May 9, 2010

i'm just a girl in heels...

who does the best she can

who eats and organizes her m & m's by colors...
and saves her favorite color for last
{I'm not the only one who does this, right?}

I'm also a girl that is a mom

twelve is a number that has some meaning to us...
and if you know Bobby and I we are odd numbered people will never see us pick an even number
the number thirteen is our personal favorite

these twelve flowers have a special meaning to both of us
ten of those flowers helped us with the other two

three years ago I laid down a burden
completely laid it down and gave it to Him

we were overcome with doubt and fear
we carried a daily weight that we weren't meant to carry
we couldn't punish ourselves with something that was never ours to begin with

when I found my freedom from it
was when Bobby went through his most difficult time with it
it was a glorious time for me but the most difficult time I saw my husband go through
he couldn't lay it down
he needed more time

and he got just that
it was just my turn to love on him this time through
My strength to love on Bobby had to have came from Him
because I cannot explain how the peace suddenly came over me
a peace where I accepted

a peace where I knew and felt it was okay no matter what happened
after the call we received I literally looked at Madison
had a moment of tears but even that day I felt happiness and immediate peace

I was given the strength
but I had a big job in order to begin the prayers of healing for my husband

When the time was right for him we took the time to lay down the ten together
neither one of us could carry the burden anymore
we will always have them in our heart
but two blessings is what we

 love today
 cherish today
 and what is beautiful in our lives right now

I'm just a girl in heels...

that loves to celebrate today
that isn't perfect but still learning
that has a difficult time leaving all burdens to Him like I should

but I'm this girl in heels who loves

her family
anything beachy
I even go so far as to stare at rooms in my house and I really think I see the ocean right outside the window...{that is until I walk outside and realize my reality is much better...even without the beach, right?}

today is a day where I smile and celebrate
where I hear those cute giggles when they watch movies together
and two seconds later they are fighting and crying
one is whining
one is telling me no and first thing in the morning says "I pooped my pants"
{yes this is the youngest one who is in the process of potty training}

and then they both decide they need some snuggles and love from me
or for me to wipe a tear
or make them laugh by dancing for them in a comical way

today is a day that is special
but I know it's also difficult for some for so many reasons
I hope for peace, love, and warmth to be shared to those who need it the most

for me...I'm giving this handsome man a big ole' smooch-a-roo and a couple of hugs

and my girls a good laugh and some love

by the way...I haven't shared with you yet...
I'm also a girl that really enjoyed Iron Man 2
it is a must see!

yes...I'm a girl who loves a love story just as much as action superhero movies...
and a girl who loves this song because it describes exactly our journey of how we got to celebrate Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day

and just a side note...when I asked Bobby if I could take a few pictures of him...this was his initial reaction...gotta love this's so fun to catch him off guard and he is a great sport with pictures!...just wanted to keep it real for you:)


Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Great pictures and lovely words, my friend!

ps- Shoes? TJ Maxx?? I spotted them a while back and thought they were dreamy, but in the end, I'm really just NOT a girl in heels. ;)

Tish said...

:) you put a smile on my face. happy mama's day martha.

mimi charmante said...

sweet friend~
you have such an incredible way with words. your gentle heart and your kind soul touches everyone around you. I feel so blessed to call you friend~
much love,

Tracey said...

Such a touching post Martha! Your pictures are lovely and fabulous and so sweet!!! I love your shoes and your amazing blue ladder :) Blessings to you and your family! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

Hugs my friend ~

:) T

Jacki said...

Love this honest post about your life's challenges. Such soft pictures. Partial to the shoes too-I have them too. They look great! So glad your shades got to you. Enjoy!

Kristin said...

oh martha have such a way with sweet and gentle...
i hope you had a beautiful day...and those heels are divine!!

Shannon said...

I love this post Martha and you look so beautiful in all your pictures! I hope you enjoyed your Mother's Day with your wonderful family :)

traci said...

ok, i have goosebumps. what a lovely, heartfelt post. and the photos are gorgeous. great props in the ladder, shoes and flowers. have a wonderful day.

Kasey said...

what a beautiful post Martha!!!
I'm lovin those you!
and that hottie bobbie....

Twig said...

Thanks for making me tear up this morning! Reading that with the music was the perfect recipe for some early morning tears haha.

Beautiful post, and amazing pictures!! Those shoes are so cute! I bought some red high heels this weekend...HUGE task for me as I'm normally a flip flops and Keens type of person haha. I felt like a saucy momma..and my husband didn't complain either haha. Anyway, I better get back to work. Thanks for this awesome moment in my day, friend! :)


P.S. Thank you for your awesome comments on my blog...I always really enjoy them!!

LuLu said...

Awwww this was such a fantastic post!!! Just beautiful...I'm awoke LOVE today, and your post just made me smile.... gorgeous photos!!!! and your shoes ROCK!!!!! :)

Seizing My Day said...

Such a beautiful heartfelt goosebumpy post!! =) Thank you for sharing your heart so openly! Burdens are so hard to lay down when it comes to the matters of the mommy's heart (I don't think I have laid mine down completely yet... so I can very much relate to the feeling in this post!) =)

Beautiful pictures ~ Love that ladder!

Bless You Martha!

Anonymous said...

Very sweet post my dear...and your photos are dreamy, so so so sweet!! and you are right for some mother's day is difficult and a day some would like to pass over, but I am glad you have two littles to make you smile!! hope you are well my dear...rockin' heels!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

what an amazing way to share something so personal.

i love the pictures and your shoes!! And your husband is a reall sport.

happy mother's day.

paige said...

sweet martha, what a beautiful way with words you have
what an awesome post
& i love those shoes
that cute as ever blue ladder
& your sweet man playing along!
LOVELOVELOVE the shot of you from the back.
such a gorgeous girl you are
xo--oops, not just from the back---that sounded like i was saying you were pretty from the back...geez...i'm rambling, you know what i mean :)

Claire said...


Laurie said...

How did I miss this post? It's just beautiful! I usually turn off music when I read blogs, but I kept it going the whole time - and it... was... perfect! LAY IT DOWN! I remembered it from church and LOVED it!

Mary said...

Such lovely photos, Martha! Hope you had a Happy day...


Lissa said...

beautiful post!

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Beautiful words and photos...and those shoes rock!

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Such beautiful pictures to go along with your story....loving those shoes!!