October 21, 2010

a favorite place, part two

I thought I would take you to a favorite place of mine
Bobby and I had a date night last weekend

it had been a little while
something we always say that we want to do more often
and need to do so
but you know life and just schedules
but honestly we need to get better at not using life and schedules as an excuse

my parents volunteered to watch the girls for us
and we said

we went to a place right here in our town ~ about maybe 2 miles from us
I love local places

but before we left the house...
Bobby surprised me with this on the counter

I guess he wanted to bring the romance with having blue hydrangeas

and he joked if that was enough wine for a week for me
a week, seriously?
ummm....obviously he over purchased the two buck chuck from Trader Joe's
as a joke
because he read my blog when I joked about wine

I love that he still makes me laugh
seriously...that'll last more like a month
okay maybe 3 weeks

but my favorite thing other than the hydrangeas is that one of my favorite cheeses is back
at Trader Joe's
I really did a happy dance I love it so much

really love

if you haven't tried it
I would advise to stock up on it as it only is available through Christmas
it's their Cranberry Chevre
{fresh goat cheese}
and paired with their pita crackers...yum!

back to our date night...
Unkorked Wine Gardens

we first went there over the summer for a friend's birthday party
and we loved it so much
I think it is officially my favorite restaurant

He got off early from work so we had an extra loooong date day

the few extra hours together was so nice because we didn't have to rush to do anything
probably one of my favorite dates we've had

so I thought I would take you on a tour

so take a walk with me...
I'll show you around

what I love about this place is that it isn't a chain restaurant
it's local
just what our downtown needed

their service is fantastic every.single.time

{well all the two times we have been there}
but it's one of those places that you just know will have great service time after time
it's family ran
which makes me love it even more

I took that picture specifically for the sign
"Well Behaved Children are Welcome"

so come on inside

the location used to be a home and then office
 I read that years ago it was also the first chiropractic office to come to our town
and eventually this past year it was purchased and turned into a family business
Unkorked Wine Gardens
{I skipped a bit of history there just because I don't remember all of it exactly}

I loved how it isn't your typical looking restaurant
it's more beautiful than that
atmosphere is so important at places
and I think they did a wonderful job at creating their wine garden

after we took a look around inside
we did another wine tasting
because they had changed their wine selection
we selected a cabernet for me
and Bobby chose beer of course

as we headed outside to the patio
we saw their table numbers
 Bobby began to scan the place to see if there was a
number 13

he found it
and we smiled as the table was open
"just for us"
because restaurants just reserve tables for us 
only kidding

it was a beautiful day
and as we tried asked for a picture of us...
they all happened to turn out blurry
so we gave up on asking for a date photo

you can sorta see a resemblance of us, right?

last photo's the best
and I actually wore a different color than grey, brown, blue, white
well I still had a little bit of grey

what we loved about our date is that this is a place you can sit and enjoy
we weren't rushed out of the restaurant so they could turn over the table
which seems to be the norm at chain restaurants because that's what they're taught

we sat for several hours
sitting together

enjoying wine,
ordering dinner,
more talking

and a little bit of more wine,
because everytime I went to the restroom I came back with a glass full
just be careful of that
and then more food

 someone wouldn't take the camera out of my face
so I told him I wouldn't look at him
but he still got me smiling

they have live music on Friday and Saturday nights
love that
especially with patio seating

and when we left
this handsome man took us home

his name is Robby just in case you wanted to know
dressed the same as my Bobby
weird, huh?
we happened to meet him on the way out
and he wanted me to take his picture

apparently he wanted to give me a model face

obviously kidding....
that's Bobby
I requested a sort-of-serious face from him
which when I request that
he does the opposite

he does that look everytime I tell him to be serious
he hasn't learned that I do it on purpose yet


LuLu said...

What a wonderful place... i'm so jealous! I love places like this that aren't chains and i love my wine... yep i'd be a frequant customer!!! My husband is arriving home from travel tomorrow and it's our anniversary sat. so date night this weekend, can't wait!!!

Tracey said...

You two are so stinkin cute together!!! What a wonderful place for a date night! That Bobby is a keeper for bringing you such gorgeous hydrangeas and a weeks worth of wine :)))

I love that same cheese from TJ!

Happy weekend Martha!

Big hugs ~

:) T

Jacki said...

Love all the pictures, and the wine getting to you both a bit! Look like your definately having fun with each other. And hanging at some great places too.

Jules said...

Soooo awesome. I love it!

Lissa said...

what a special date! It makes me smile! I want to try that cheese now!

koralee said...

You make an adorable couple my friend. What a fun time...and what an adorable little place...I want a home like that.

Thanks for sharing the JOY...hugs. xoxoxo

Shannon said...

Your restaurant looks so cute! Yay to date nights and yummy wine :)