July 16, 2010

once a year....

well yes...I'm pretty much using the same title
because it is very fitting...

once a year...
{well I guess for the past two years anyway}

my sister and nephews came for a visit for about a week
they stayed with our parents who don't live all that far from me anyway...

just a hop, skip, and jump to do things together throughout the week...
it seemed to go so quickly
and we all tired so quickly by doing so much

there was a lot of family to see in such short time
we drove about an hour and a half away to visit one set of Great Grandparents and extended family
for lunch and a great time outside...
and back home we came

just had to include this picture of Papa {my dad} and Madison
it was too cute:)

the day before we took Great Grandpa M out to lunch
a little backwards here but I'm not reshuffling the pictures

but we did it
and managed to have some relax time, BBQs, crab boil, and pool time

we did a joint birthday celebration for them since their birthdays are in July and so close
and finally a picture my parents are in by the way:)
{they are right behind me and next to my sister on the right}

I swear my girls got spoiled by my nephews...

Connor would carry my girls everywhere and include them in everything...

it would just be a matter of time before the girls asked him...
"Connor would you carry me?"
and help them in their seats, buckle them and play with them

{Connor walking the girls out from Great Grandpa M's place}

Austin played so funny with them
by the way I was in love with his cute mohawk...

he dived right into Madison and Hayley's princess world by putting on princess slippers
I told him to sneak a pair home in his suitcase
I double dogged dared him
he didn't go for it
but he did admit they were pretty comfortable...

Austin would hold their hands in the parking lots 
{if you twisted his arm a little, that is}
his and Hayley's personalities are quite the match

pretty good cousins the girls have...

how quickly time goes by as Connor just turned 9 and Austin 7 in a little over a week
seriously I remember when we saw them more and they were my girls ages right now
they are still as cute and sweet as ever
just so much older

it was a great visit...lots of fun, laughter, and I got some time just with my sister
which has been awhile for that...so super nice...

and Bobby when you take too long to take the picture...this is the look you get;)

these are memories that you don't get to make often 
but they are the ones you remember and cherish the most


.Twig. said...

Too cute. great grandpas are so sweet. I love all the pictures!! And your top in the picture where you guys are about to go to lunch. SUPER cute. Where did you get it? :)

Suzann said...

Such wonderful photos - you can completely see the joy in everyone's faces.

My little guy is sporting a mohawk this summer too.

Have a blessed weekend.

paige said...

what precious family photos!!
ya'll are all entirely too cute.

hope you continue to have a wonderful summer swet girl

koralee said...

Oh my friend..I adore your images today..I sooooo love family get togethers!!! My girls have all boy cousins and seem to get spoiled as well.
I love the photos of sweet great grandpa...they warm my heart!!! He looks soooo happy.
We are off for a lovely family brunch with my hubbies family who are visiting.
Hugs for a sweet day.