October 14, 2010

ever wonder...

why when I take photos of the girls
{lately I mean maybe the past 3 months}
the background of a ton of my photos are very similar?

meaning the exact same...
at least when they are taken around my house
that is

well lets just say

number one....I have two toddlers who have their opinions of where pictures should be taken as much as I do
and they seem to adore the front porch area with flowers
apparently I take the
"whatever works mentality"

number two...I typically have to bribe them for photos in the morning
and bribing usually means staying in the vicinity of our home
so I'm able to show them proof that I  will actually give them the bribe

this bribe was that she could pick as many flowers for Daddy as she wanted
because she wouldn't stop saying
with drama I may add

"I really, really, really miss my Daddy"

which is cute
but by the 100th time
you end up blurting out

for heaven's sake he'll be home tonight!

by the way do you love my "ugliest ever green/grey pumpkin?"
 that is what the checkout lady told me about it
I happen to adore my green grey pumpkin

number three...pictures taken indoors by me...
never really work out ~
I'm definitely in need of reading up on that whole deal
lighting, the works
because even though I have a smaller camera
one I've had for two years now:)
it can actually do more than I even know about
maybe I should read about that on my next road trip instead of playing word mole on Bobby's phone

number four...well I've learned I just can't take them to any old field anymore
or a new location everytime I want to snap a few of them

even though I want to...
I will most likely take them to some field again
I'll just have to be careful next time
because what I didn't tell you when we took these pictures

we all had poison sumac {we believe} for two and a half weeks
and the girls had it the worst of which they now of little marks on their legs from it

yah...I feel like the parent of the year when they both have a few markings on their legs
from taking them into the field just for a few photos

and number five...sometimes I honestly don't plan on taking their pictures but they will be just looking so cute that I can't resist
{I am allowed to say that as their mama, right?}

and since I have been having issues with running late getting the girls to school
our front porch area is the quickest and cutest place to snap a few

case in point here...
school pictures for the girls were this week
both had pictures on different days
but because I don't order their individual school pictures anymore
{we know a great photographer for that}

I only order their class picture so they remember their little friends from preschool

Madison's photos were in this last post

Wednesday morning ~ Hayley made me laugh
she's my dress girl....
everyday it has to be a dress

and I'm trying to convince her that jeans and cute shirts are just as great too
leggings she typically approves of because the tops still look like dresses that go with them

she had on a cute ruffled dress
or "fluffs" as the girls call it around here

the cute dress I scored for her at TJ Maxx for $5
it's actually sleeveless
but I thought for fall the dress paired with a cute sweater and tights
equals a perfect $5 outfit

but breakfast ended up all over her dress
even though it wasn't put on until after eating breakfast
explain how that happened to me please?

so I had to change her quickly before we left
we just moved her up a size in clothes
one thing I love about having two girls 23 months apart...
hand me down clothes are awesome
same size same time of year

saves mega money
and I get to see all Madison's cute little clothes all over again

Hayley loves the fact that she can wear Madison's old clothes
she thinks it's the best thing EVER!
and I'm not going to let her think otherwise...
because it is the best thing ever for us too

wait until they are pre-teen and teenage...I know...the excitement probably won't be there

so a pair of skinny jeans and a ruffled top was in order
and I had a smiling, happy girl in her big sis's old clothes

so if you happen to see this same background of our porch in pictures again
please know I'm using the excuse of two toddlers with a mind of their own 
and their own background requests

the thought of dragging furniture outside 10 minutes before school for cute props or backgrounds
just isn't going to happen with me right now

but all the same
the background doesn't always matter
well yes I know you photographers are taking deep breathes at that
because it does matter

but what matters to me is
seeing our smiley happy girls
showing their personality
and I just didn't want to miss capturing that...
posed or not
same ole' background or not

but I do have my eye on this blue barn for some quick photos hopefully someday

it's my in-laws neighbor's barn...
I'm head over heals for the blue barn since they put it up
maybe someday I can ask them if I can use their fantastic blue barn
it would be perfect this winter
{I'm thinking}


tara said...

well they are darling, so it really doesn't matter where you take their photos!!! I love that blue barn too Martha, so pretty!!

LuLu & Co. said...

I love seeing your darlings.... no matter where the setting is!! You are fantastic about photographing them.... i've been a terrible momma about getting my kiddos in front of the camera.... it's on my must do list for fall!!
happy weekend to YOU and your sweet family,

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Whatever works is right! They are so darn cute. And Ruby has that yellow striped dress and those brown polka dot shoes. :)

Lissa said...

the blue barn is perfect for some cute photos.

your youngest looks exactly like my cousin looked when she was little! seriously! She's always been so beautiful!

LOVE your blue ladder with the grey pumpkin!!!

koralee said...

Your images are always soooo amazing...those girls of yours are such cutiepies!

Weekend hugs my friend.

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Who's looking at the background...all I see is two beautiful girls.

Brenda Mak said...

I love your pictures! They're so pretty!! Your little girls are so cute! =)