October 26, 2010

stay this little

 late Friday afternoon
I stopped what I was doing  
 for about an hour or so

Madison and Hayley were having fun wearing my flower rings, pins, and necklace{s}
so I thought...
it's a beautiful day outside
we are going to enjoy a few more hours of it
let's hit the road!

and of course I brought my "amateurish" photogropher self right there with them
no claims that I know what I'm doing
just making sure I say that again

I do realize I take waaaay to many pictures
but when I go back to look at them
I'm so glad I took all of them

I hear the laughs that went right along with them

I hear myself telling the girls to stay near as they find a new place to explore
I remember just how sunny or windy it was
I remember little details that I otherwise would have forgotten about later

 how I smiled
when they smiled
over wearing flower pins and necklaces

 pictures of their little hands and fingers are so much cuter to see with these rings on
than my veiny ones

As we left the house

I had just a tiny bit of purpose in mind
but more importantly just some spontaneous fun for the girls

they told me no pictures mama
but then said
"take our picture"
they laughed
I laughed
I reminded them to stay near
and reminded them again
because they don't worry like I do

I sat back and heard their belly laughs
as they brought the leaves up
and dropped them over each others hair
and chased one another
to do it all again

I asked for a few quick glances at my camera where there backs weren't always towards me
just to get a few pictures
I promised
but with little ones
it's about being ready for that moment...
not asking for the moment

 I often wish they would stay this little
with their little faces
eyelashes that make me melt
with their sweet but mischievous personalities

I laughed about how they really run the show in our home
more than I would like to admit
and I'm thankful for my children
always showing me to live in the moment

our little time together last Friday afternoon
before the weekend festivities we had with family and friends
was spent together
just us girls

and it made me smile yesterday when I heard a new song on the radio that reminded
me of our girl time together
and how it makes me feel
and what I think about

it's by Taylor Swift...
"Never Grow Up"
if you know my home
Taylor Swift is a pretty big deal with both Madison and Hayley

to say they are fans is an understatement
and if she is on the radio
I'm not allowed to turn the station
even if I heard the song a million times in a row
but I'm so glad I heard her new song yesterday
we all absolutely loved it
plus did you know she is a fellow number 13 lover too?

the words are beautiful and sweet
and ring so much truth to how I feel as a mama

{I've linked the song at the very end}

I  really would...
 give all I had
if the girls would stay young at heart
just as they were last Friday

but to me
it's not just last Friday
when I see them this way

I see them young at heart
all the time

as a matter of fact
those simple moments
I notice

and I love that about them

 I hope they will remember this throughout their life
and whatever they experience

to always stay young at heart
and never grow up

like this cute little moment as Madison watched the wind carry the leaves away

Over the weekend Bobby and I had a couple of adventures ourselves
I'm thankful we can be still young at heart too
maybe not often enough
but just enough for us

we both dressed up for the first time in costumes for a get together with friends
we haven't done that since we were kids ourselves
he makes quite the 80's rocker
just lettin' you know

and maybe
just maybe... 
I'll show you my other adventure that I did with a couple of friends
I've only been waiting a year and a half to do so
I finally did it
 and I'm loving it

today is my 200th post
and just in case you didn't notice
the rings, necklace, and pins are from someone I can't wait to share with you
when everything is up and running

~ let's never {really} grow up ~
I hope you enjoy her lyrics as much as we do


Amanda Bruss said...

How sweet Martha!!! Hopefully we get to see you guys in your costumes on sunday!!!! The girls are so beautiful!!!

paige said...

no way!!! i just came home with the new cd and LOVED that song. its my fave. the whole time i was thinking about the post i would do about my own girlies & that song.
great minds thinking alike.right?

your girls are so gorgeous martha. my goodness!

kasey said...

gorgeous Martha.
I love those little moments and you captured them beautifully.

Tish said...

if you're an amateur i need to just go ahead and hang my head in shame!

lovely pictures dawling

Shannon said...

Love the song, so sweet and true! Great pictures of your girls and yes I wish they could stay little & innocent forever too :(

Laurie said...

The spontaneous fun moments are often the best, aren't they? The unplanned turns in to the greatest time ever! My kids have taken to playing outside and saying, "This is the LIFE!" That's what I hear your girls saying in the background. :)

LuLu said...

Just darling and I love that song!!! Spontanious pictures are the best and your girls had sooo much fun! I was just telling my oldest daughter {14} how i still see her as 3 going to the library with me when we lived in Japan.

koralee said...

Such sweet sweet girls..and you can never ever take too many photos...NEVER!!! especially with such adorable models.

Now I must say that little jacket is sooooo adorable...I want one for myself.

Hugs to you for a wonderful weekend playing with your sweethearts.

A big thank you for all the lovely words you send my way....xoxoxo

Jacki said...

Loved this post. Relate to it so well. Your love is so big for your daughters. They'll know it so deep.

Tracey said...

Happy 200th post Martha! You did a beautiful job of photographing your little cuties!! I love your pictures!! Your girls are so sweet :)

Big hugs ~

:0 T

kimberly at mimicharmante said...

what I love most is that you stopped everything to spend time with those gorgeous girlies two. what a wonderful mom you are martha.
and, it can never be said enough - they are BEAUTIFUL!!!
have a great break this week - xx

Lissa said...

LOVE those pictures! Love your costumes! and I love taylor swifts new album~ Have a wonderful break~