October 19, 2010

as good as it gets

this fall season
in the "C" household...

we're keeping it simple with the fall decor
is just how its going to be

I'm not overally creative when it comes to fall decor
the colors are hard for me to dive into
well darn...the truth is
it's the color orange that throws me for a loop

I've never known how to decorate with orange
many of you do it fabulously
but not me

 I actually enjoy sticking to earthy colors
for fall
greens, whites, browns, maybe a tad bit of yellow
or even washed out orange

I find it earthy goes with our home better anyway
and any chance I get to throw in hydrangeas
you better believe our simple fall decor better flow with it
{wink, wink}

so I'll give you a little peak into our home
for my easy peasy fall decor

drum roll please....

just kidding...
don't want to lead you on or anything


expected more?
well I warned you...
easy peasy

when I went with Madison's class to the pumpkin patch I stocked up on mini white pumpkins
to fill a galvanized container I had
it was just waiting to be filled with something
actually I snagged it from Madison
since she wasn't using it

filled that puppy with a bit of packing paper
just a tad
and the rest is mini pumpkins

do you see that candle
and that twine?
they may not always compliment one another
well at least when the candle is lit

well lets just say...I almost caught the whole "set up" {if you will} on fire

actually to be honest
I did...not almost
you are the first ones I've told

and out came an expletive right before I quickly patted and blew it out
{don't worry the girls weren't around so I didn't harm any ears}

I blew that mini fire on the twine right out before the whole shebang went up into flames

I know there are a couple of people rolling their eyes about now over that
because they are saying
"that is so you Martha"

I laughed only after my sigh of relief

by the way do you like those jeans in the corner of the last picture?
well the picture is below again to refresh your memory

Bobby was packing...I didn't catch them
until now 

just keeping it real for you

getting back on point here...
"adorning" my front porch
I use that in quotations for a reason
the prime spot for pictures

is what the check out woman called
"the ugliest pumpkins EVER"
and then went into a story about two men workers that were doing work in her attic
came down the ladder
and their faces covered in the exact same color soot as those pumpkins

she emphasized
not me

that's why she didn't like my green/grey pumpkins
she was completely being nice when telling me the story
but I just smiled and simply said I love 'em!
the green/grey makes me smile


we went back Sunday so Hayley could have a visit
per request of Madison
and because I needed more mini white pumpkins for a business project
they fit right in my flower pots that I recently cleaned out
perfect until it's time to use them

guess I should mention it was not the greatest pumpkin patch trip we've ever had
not only did we rush
but we had the grumpiest...most crying 2 1/2-year-old with us

I looked at Bobby walking back to our car and said
"well we could have skipped this trip today with Hayley"
"yah I agree"

She was so exhausted
{which is why she was crying non-stop...except when she rode the horse and fed the goats}
because that's how it works with kids
they decide when they are fine and when they are not

After we got home
she literally didn't remember she went that day
Bobby had put a movie on for them as he packed and I was well...
I don't remember what I was doing
but as he came downstairs he said to me

"Hayley just asked me if we were going to the pumpkin patch?"

Me: "Huh?"
Bobby: "I told her we already did..."

Hayley pretty much forgot

I just plain shook my head and laughed
wondering if someone put rum in her cider
{only kidding you all}

I showed her pictures
and now all of a sudden she remembers
seeing all the people...
that there was a house there...

very similar resemblance I tell you to someone I know
the only male in our household
I'm really kidding on that
don't want Bobby to get in a huffy you all thinking that's true about him
because it's not
for some reason it makes me laugh saying that because that's how we make each other laugh
references like that

so... there are only photos of Madison with us
Hayley wanted absolutely nothing to do with us
or pictures for that matter

Hayley's grumpiness is why that little girl landed in bed and sleeping by 7:15
no joke
a record of early bedtime I believe because both of our girls are night owls
and they are never in bed that early
but she was so tired and after 2 hours of straight crying
sometimes a mom's got to do what a mom's got to do
early bedtime

And because I have some semi-orange lovers in this house with pumpkins
Madison and Hayley were going to bring home one pumpkin each
but they went for 2 mini's each
ummm...only $3 for 4 mini's...are you kidding me?
that made Bobby happy

I pinky-promise I'll get caught up on some reading of you all tonight
once the girls get to bed this evening
I know I'm way behind on keeping up with you all


Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I love your little bit of fall, that is pretty much how I do it too, simple and yours is very pretty.
Such a funny post, glad you didn't burn the house down:)
We do Early bedtime around here every night, I love it! Our 4 year old stopped napping and gets up early no matter what time she hits the pillow, so it works and she gets enough sleep.
Enjoy your night Martha.

Shannon said...

Love all the pumpkins and those green ones are not ugly!! Some people just don't know what they are talking about ;)

Jules said...

I think your little display is adorable. We can't all be the same....that's what makes the world go round.

Tish said...

i usually read your blog at my job which means i've never heard your music before (i keep my work computer on mute as to fool the minions into thinking i'm not playing on the internet)

i LOVE james morrison. i saw him live on sunset strip and he was just as wonderful in real life...sweet and a dang good voice.

as for your post...of course you would find a beautiful way to make halloween fit your aesthetic. clever minx you are...

koralee said...

I adore your display and all your pumpkins...I am not one to decorate for halloween...but I do add lots of pumpkins around my home...and I do love your boo sign.


Laurie said...

All the pumpkins are SO cute, even the green ones! :) Loved the story of Hayley not even remembering she'd been to the pumpkin patch- too funny!

tara said...

oh my goodness, I am giggling over here at work, that is so something I would do! but it looks so cute! and I love your ugliest punkpin ever, they all need someone to love them right?! thanks for sharing your adventures and decorating with us, you look very cute in that photo, but that doesn't surprise me! xo

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Love all of your mini white pumpkins and the fact that you almost set the whole thing up in flames is hilarious.

And Hayley not remembering going to the Pumpkin Patch. Aye. Kids.

Good stories.

Jacki said...

Sure beats my home! I think I have about forgotten about it all-although we did build a silly scarecrow man. Your decor is really lovely.