March 28, 2009

It's a Start!

Well - this is a start we will say! We have been told by many we are way behind with technology - we both probably agree with that. It has just been something that has been on "the way...way bottom of my list" especially with everything...but we realized we haven't sent out pictures in forever - partly due to the fact that the digital camera we used was taken, but also because we really have been having difficulty with any extra time things. However, a friend of mine told me that the biggest and most time consuming part was to start it then after that it is just about 15 minutes every time you post. I thought that was the best thing - I certainly can find 15 minutes -we all have 15 minutes at some part of the day!

Anyway - since we had to go back to using the camera that honestly I probably prefer isn't we have to wait for pictures to be developed. The pictures we are putting on our first post are not too recent at all as we are waiting for others to be developed - we will just have to have a few belated blogs - such as Hayley's 1st birthday which was completely wonderful!

I do actually forsee it being a problem that if we do the blog about the digital camera that we will have to wait to do postings as pictures get developed. Something we may have to fix and our next investment is just getting me to make that purchase! Bobby on the other hand will love to do that purchase!

Upcoming is Madison's 3rd birthday - which she finally decided Tinkerbell - all those that currently have an almost 3-year-old or have had one know that they change their mind about every millisecond. It would go from Tinkerbell to Little Mermaid back to Tinkerbell and then back to Mermaid! We really spent a week getting it down. Actually as of last night I am really glad she decided Tinkerbell because we did princess last year and we couldn't find any Mermaid decor by herself - she was grouped with the princesses. Thank goodness something easy, right?
We really take a ton of pics - we are big on life's little moments and capturing the sweetness of our butterfly and dragonfly. Although we are not professional photographers by any means - we have one that we love and use - we love our girls and the pictures of them are from around Valentine's Day. We had such a fun family day that day - exactly what we both wanted since Bobby is gone so much (although that has been getting better too :) ).
Blessings and Love from all of us! We just hope we can keep this up as those do in the blog world.