October 12, 2010

corner of smiles

this morning as I woke Madison up for school
I walked into her room

and just smiled at the side of her bed
she was sleeping peacefully...

albeit we were already late for school
because she was overtired from the day before
and I lost track of time
what's new lately...I'll admit running late drives me crazy
but I've been guilty of it so much these past couple of months

I still took my time with her getting her dressed and waking her up for the day
it makes the day go smoother when she wakes up nicely rather than in a rush

but this little girl had pictures today
and she was grinning ear to ear as I placed a grey headband on her head
that yes I do wear from time to time too
but it looks fantastic on her

But as I walked into her room ~
I always seem to gaze at this corner of her room
it makes me smile every time I see it

Even though we aren't quite finished with her big girl room we started at the beginning of the year
I still wanted to take a few photos of this little corner for memory sake

capturing the small things
that make her smile
because she loves her room
and that way she can remember what it looked like years from now

she's my girl that will secretly escape at some part of the day to her room
she loves her alone time

she's always been that way

so we let her be
giving her some space that she looks forward to everyday

we have some plans to add bead board to the walls and paint the top something that fits her
or that she picks...
within reason I will add
because we aren't doing something that clashes with her current bedding
but for the meantime we had changed the walls to white
in order to get the brighter pink out
as well as to fit with her big girl bed

in her nursery, she formerly had pink walls...
I just knew when I was pregnant with her that she would love color for some reason
and she does...
so at that time is was a great fit

but when we got her big girl bedding back last year,
 pink walls and pink bedding was a bit too much
for everyone

she loves bright colors but also loves white
so it will be fun for Christmas getting it settled for her
{courtesy of Santa, of course}

she already loves to get into fixing her room up
so its the perfect gift

but for now
it makes her smile
 as is right now
and you can't beat being happy about that!


Tish said...

i would take that design for my own room lol...

Lissa said...

her hair looked so great for the photos! We have picture day tomorrow and my girls won't let me do cute stuff like that anymore. :( bummer. Love your sentimental pictures.

Laura said...

A beautiful room, for such a beautiful girl... You must be very proud of both! Lx

Shannon said...

She looks so cute and I love her cute little outfit!

koralee said...

Oh she really is adorable..I wish I could wear headbands as well as her!

Sweet room...I want my little girls back so I can dress them in ruffles and frills...ENJOY!


Jules said...

I would love her room for myself....

paige said...

martha, she is gorgeous
absolutely gorgeous
love the headband...my big two girls wear those too


Urban Farmgirl said...

I know I say this every.single.time...but my gosh those girls are just beautiful! I love how comfortable they are with you taking their photos. So sweet. And I love their room, too!

Keep those pics comin'...you make me wish there was a little girl running around here!