
I've got my clutch shoes

I think I have found them this spring and summer
I never tire of them

they make me happy
as soon as I put those shoes on sometimes I feel myself instantly smile
and stand with my shoulders back a little bit more
{one of the things I'm supposed to be working on}

if I'm having a not so great day
these are the shoes I turn to
without a doubt...the problem solvers...
or "the make your day kinda shoes" on a great day already

I dress them up with a cute dress
or down with jeans
and shorts

these shoes never fail me...

I know confidence comes from the inside
but I'm going to be honest here
sometimes we need to just "put the confidence on" some days and carry forward

we all have certain outfits...
certain shoes...
that perfect shirt...
that just makes you feel great

mine are the shoes

they are fun...
just girly enough for me
they match nearly everything I have
soooo comfortable I may add...

not that it necessarily means anything that they are comfortable, right?
we've all gone through nights of heck to wear those perfect shoes

and the most important part...
when I stand next to Bobby in these shoes
I'm the exact same height or maybe...
just maybe
a 1/2 inch taller

he used to love these shoes
but when I noticed that...
maybe not quite so fond anymore

so if we are in a picture together and I have these shoes on
he stands on his tip toes
or has me sit down

now why would he do that?
just kidding

but I've got to tell you girls....
I told you this post was for you...

I took some fun pictures in these shoes just for you
I seriously cannot believe I did this
because I normally run from the camera if my face or any part of me that you can tell is me
is in the picture

but I had some fun...
it took me doing this to get there
getting in the zone....{chuckle}

but I did it...

because it's okay to have fun and be silly
and still be you!

drum roll...

you ready....

I'm so nervous....

but it felt so freeing.....

now I'm just showing you one here...
other than that...
no more
it would be too much for me {chuckle}

I'm telling you it's the shoes:)
I couldn't have done it without them

if you've seen the movie this picture may be funnier
because they have one fun Bachelorette get together....
except I didn't sport the golf outfit and heals...
in case you are wondering...
it was raining quite hard...
I'm not sweating in all the above pics:)
even though yes...I've already told you I'm a sweater...

tonight...is a girls night...
the only plans that were not cancelled this weekend
our date night was cancelled
wasn't able to see a good friend on Friday because of flights...
but I'll see her in a few weeks here:)
but the rain has parted and these plans aren't going to change tonight
and I'll be wearing these shoes
with a summer dress
and having a grand time at an outdoor theatre...
I'm so excited I don't even know what we are seeing and don't even really care
because how can you not have fun, right?

July 16, 2010

once a year....

well yes...I'm pretty much using the same title
because it is very fitting...

once a year...
{well I guess for the past two years anyway}

my sister and nephews came for a visit for about a week
they stayed with our parents who don't live all that far from me anyway...

just a hop, skip, and jump to do things together throughout the week...
it seemed to go so quickly
and we all tired so quickly by doing so much

there was a lot of family to see in such short time
we drove about an hour and a half away to visit one set of Great Grandparents and extended family
for lunch and a great time outside...
and back home we came

just had to include this picture of Papa {my dad} and Madison
it was too cute:)

the day before we took Great Grandpa M out to lunch
a little backwards here but I'm not reshuffling the pictures

but we did it
and managed to have some relax time, BBQs, crab boil, and pool time

we did a joint birthday celebration for them since their birthdays are in July and so close
and finally a picture my parents are in by the way:)
{they are right behind me and next to my sister on the right}

I swear my girls got spoiled by my nephews...

Connor would carry my girls everywhere and include them in everything...

it would just be a matter of time before the girls asked him...
"Connor would you carry me?"
and help them in their seats, buckle them and play with them

{Connor walking the girls out from Great Grandpa M's place}

Austin played so funny with them
by the way I was in love with his cute mohawk...

he dived right into Madison and Hayley's princess world by putting on princess slippers
I told him to sneak a pair home in his suitcase
I double dogged dared him
he didn't go for it
but he did admit they were pretty comfortable...

Austin would hold their hands in the parking lots 
{if you twisted his arm a little, that is}
his and Hayley's personalities are quite the match

pretty good cousins the girls have...

how quickly time goes by as Connor just turned 9 and Austin 7 in a little over a week
seriously I remember when we saw them more and they were my girls ages right now
they are still as cute and sweet as ever
just so much older

it was a great visit...lots of fun, laughter, and I got some time just with my sister
which has been awhile for that...so super nice...

and Bobby when you take too long to take the picture...this is the look you get;)

these are memories that you don't get to make often 
but they are the ones you remember and cherish the most