July 12, 2010

it's amazing what you learn sometimes when you share your thoughts
about dreams and such
it's amazing what you discover about yourself as well
finally saying them aloud
and to more people than you ever have before

it's amazing how sometimes
just after you share them
you laugh because the next Sunday they talked about joy suckers
and you laughed again

not saying that any of you are...
{please know that}
but just know that I'm not someone who settles....
I am content and happy what I have been blessed with
but those words were placed on my heart for a reason
and I know our dreams will be reality someday...
I'm just sayin'....
because I laughed on Sunday with the topic I was struggling with was preached about
funny how things like that happen
which I guess is my purpose in saying all the above
{ I could have been more to the point}

but anyway...
I'll be enjoying the last day of my sister and nephews here
be back in a few...

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