September 15, 2010

few and far between

few and far between will be the {daylight} hours
as fall and winter near...

so on a cold {cold} day
I want to look at this picture
and take a breath
giving myself some reminders
of what is ahead for spring and summer...

warm temperatures
sitting on my bench
watching the hummingbirds
and spending time outside as a family

that bench is one of one of my favorite spots to sit at night
{when I get the chance that is}

or when I feel a bit stressed...

sometimes I sit here in the morning with coffee
before the girls wake

and most definitely I'll try to sneak out here to sit
when it storms
because it's peaceful and calming to watch the rain

I didn't make it out there tonight
maybe because I took so much time driving back and forth to my house

I literally had to drive back home for the same thing three times
because I kept forgetting what I needed this afternoon

now what I walked out with the first two times
I couldn't tell you
I have no idea

but it wasn't what I needed...

it took two more times to actually walk out of the house with what I needed...

I'm sure it made people laugh to see me come home
three times every ten minutes for half an hour

way off point...yes I know

I won't quite get started on my super glue incident {again}
well maybe I just did...

lets just say
it wound up on my face this time
and fingers glued together {which is the usual}

super glue...we just don't get along...
never have and never will


today as I was dropping off something to a client
{the important thing I kept forgetting}

we came across this little place with a pond

the girls wanted to stop and get out

well just maybe
 I also wanted to get out
and take a few minutes

so we did...

I'm trying more and more to make the time to stop and do those sorts of things
it's good for them
and most definitely good for me to not always have a schedule

come to think of it
I really haven't been keeping my regular normal schedule
and I'm kind of liking it

it's good for me not be structured so much

and I'm loving I'm trying to take in more of these moments...
{probably why I forget everything now-a-days}

behind the scenes

lets just say
you aren't seeing me get frustrated
at some whining
or two little girls ignoring me
in particular my little one
thinking she doesn't have to hold my hand in parking lots
with cars driving by
or stay by me in stores

I was plain annoyed at being ignored...


and Hayley's response to me...

"the famous Hayley scowl"
otherwise could be known as the Madison scowl
or even the Martha look

which she quickly turned her scowl around

 into this "sweet stuff" girl
who wanted a hug

that is always her diversion

the stare down until we laugh at her
or she showers us with hugs and kisses
{I have no idea where that comes idea}


you've probably noticed
the big red stain

although it looks pink in the pictures from the sunlight

you wouldn't have guessed just before another errand
I took Hayley to get her and her sister a special drink before we picked Madison up from school

and dumped her red slush all down her white shirt...
but because I wasn't going home four times in another 10 minutes

she was

"as is"

until we got home
{well actually until after bathtime to be honest}

there is only so much laundry that I really want to do

but you know...

"it is what it is"

and when other mothers smile at you because of it
it makes you smile

that was just "how we rolled" ...

stained shirts from both girls
a mom who got her fingers glued together {again}
and super glue on her face
not to mention I hit the new record of how many times I can drive back to my home in thirty minutes

 as well as

all three of us stopping by the pet store on the way home
because they always love walking around

{which I even forgot we went there today until now}

we closed in the evening with some sweet stories, goodnight hugs, and kisses


I can say...

was the sort of day I felt like I failed
but also had some great moments too


lets just hope I'm a bit more productive...
and don't have to run home three times for the same thing


paige said...

i think you are an awesome mommy martha. seriously....

your little ones are precious & obviously are smitten with you. even if you get the occasional scowl!

Lissa said...

there is nothing that makes steam fly out of the top of my head like whining. It is so great that you stopped to enjoy this stream and capture this moment with the girls! Including the stain on the tank which I would have never seen if you had not pointed it out. They are just so darn cute!

Laurie said...

Sounds like a normal day to me! :) And I know I've said it before, but Hayley's lashes are like twice the length of the average kiddo. SOOOOO beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

oh girl I have a little boy who does the same thing...doesn't listen and doesn't want to hold my hand. your little girls are just cute! Hoping you a good rest of the week~ xo

Shannon said...

It's so nice I'm not alone with the whining! I swear Brooklyn is only 1 and they already pull at toys fighting over them.