October 26, 2010

stay this little

 late Friday afternoon
I stopped what I was doing  
 for about an hour or so

Madison and Hayley were having fun wearing my flower rings, pins, and necklace{s}
so I thought...
it's a beautiful day outside
we are going to enjoy a few more hours of it
let's hit the road!

and of course I brought my "amateurish" photogropher self right there with them
no claims that I know what I'm doing
just making sure I say that again

I do realize I take waaaay to many pictures
but when I go back to look at them
I'm so glad I took all of them

I hear the laughs that went right along with them

I hear myself telling the girls to stay near as they find a new place to explore
I remember just how sunny or windy it was
I remember little details that I otherwise would have forgotten about later

 how I smiled
when they smiled
over wearing flower pins and necklaces

 pictures of their little hands and fingers are so much cuter to see with these rings on
than my veiny ones

As we left the house

I had just a tiny bit of purpose in mind
but more importantly just some spontaneous fun for the girls

they told me no pictures mama
but then said
"take our picture"
they laughed
I laughed
I reminded them to stay near
and reminded them again
because they don't worry like I do

I sat back and heard their belly laughs
as they brought the leaves up
and dropped them over each others hair
and chased one another
to do it all again

I asked for a few quick glances at my camera where there backs weren't always towards me
just to get a few pictures
I promised
but with little ones
it's about being ready for that moment...
not asking for the moment

 I often wish they would stay this little
with their little faces
eyelashes that make me melt
with their sweet but mischievous personalities

I laughed about how they really run the show in our home
more than I would like to admit
and I'm thankful for my children
always showing me to live in the moment

our little time together last Friday afternoon
before the weekend festivities we had with family and friends
was spent together
just us girls

and it made me smile yesterday when I heard a new song on the radio that reminded
me of our girl time together
and how it makes me feel
and what I think about

it's by Taylor Swift...
"Never Grow Up"
if you know my home
Taylor Swift is a pretty big deal with both Madison and Hayley

to say they are fans is an understatement
and if she is on the radio
I'm not allowed to turn the station
even if I heard the song a million times in a row
but I'm so glad I heard her new song yesterday
we all absolutely loved it
plus did you know she is a fellow number 13 lover too?

the words are beautiful and sweet
and ring so much truth to how I feel as a mama

{I've linked the song at the very end}

I  really would...
 give all I had
if the girls would stay young at heart
just as they were last Friday

but to me
it's not just last Friday
when I see them this way

I see them young at heart
all the time

as a matter of fact
those simple moments
I notice

and I love that about them

 I hope they will remember this throughout their life
and whatever they experience

to always stay young at heart
and never grow up

like this cute little moment as Madison watched the wind carry the leaves away

Over the weekend Bobby and I had a couple of adventures ourselves
I'm thankful we can be still young at heart too
maybe not often enough
but just enough for us

we both dressed up for the first time in costumes for a get together with friends
we haven't done that since we were kids ourselves
he makes quite the 80's rocker
just lettin' you know

and maybe
just maybe... 
I'll show you my other adventure that I did with a couple of friends
I've only been waiting a year and a half to do so
I finally did it
 and I'm loving it

today is my 200th post
and just in case you didn't notice
the rings, necklace, and pins are from someone I can't wait to share with you
when everything is up and running

~ let's never {really} grow up ~
I hope you enjoy her lyrics as much as we do

October 21, 2010

a favorite place, part two

I thought I would take you to a favorite place of mine
Bobby and I had a date night last weekend

it had been a little while
something we always say that we want to do more often
and need to do so
but you know life and just schedules
but honestly we need to get better at not using life and schedules as an excuse

my parents volunteered to watch the girls for us
and we said

we went to a place right here in our town ~ about maybe 2 miles from us
I love local places

but before we left the house...
Bobby surprised me with this on the counter

I guess he wanted to bring the romance with having blue hydrangeas

and he joked if that was enough wine for a week for me
a week, seriously?
ummm....obviously he over purchased the two buck chuck from Trader Joe's
as a joke
because he read my blog when I joked about wine

I love that he still makes me laugh
seriously...that'll last more like a month
okay maybe 3 weeks

but my favorite thing other than the hydrangeas is that one of my favorite cheeses is back
at Trader Joe's
I really did a happy dance I love it so much

really love

if you haven't tried it
I would advise to stock up on it as it only is available through Christmas
it's their Cranberry Chevre
{fresh goat cheese}
and paired with their pita crackers...yum!

back to our date night...
Unkorked Wine Gardens

we first went there over the summer for a friend's birthday party
and we loved it so much
I think it is officially my favorite restaurant

He got off early from work so we had an extra loooong date day

the few extra hours together was so nice because we didn't have to rush to do anything
probably one of my favorite dates we've had

so I thought I would take you on a tour

so take a walk with me...
I'll show you around

what I love about this place is that it isn't a chain restaurant
it's local
just what our downtown needed

their service is fantastic every.single.time

{well all the two times we have been there}
but it's one of those places that you just know will have great service time after time
it's family ran
which makes me love it even more

I took that picture specifically for the sign
"Well Behaved Children are Welcome"

so come on inside

the location used to be a home and then office
 I read that years ago it was also the first chiropractic office to come to our town
and eventually this past year it was purchased and turned into a family business
Unkorked Wine Gardens
{I skipped a bit of history there just because I don't remember all of it exactly}

I loved how it isn't your typical looking restaurant
it's more beautiful than that
atmosphere is so important at places
and I think they did a wonderful job at creating their wine garden

after we took a look around inside
we did another wine tasting
because they had changed their wine selection
we selected a cabernet for me
and Bobby chose beer of course

as we headed outside to the patio
we saw their table numbers
 Bobby began to scan the place to see if there was a
number 13

he found it
and we smiled as the table was open
"just for us"
because restaurants just reserve tables for us 
only kidding

it was a beautiful day
and as we tried asked for a picture of us...
they all happened to turn out blurry
so we gave up on asking for a date photo

you can sorta see a resemblance of us, right?

last photo's the best
and I actually wore a different color than grey, brown, blue, white
well I still had a little bit of grey

what we loved about our date is that this is a place you can sit and enjoy
we weren't rushed out of the restaurant so they could turn over the table
which seems to be the norm at chain restaurants because that's what they're taught

we sat for several hours
sitting together

enjoying wine,
ordering dinner,
more talking

and a little bit of more wine,
because everytime I went to the restroom I came back with a glass full
just be careful of that
and then more food

 someone wouldn't take the camera out of my face
so I told him I wouldn't look at him
but he still got me smiling

they have live music on Friday and Saturday nights
love that
especially with patio seating

and when we left
this handsome man took us home

his name is Robby just in case you wanted to know
dressed the same as my Bobby
weird, huh?
we happened to meet him on the way out
and he wanted me to take his picture

apparently he wanted to give me a model face

obviously kidding....
that's Bobby
I requested a sort-of-serious face from him
which when I request that
he does the opposite

he does that look everytime I tell him to be serious
he hasn't learned that I do it on purpose yet

October 19, 2010

as good as it gets

this fall season
in the "C" household...

we're keeping it simple with the fall decor
is just how its going to be

I'm not overally creative when it comes to fall decor
the colors are hard for me to dive into
well darn...the truth is
it's the color orange that throws me for a loop

I've never known how to decorate with orange
many of you do it fabulously
but not me

 I actually enjoy sticking to earthy colors
for fall
greens, whites, browns, maybe a tad bit of yellow
or even washed out orange

I find it earthy goes with our home better anyway
and any chance I get to throw in hydrangeas
you better believe our simple fall decor better flow with it
{wink, wink}

so I'll give you a little peak into our home
for my easy peasy fall decor

drum roll please....

just kidding...
don't want to lead you on or anything


expected more?
well I warned you...
easy peasy

when I went with Madison's class to the pumpkin patch I stocked up on mini white pumpkins
to fill a galvanized container I had
it was just waiting to be filled with something
actually I snagged it from Madison
since she wasn't using it

filled that puppy with a bit of packing paper
just a tad
and the rest is mini pumpkins

do you see that candle
and that twine?
they may not always compliment one another
well at least when the candle is lit

well lets just say...I almost caught the whole "set up" {if you will} on fire

actually to be honest
I did...not almost
you are the first ones I've told

and out came an expletive right before I quickly patted and blew it out
{don't worry the girls weren't around so I didn't harm any ears}

I blew that mini fire on the twine right out before the whole shebang went up into flames

I know there are a couple of people rolling their eyes about now over that
because they are saying
"that is so you Martha"

I laughed only after my sigh of relief

by the way do you like those jeans in the corner of the last picture?
well the picture is below again to refresh your memory

Bobby was packing...I didn't catch them
until now 

just keeping it real for you

getting back on point here...
"adorning" my front porch
I use that in quotations for a reason
the prime spot for pictures

is what the check out woman called
"the ugliest pumpkins EVER"
and then went into a story about two men workers that were doing work in her attic
came down the ladder
and their faces covered in the exact same color soot as those pumpkins

she emphasized
not me

that's why she didn't like my green/grey pumpkins
she was completely being nice when telling me the story
but I just smiled and simply said I love 'em!
the green/grey makes me smile


we went back Sunday so Hayley could have a visit
per request of Madison
and because I needed more mini white pumpkins for a business project
they fit right in my flower pots that I recently cleaned out
perfect until it's time to use them

guess I should mention it was not the greatest pumpkin patch trip we've ever had
not only did we rush
but we had the grumpiest...most crying 2 1/2-year-old with us

I looked at Bobby walking back to our car and said
"well we could have skipped this trip today with Hayley"
"yah I agree"

She was so exhausted
{which is why she was crying non-stop...except when she rode the horse and fed the goats}
because that's how it works with kids
they decide when they are fine and when they are not

After we got home
she literally didn't remember she went that day
Bobby had put a movie on for them as he packed and I was well...
I don't remember what I was doing
but as he came downstairs he said to me

"Hayley just asked me if we were going to the pumpkin patch?"

Me: "Huh?"
Bobby: "I told her we already did..."

Hayley pretty much forgot

I just plain shook my head and laughed
wondering if someone put rum in her cider
{only kidding you all}

I showed her pictures
and now all of a sudden she remembers
seeing all the people...
that there was a house there...

very similar resemblance I tell you to someone I know
the only male in our household
I'm really kidding on that
don't want Bobby to get in a huffy you all thinking that's true about him
because it's not
for some reason it makes me laugh saying that because that's how we make each other laugh
references like that

so... there are only photos of Madison with us
Hayley wanted absolutely nothing to do with us
or pictures for that matter

Hayley's grumpiness is why that little girl landed in bed and sleeping by 7:15
no joke
a record of early bedtime I believe because both of our girls are night owls
and they are never in bed that early
but she was so tired and after 2 hours of straight crying
sometimes a mom's got to do what a mom's got to do
early bedtime

And because I have some semi-orange lovers in this house with pumpkins
Madison and Hayley were going to bring home one pumpkin each
but they went for 2 mini's each
ummm...only $3 for 4 mini's...are you kidding me?
that made Bobby happy

I pinky-promise I'll get caught up on some reading of you all tonight
once the girls get to bed this evening
I know I'm way behind on keeping up with you all

October 14, 2010

ever wonder...

why when I take photos of the girls
{lately I mean maybe the past 3 months}
the background of a ton of my photos are very similar?

meaning the exact same...
at least when they are taken around my house
that is

well lets just say

number one....I have two toddlers who have their opinions of where pictures should be taken as much as I do
and they seem to adore the front porch area with flowers
apparently I take the
"whatever works mentality"

number two...I typically have to bribe them for photos in the morning
and bribing usually means staying in the vicinity of our home
so I'm able to show them proof that I  will actually give them the bribe

this bribe was that she could pick as many flowers for Daddy as she wanted
because she wouldn't stop saying
with drama I may add

"I really, really, really miss my Daddy"

which is cute
but by the 100th time
you end up blurting out

for heaven's sake he'll be home tonight!

by the way do you love my "ugliest ever green/grey pumpkin?"
 that is what the checkout lady told me about it
I happen to adore my green grey pumpkin

number three...pictures taken indoors by me...
never really work out ~
I'm definitely in need of reading up on that whole deal
lighting, the works
because even though I have a smaller camera
one I've had for two years now:)
it can actually do more than I even know about
maybe I should read about that on my next road trip instead of playing word mole on Bobby's phone

number four...well I've learned I just can't take them to any old field anymore
or a new location everytime I want to snap a few of them

even though I want to...
I will most likely take them to some field again
I'll just have to be careful next time
because what I didn't tell you when we took these pictures

we all had poison sumac {we believe} for two and a half weeks
and the girls had it the worst of which they now of little marks on their legs from it

yah...I feel like the parent of the year when they both have a few markings on their legs
from taking them into the field just for a few photos

and number five...sometimes I honestly don't plan on taking their pictures but they will be just looking so cute that I can't resist
{I am allowed to say that as their mama, right?}

and since I have been having issues with running late getting the girls to school
our front porch area is the quickest and cutest place to snap a few

case in point here...
school pictures for the girls were this week
both had pictures on different days
but because I don't order their individual school pictures anymore
{we know a great photographer for that}

I only order their class picture so they remember their little friends from preschool

Madison's photos were in this last post

Wednesday morning ~ Hayley made me laugh
she's my dress girl....
everyday it has to be a dress

and I'm trying to convince her that jeans and cute shirts are just as great too
leggings she typically approves of because the tops still look like dresses that go with them

she had on a cute ruffled dress
or "fluffs" as the girls call it around here

the cute dress I scored for her at TJ Maxx for $5
it's actually sleeveless
but I thought for fall the dress paired with a cute sweater and tights
equals a perfect $5 outfit

but breakfast ended up all over her dress
even though it wasn't put on until after eating breakfast
explain how that happened to me please?

so I had to change her quickly before we left
we just moved her up a size in clothes
one thing I love about having two girls 23 months apart...
hand me down clothes are awesome
same size same time of year

saves mega money
and I get to see all Madison's cute little clothes all over again

Hayley loves the fact that she can wear Madison's old clothes
she thinks it's the best thing EVER!
and I'm not going to let her think otherwise...
because it is the best thing ever for us too

wait until they are pre-teen and teenage...I know...the excitement probably won't be there

so a pair of skinny jeans and a ruffled top was in order
and I had a smiling, happy girl in her big sis's old clothes

so if you happen to see this same background of our porch in pictures again
please know I'm using the excuse of two toddlers with a mind of their own 
and their own background requests

the thought of dragging furniture outside 10 minutes before school for cute props or backgrounds
just isn't going to happen with me right now

but all the same
the background doesn't always matter
well yes I know you photographers are taking deep breathes at that
because it does matter

but what matters to me is
seeing our smiley happy girls
showing their personality
and I just didn't want to miss capturing that...
posed or not
same ole' background or not

but I do have my eye on this blue barn for some quick photos hopefully someday

it's my in-laws neighbor's barn...
I'm head over heals for the blue barn since they put it up
maybe someday I can ask them if I can use their fantastic blue barn
it would be perfect this winter
{I'm thinking}

October 12, 2010

corner of smiles

this morning as I woke Madison up for school
I walked into her room

and just smiled at the side of her bed
she was sleeping peacefully...

albeit we were already late for school
because she was overtired from the day before
and I lost track of time
what's new lately...I'll admit running late drives me crazy
but I've been guilty of it so much these past couple of months

I still took my time with her getting her dressed and waking her up for the day
it makes the day go smoother when she wakes up nicely rather than in a rush

but this little girl had pictures today
and she was grinning ear to ear as I placed a grey headband on her head
that yes I do wear from time to time too
but it looks fantastic on her

But as I walked into her room ~
I always seem to gaze at this corner of her room
it makes me smile every time I see it

Even though we aren't quite finished with her big girl room we started at the beginning of the year
I still wanted to take a few photos of this little corner for memory sake

capturing the small things
that make her smile
because she loves her room
and that way she can remember what it looked like years from now

she's my girl that will secretly escape at some part of the day to her room
she loves her alone time

she's always been that way

so we let her be
giving her some space that she looks forward to everyday

we have some plans to add bead board to the walls and paint the top something that fits her
or that she picks...
within reason I will add
because we aren't doing something that clashes with her current bedding
but for the meantime we had changed the walls to white
in order to get the brighter pink out
as well as to fit with her big girl bed

in her nursery, she formerly had pink walls...
I just knew when I was pregnant with her that she would love color for some reason
and she does...
so at that time is was a great fit

but when we got her big girl bedding back last year,
 pink walls and pink bedding was a bit too much
for everyone

she loves bright colors but also loves white
so it will be fun for Christmas getting it settled for her
{courtesy of Santa, of course}

she already loves to get into fixing her room up
so its the perfect gift

but for now
it makes her smile
 as is right now
and you can't beat being happy about that!