September 29, 2010

give-a-way and project

Almost a month ago I made a run to Michael's
to grab some of their blank thank you notes for a $1

I like to look in the dollar section just to mix up the notes
so my clients aren't getting the same ones with each order

plus it makes doing thank you notes for each order so much more affordable instead
of $5-$8 per pack of eight that I seem to go through sometimes in a couple days

 Michael's had some cute ones
have you seen some of them?

I'm in love with how simple they are

fly, shine, discover, and write your own story are the ones I purchased

the girls were with me
 and we found a craft project in the same dollar section
so the trip to Michael's was under $6 including the thank you notes and a craft project for the girls

we found some miniature white bird cages
and put an "h" ball inside of it for Hayley

 and for Madison I just stamped a blank tag I had on hand that Angela had given me
because they are always out of the m's...
so as soon as I find an m ball elsewhere I'll change that out for her

 we cut out miniature butterflies and dragonflies to put at the bottom of the cage

butterflies for Madison
dragonflies for Hayley
{they sure made sure that they did not get mixed up}

I already had the butterfliy and dragonfly punches from awhile back
and newspaper was free
so this literally was a $3 project with them

the punches were a bit difficult for those tiny hands to do themselves
but they enjoyed filling the cages up and putting their tag and ball in the inside

they were little happy campers and some fun smiles from them as we placed the little bird cages on an antique desk in our loft below one of our picture walls

they loved the fact that they put something together below their pictures

now this wall/room has some progress to make
so let this serve as my before picture

the antique desk and chair on the right is from my grandpa
It will stay as painting it

however, the chair on the right

I'll refinish the wood to be white
and sometime next year I'll change the upholstery to a light tan linen fabric

the rocking chair color will probably stay as is...
it was the one I was rocked in as a baby and the same one we used for our girls

you choose the size
last day is tomorrow {Thursday} at midnight
and if you don't have a blog
please leave in the comment a way for me to contact you {e-mail}

September 27, 2010

tippy toes

standing on your tip toes
is one of the cutest things children do

whether it's to see over the counter to grab those
little cookie crumbs or that extra salsa chip

whether it's Hayley sneaking for another permanent marker out of her stash drawer
or Madison reaching for her tutu off her crown hook in her bedroom

little ones on their tip toes
 always makes me stop
to take in the moment
even for a split second
to remember exactly how sweet childhood was

even if seconds later I am asking them to put that marker back
or "no, not another cookie"

and just maybe
"do you need help with that? can you reach it okay?"

little ones on their tippy toes
reminds me of a time where your thoughts were full of wonder

and your next thought was only if you remembered where you put your princess crown
to complete your outfit

many things signify childhood
but for me...

few things signify it as simply as when I see the girls on their tip toes

the innocence
and cleverness
about them

the only time I stand on my tip toes anymore
 is for reaching something off of a shelf
the childlike tippy toe state has now been replaced by day to day tasks

I much rather think of tip toes
from my girl's point of view
full of excitement
and intention

I'm so excited to share Tippy Toe Tutus
a business by my friend, Tonya

she is sponsoring today's give-a-way
and I hope you love her Tutus as much as my girls do

she is giving away one Pink Licorice tutu
in the size of your choosing
{shown below}

for your little girl
for your granddaughter,
neice, cousin,
friend of the family
or other special little girl you would like to surprise

To enter the give-a-way...

visit Tonya's Tippy Toe Tutu website and tell me your favorite tutu
as well as something that signifies childhood to you

leave a second comment if you would like to look her up on facebook under Tippy Toe Tutus
and become a fan of her business

and if you'd like to become a follower of my blog....why yes...comment one more time for another entry and if you are a follower just note that too {in a separate comment}

Winner will randomly be picked on Friday, October 1st
Comments will close Midnight Thursday, September 30th

{Tonya's picture from her website was used with her permission}

September 24, 2010

I almost birthed twins

would you ever believe
this sweetie pie
wrote on our wall with permanent marker

and almost...just almost got it all over our white bed spread...
she did get a couple of dots on my ruffled pillowcase
the same ones LuLu just showed on her blog
the ones I got back in February but I thought I was going to birth another baby the moment I turned around and saw her laying on my bed with a black permanent marker
the cap off
ready to write
I almost birthed twins the panic I felt
as she looked up and smiled...
"what mama?"

Instead maybe I just had a cow
PETA don't be mad
but when I exaggerate I often reference cows...

like I'm so hungry I could eat an entire cow
or half of a cow
which is ironic because I don't eat a ton of red meat

as I walked over slowly to her so she wouldn't quickly decide to think it's funny to put a mark all across my bed

it has been a looooong week and that was just the icing on the cake
so as I was closing out some things from an event for my business
she was coloring on the wall with permanent marker
and her sister's floor with a blue dry erase marker

she found our stash in our junk drawer to say the least
and thinks she it's her personal stash
to take from when she pleases
although I followed her and must admit seeing her on her tippy toes
deciphering which permanent color to pick was quite cute

just not the after effects...
of the marks all over the house

note to self...
all pens, markers will be taken out of that drawer when we are back in town

I recently confided in my mom saying
"'s like they are already ganging up on me especially when Bobby is not around"

for those that know me
running over me isn't a small feat
but her response was
"Oh you mean like you two {my sister and I} used to do to me?"

touche mom...

although sometimes we were justified...I'm just sayin'
with an added chuckle there

this week has been quite the non-stop busy week for events, emotions, preparing for a bridal shower
I think I secretly like the chaotic times where I have too much to do
because that makes me thrive a bit to have a lot on my plate
even though I'm trying to not do that
it always seems to happen

we are headed out of town this weekend
for my friend's shower
and to visit some of Bobby's family that will be in town for our hometown Fall Festival
it will be a crazy fun celebration kind of weekend
the best kind of weekend....

I may be even doing something I haven't done in ages
and I'm super nervous because I don't feel prepared
but sometimes you just need to do things without thinking, right?
makes life more fun...

I'm super excited to share on Monday I'll be doing a give-a-way...
I should have just surprised you all
but I'm not great at surprises
so come on back Monday as I have a sweet friend who is sponsoring one for me
right here on
Butterflies and Dragonflies


September 22, 2010

ring around the rosy

lots of giggles
makes for sweet delight
that's what
ring-around-the-rosy will do for you

slightly out of focus and maybe over/under {who knows} exposed pictures...

but moments of delight that were worth enjoying

Smiles and Delight to you this mid-week day

September 19, 2010


on Thursday evening I was asked the question...

"who are you?"

answering to myself...
as we were in relaxation

As I thought
I found it was easy to rattle off descriptions
or even tasks
or titles
that I perform
or am
in my daily life

so when our instructor first asked the question

the list naturally began in my mind....

consultant for work
God lover
beach lover
type A personality
dog lover
wine "enjoyer"
house cleaner
flower lover
vintage lover
 number 13 fan
summer girl
 indecisive at times
fan of white
and light, sea blues
 fan of dresses
but very much a jeans girl at heart

I'm also
a woman
which took me a long time to accept due to fertility issues
but now 5 years strong of knowing it...
I know that I am
with or without children

yes...really just a list...
because I make lists

but shortly thereafter
we were then asked to...

feel who we were

feel it

not think it

I began to feel
my life
not thinking about all the things I do
{or don't do for that matter}

I was feeling my compassion and kindness
and strength about myself

I was feeling time well spent
with my family
even doing the day to day routine things
but very vividly about simple things

what we were all wearing
what the sun and wind felt like
what it felt like as a mother seeing little hands play in the dirt

or little feet running up and down this side road

enjoying the sight of flowers in our yard
worrying not about some stressors we have right now
but only about enough daylight hours to spend with my family

I was feeling how wonderful it feels
to look around my home
and see my favorite vintage things
with subtle number 13 reminders around me
and enjoying a glass of wine or two

I was feeling myself on a nice long run
feeling my surroundings not just noticing what they were
but taking it all in
whether running right here in my neighborhood

or remembering the fond memory of Bobby and I running oceanside 6 years ago
where we saw dolphins
and how wonderful it felt to see that

yes this dark haired beauty is my personal favorite in our neighborhood
a very happy feeling I got
when the girls were pretty close to her
 enjoying the is...
and seeing them trying to get her attention by calling
"horsy....oh horsy..."

I was feeling His prescence all around me
everything else subsided for the moment

I wasn't thinking
but accepting

I have always been one to shove my feelings away
for whatever reason
even very fond memories or feelings I have had in the past
I feel disappointed I have forgotten or filed away some of the ones from long ago
because I became so task orientated
forgetting to really feel along the way

through things
I would pull away
 bury them
close the door
and set down the key

so I have felt challenged lately in our class
it's odd because I didn't know this would happen
but each time He is providing exactly what I need through our instructor

to not only be still
but to feel
and appreciate what I feel

and to not file away any of my feelings
but have them as constant reminders
the special keys to my heart
because it makes me me

this is why I've been focusing on not having a schedule lately
for things I really don't have to have one for
especially with my family

because even though I love my routine and completed tasks
I'm really much more of a dreamer
and I want my family and friends to feel that from me more than the other
 that's the real me
the part of me that the close ones really know
but the part that most haven't seen
I love to feel and I love to dream
and just in case you wanted to know
the horses belong to a home that was here before our subdivision
we always love to watch them
I have a bit of a crush on horses...
I always have, and I'm not sure why
other than the fact that my dad had them growing up
and they make me smile

September 15, 2010

few and far between

few and far between will be the {daylight} hours
as fall and winter near...

so on a cold {cold} day
I want to look at this picture
and take a breath
giving myself some reminders
of what is ahead for spring and summer...

warm temperatures
sitting on my bench
watching the hummingbirds
and spending time outside as a family

that bench is one of one of my favorite spots to sit at night
{when I get the chance that is}

or when I feel a bit stressed...

sometimes I sit here in the morning with coffee
before the girls wake

and most definitely I'll try to sneak out here to sit
when it storms
because it's peaceful and calming to watch the rain

I didn't make it out there tonight
maybe because I took so much time driving back and forth to my house

I literally had to drive back home for the same thing three times
because I kept forgetting what I needed this afternoon

now what I walked out with the first two times
I couldn't tell you
I have no idea

but it wasn't what I needed...

it took two more times to actually walk out of the house with what I needed...

I'm sure it made people laugh to see me come home
three times every ten minutes for half an hour

way off point...yes I know

I won't quite get started on my super glue incident {again}
well maybe I just did...

lets just say
it wound up on my face this time
and fingers glued together {which is the usual}

super glue...we just don't get along...
never have and never will


today as I was dropping off something to a client
{the important thing I kept forgetting}

we came across this little place with a pond

the girls wanted to stop and get out

well just maybe
 I also wanted to get out
and take a few minutes

so we did...

I'm trying more and more to make the time to stop and do those sorts of things
it's good for them
and most definitely good for me to not always have a schedule

come to think of it
I really haven't been keeping my regular normal schedule
and I'm kind of liking it

it's good for me not be structured so much

and I'm loving I'm trying to take in more of these moments...
{probably why I forget everything now-a-days}

behind the scenes

lets just say
you aren't seeing me get frustrated
at some whining
or two little girls ignoring me
in particular my little one
thinking she doesn't have to hold my hand in parking lots
with cars driving by
or stay by me in stores

I was plain annoyed at being ignored...


and Hayley's response to me...

"the famous Hayley scowl"
otherwise could be known as the Madison scowl
or even the Martha look

which she quickly turned her scowl around

 into this "sweet stuff" girl
who wanted a hug

that is always her diversion

the stare down until we laugh at her
or she showers us with hugs and kisses
{I have no idea where that comes idea}


you've probably noticed
the big red stain

although it looks pink in the pictures from the sunlight

you wouldn't have guessed just before another errand
I took Hayley to get her and her sister a special drink before we picked Madison up from school

and dumped her red slush all down her white shirt...
but because I wasn't going home four times in another 10 minutes

she was

"as is"

until we got home
{well actually until after bathtime to be honest}

there is only so much laundry that I really want to do

but you know...

"it is what it is"

and when other mothers smile at you because of it
it makes you smile

that was just "how we rolled" ...

stained shirts from both girls
a mom who got her fingers glued together {again}
and super glue on her face
not to mention I hit the new record of how many times I can drive back to my home in thirty minutes

 as well as

all three of us stopping by the pet store on the way home
because they always love walking around

{which I even forgot we went there today until now}

we closed in the evening with some sweet stories, goodnight hugs, and kisses


I can say...

was the sort of day I felt like I failed
but also had some great moments too


lets just hope I'm a bit more productive...
and don't have to run home three times for the same thing

September 8, 2010

calling tinkerbell...

calling Tinkerbell...

calling Tinkerbell...

do you hear me?

I needed you last Friday to come spread your pixie fairy dust
for me...

funny how life doesn't quite work that way
last Friday was quite the day
as my wallet was stolen and used
so we've been picking up a few pieces

please no need to comment on that
life could definitely be worse
and not really what I want to write about
I shed some tears that were ridiculous and moved on

my mom thought I was pregnant when I talked to her
because I was so emotional
for some reason about the events of the day

but Friday was just frankly one of those days
that I wanted some Tinkerbell pixie dust to magically start my day all over again
because it was just one thing after another
"awful kind of day"

you get my drift...

in other words
pretty much it was just...

it has pushed a few things back a bit
but not too much damage was done
thank goodness

it is the picking up the pieces
and special pictures to me that are gone

and the fact that the one plus I was looking forward to
about my wallet being stolen was
a new driver's license picture

that's so ridiculous isn't it?

didn't happen

they used the same darn one...


but talking about the pictures

all were replaceable but one...
it was a picture of Bobby on our honeymoon
at one of our dinners
and it wasn't taken by us
but by the ship
so I don't have another copy

it was just one of those pictures
that everytime I saw it
I smiled and remembered our special memories we had during our honeymoon week

our hilarious ones
our romantic ones
our relaxing ones

and the picture to me marked the official place where Bobby finally fell in love with the ocean
which is exactly why that was one of my favorite pictures of him

he wasn't all too fond of water when I first met him
but now he loves it just as much as I do
except he has no fear in the ocean as I now do....
I love it but I won't go out past my waist especially if I cannot see the ocean floor

I know a big wuss I have become...

but beside the point is how much I love photographs
I always have them all around me
from the simpliest of sitting at a dinner on our honeymoon

to pictures of our summer nights when we are eating alfresco

summer nights are beyond my favorite

watching the girls play in our backyard
and talking with Bobby as he is grilling...

this was my favorite evening
in these pictures


 calling Tinkerbell...

calling Tinkerbell....

I know you are around as Madison was just talking with you...

and exactly what this little girl was doing
this summer evening...

calling you
on top of this hill
that leads to some common ground behind us

well actually to get it right...

she was calling Tinkerbell and her main squeeze
she informed us about...
{still the same one as last year}

so as she dressed herself in her flower hat
underneath her Fancy Nancy crown
holding her Fancy Nancy purse
and wearing her soccer medal

you know...
the perfect outfit for calling Tinkerbell...

this summer night
was one of my favorites

of all-time...

since fall and winter are closer than ever...

it reminded me to enjoy the last of the summer nights
until next year, that is

the sun was setting perfectly behind the hill
so it shadowed Madison and Hayley as they played until dark

they looked beautiful as we could only see their figures from where we sat

they looked like their own little fairies that night
especially Madison with her feather poofs on her crown

it was all we could see

it made us laugh and smile as we just watched them together
both of them calling Tinkerbell
and then Iridessa
and I said

"hey...what about Silvermist?"
{she's one of my fav's as she likes the color blue and water}

they said...
"you call her mama!"

yes...I'll admit...I did the fairy personality test with the girls...
"and whadya know..."
I can't make a darn decision on some of the answers
because I couldn't decide between a couple descriptions

typical me...

well I do see the sheet often enough
and why I know a little bit about the fairies
as it was requested to be laminated by the girls
so it would stay nice...

it's important reading material you know...
some must-knows for moms of girls

summer nights like these

are a special song to my heart

{thanks for staying with me on this 500 topic post}
well that's a bit of an exaggeration
but you get my drift...

and that wonderful saying on the chalkboard
all the credit goes to Bobby