September 22, 2010

ring around the rosy

lots of giggles
makes for sweet delight
that's what
ring-around-the-rosy will do for you

slightly out of focus and maybe over/under {who knows} exposed pictures...

but moments of delight that were worth enjoying

Smiles and Delight to you this mid-week day


Urban Farmgirl said...

Those girls are always the sweetest! Over-exposed, under-exposed...doesn't matter a bit! You captured memories, my friend.

Happy Wednesday...


DustyLu said...

Perfect exposure for that setting! I love it! It beautiful! exposure is your personal preference and what you like best! it looks like you added photoshop to it! Great job! lulu

Shannon said...

Adorable Martha! I love seeing those 2 little Angels playing together it makes me look forward to my 2 girls growing up together even more!!!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Your pictures are always beautiful Martha! You really get some great shots of the girls.

enjoy your evening!


Lissa said...

so very cute!