May 30, 2009

Trader Joe Withdrawls!

Our Top Ten Reasons Why We Love Trader Joes!

10. They have yummy cranberry/oatmeal cookies in their bakery section!

9. Always something to was yummy lemonade!

8. After having their coffee it is hard to go back to the generic brand.

7. Their candy/sweets don't make you feel as guilty when eating them.

6.Their Orange Bergamot Green Tea is soooo good!

5. Bananas are 19 cents EVERYDAY!

4. They have organic foods at the BEST price ever!!!

3.Madison has her own little shopping cart to push around and fill!

2. We always leave with a fun present - the balloons they give even get to pick the color :))

1. It is always a fun family trip together!

Needless to say it has been awhile since we have been! We had committed to going every two weeks - it isn't that far away we just always end up getting cold stuff so it is pretty much there and back! We LOVE Trader Joe's as my mom's side of the family does too! They make special trips just to come so you gotta know it is goooood to shop there. We usually go every 2 weeks stock up on things and are set except odd and end stuff.

Madison is excited about her cart to push today! She was such a great helper!

Madison picked out some flowers...she LOVED that part...actually our first time buying flowers there, but it made her morning so it was sweet!

As always Miss Hayley enjoying herself and smiling and laughing! She was having a great see below her enjoying a snack while we shopped...always a must, and we usually time shopping at snack time as it helps keep them happy and entertained.

Hayley enjoyed watching Sis push her cart today.

We just liked this picture of Madison in her little world pushing the sweet we thought. She was on a mission to fill her cart!

Madison is ready to go! I love to have such a sweet helper!
Blessings from all of us!

Some new friends and a Lowes Trip (again)

Mommy, Madison, and Hayley had a playdate with some new friends this past week- Amanda (the mommy), Zayda in the picture and Macy who is just 5 1/2 weeks old I believe! Yippee! The day before we went on a nice lengthy walk and played at our neighborhood play area (funny story with that one :-) ). Anyway the next day we had already planned on going to lunch together and have the girls play together so that was a lot of fun. Our conversation was so nice and easy! And just think - they live right across the street! We have so many little kiddos on our street now which is exactly what we were hoping for! And last night we all ended up outside as we were doing some things in the yard and they ended up on a walk so we got to talk again! (And the girls played - Zayda and Madison have so much fun together). Speaking of which our significant others had some visiting time too. And of course - Hayley migrated towards their pup... and then when she saw Macy she wanted to see her too! Hayley loves dogs and babies - she immediately wants to go right over to is so cute!

Hayley as you can tell LOVES her Dora cup with milk after naptime! I was so excited to catch a smile on camera - and those toothy smiles are the best! The one to the right is the only one I could get of her in a dress she got for her birthday...I just thought it was cute on her.

Should I mention anymore that we ended up at Lowes again this week....well, we did. We got some paint to eventually finish the loft - no rush on seems like one of those things where if you get it - you are more likely to use it than just keep saying to one another - "Yah, we will plan on painting it soon." We thought perhaps that having the paint can sit out is just a constant reminder for us to get it done sooner than later! Plus we needed some mulch to finish off a job from 2 weeks ago :) and some root stimulator for our trees - (they need the help in this rocky ground here!)

And do we also have to mention we always get the fun cart for girls? It always keeps them quite amused in Lowes and I happened to have the camera in my bag from going to lunch with some friends the previous day! Madison was such a helper and so cute with sis!

This is one of my FAVORITE pictures! Madison had her hat on too but since we were indoors at the store took it off - I forgot to grab their sunglasses before we left and we happened to have these hats in our car for them so it worked to keep out the sun a little. And help them forget that Mommy did forget their sunglasses.

Just a cute pic of Madison - I am teaching the Spanish alphabet to her so she is trying to sing it - she can count to 10 pretty flawlessly in Spanish - it is cute.
Blessings from all of us!

May 23, 2009

Date Day at the Wineries!

Today was date day at the wineries! We had so much fun! My mom watched the girls, and we had all day and were able to have enough time to visit 4! The quote of the day from my husband was "Sitting here and not doing anything is the best!" was his favorite part about the day. Oh yes, that was true! It was so nice to visit and have conversation and do wine tastings today! Bobby enjoyed the tastings and at our last winery found the perfect wine he LOVES - so it was a great day in my book as finding the perfect one for him isn't the easiest task. We had a fun day and the views were beautiful of course!

Our picture at the Augusta Winery

Our view at the Montecelle winery where we had lunch - it was an extra stop we made that we didn't plan on so it was neat to stop there!

After lunch Bobby at the Montecelle Winery

Our picture together before we left the Montecelle winery

Our beautiful view from Sugar Creek Winery!

And you may be wondering why this picture...well I just had to document our first time using our picnic basket in our well almost 8 years of having it! We brought some fruit to snack on...and had a glass of wine.

Our last stop was at the Wine Country Gardens - it was beautiful there! So much room and they had a nursery as well so yes we had to look at the plants! We didn't take any pictures there though. A fantastic day we had!

And I got a picture of the girls and myself for a frame that we have so of course I had to include that as they look so cute!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Blessings from all of us!

May 22, 2009

A Week of Cute Pics!

Wednesday, May 21st Madison's last day of school was Wednesday! Bobby had a work golf tournament that day so he was able to go in late. I was asking him if he could go late just one day because I knew Madison would LOVE Daddy to help take her to school one day. So needless to say - Madison was SUPER excited so I had to get a picture of it! Their last day of school was so much fun for them so that was neat - Madison always gets so excited to show us what she did that day. When we dropped Madison off...Hayley was the one who had a difficult time so we decided to send her one day next year - one of the same days as Madison. Hayley was ready to play and learn when we dropped Madison off and thought she was staying too - so next year she will get her opportunity too!

So of course I do storytime with Hayley and she LOVES her books - but she really pays attention to Dora books - not into the shows or really any shows (a good thing) but she loves any book of Madison's that is Dora - I think it may be because Madison has dark hair too and maybe a similarity? It is cute though how excited she gets!

This is just a cute pic of the girls in their glasses - they LOVE their glasses - we call Hayley our 50's girl with hers on and Madison is Hollywood in her Tinker glasses - pretty cute sisters!
Thursday, May 21st
Today was just a fun day and some really cute pictures in my book - the girls love outside and Madison wanted to wear a dress that day and always likes Hayley to "match"...wear a dress that is what we did. We had some outside time and it was errand day for me so they were GREAT helpers - because our day was packed! (Always good, right?)
I just love this picture of both of them looking down - so sweet!

Madison smiling as she is picking her flowers! She loves to help with flowers and pick the ones that Papa and Mena got for her to take care of. Her and Hayley's little butterfly gardens are doing great too - Madison has LOVED seeing them grow in their little long pots...just waiting for blooms!

Hayley looking cute - I have a hard time getting her to smile at me but how adorable is this?

Enjoy your day everyone and Memorial weekend!!!

Blessings from all of us!

May 19, 2009

All in a Day's Work!

Okay so yesterdeay this is my view when I did a set up at a golf tournament to benefit our local Chamber of Commerce! Can you believe this is the view I had while being able to network, get some sun without worrying about my kiddos, and just enjoy the day!

For those that know me well they know I am not doing this post to advertise what I do but I just had to share this view I had at the 18th hole - I sponsored a hole so I was able to give out goodie bags, lip savors, info./samples, and water, etc. I just think what I had to look at was gorgeous! Some time to appreciate the beautiful gifts that are free from Him in the world He created!
In between teams that past I almost didn't know what to do with myself because I am always used to being on the move, but this was nice. I do admit I had a hard time just sitting there and made use of the area I had with some mini work out things, but most of the time I just made myself enjoy the beautiful view and weather.

...And yes below I did include a picture of my table set up where I had my thing, but I do admit I think it was a great time and had sooo much fun!

You could never tell it was windy, right? I was pretty resourceful and used "used" tees to put in the holes of the bottom of my sign. Bobby was pretty proud when I told him case you are family tells me my common sense about "everyday things" isn't the best attribute about me...but hey, we all have our downfalls! (which the reason I included this picture was to see my resourcefulness at work!)

Enjoy your day and hope you thought my view was as beautiful as I did! Blessings to you!

May 17, 2009

Red, White, and Blue Day for Madison

Last week of Madison's school was Red, White, and Blue Day...I noted we got her an outfit - we went ahead and got her a red, white, and blue shirt with a Navy zip hoodie that was on sale! She looked super cute and was so excited about her new outfit so I thought I would share the pictures! ...And BIG NEWS...she picked a red shirt instead of pink - can you believe it?...we are moving into a whole new world! My mom and I were excited about that one.

She had a great day and this week is her last week of school - I know she will miss it but it is time for summer!

This makes me even more excited for the 4th of July to arrive! We usually go to the Lake with family but I just love the 4th of July! It is sooo fun as a summer holiday - makes me think of BBQ's, outdoors, games, fun, and appreciate all the wonderful things our men and women of our country do and have done! (Is this really the shortest post I have ever done?)

Enjoy your day everyone and Blessings to you, All of us

May 12, 2009

The cutest things...

Kids say the cutest things! So I received an e-mail last night from Madison's school about this week is red, white, and blue week. Well, we are just now shopping for summer clothes for Madison - kind of when we see something she needs we will pick it up...well, we haven't made it too far there yet (only have a few warm things so a lot of keeping up with laundry). So my Mom came over to watch the girls this morning while I did some work and after I was done we headed to Old Navy since it was right by where I had to stop too. It was a beautiful day so we took the girls into the main center of the shopping area to run around a bit and get some energy out before lunch today. They were so stinkin' cute together. The first thing of course Hayley does is climb the center thing and run on the grass. Madison was running circles around it saying "I'm running so fast!" It was so cute. But what was funny today was when Madison was talking to me when we got does she imitate me or what...she was talking to me while I was "focused" on completing something and yes, listening to her, but not looking at her. Her response was "Mommy...look at me please!" I just started laughing because of course that is what I say to her when she is focused doing something and tuning out everything around her - I always have her make eye contact to know she heard me. How funny that she said it back to me...she was right too!
So cute - her knew thing is bobbing her head when she dances. She literally runs from me when I pick out her clothes in the morning because getting dressed is not one of her favorite things. So I said to her over the past weekend ago - "Hayley get over here" (in a fun nice way). So as I chased her down she said "NO!" so matter of factly! It stopped Bobby and I in our tracks! I'm sorry but I couldn't help but laugh because I was not expecting my 1 year old (14 months) to start telling me "NO!" already! So needless to say - we are working on that. When she tells me "No" (she shakes her head "No" at the same time too)...I say "Yes" and shake my head yes and she follows by shaking her head "Yes!" (while she is smiling and laughing...she knows what she is doing and it kills me :) ).
Happy Tuesday to everyone!
Blessings from all of us!
We tried to get a picture together...but this was the best that was going to happen - they are busy girls, you know!

Kenny Chesney's Concert!

So Saturday - we had a fun day - we woke up and left for Kansas City for the Kenny Chesney concert! I was invited to go with my mother-in-law Linda and my two sister-in-laws, Monica and Melissa. NO BOYS ALLOWED! It was a great time, and I had so much fun. I hadn't been to a concert in ages (literally since I was anywhere from 8-10 going to NKOTB) and within two months I saw David Cooke and Kenny Chesney! How excited am I!

We had terrific seats too! Linda saw this black box with wheels coming around the corner in front of us and she said "I bet Kenny is in there!" We all laughed :) and sure enough he had to be because this lift was not too far in front of us and he raised up on it - how stinkin' cool. Linda said to us "I told you so...he does stuff like that!" We all laughed about that. Of course he had to come out singing "She thinks my Tractor's Sexy."

He was really enjoyable as a LIVE entertainer - the whole show was TERRIFIC. Lady Antebellum opened the show...they were great...Miranda Lambert was next - she is a little firecracker! I really enjoyed her and she is a great entertainer too!

I think I got some great shots and some video too:) He sang all his great songs and also some of my all-time favorite songs too! - Jack and Diane -
well Miranda Lambert sang I Love Rock -n-Roll which is definitely an all-time fav by me!

Okay - so this is my sister-in-law, Monica - she just does this to drive me crazy - for one - we have a thing where she likes to take pictures of me offguard (she knows I don't like pictures of myself) they are the most awkward moments like where I am talking and my mouth is in mid-word looking ridiculous and she will NEVER delete them which DRIVES ME CRAZY. So I thought, I will just do it back...well, my attempts didn't work out too well because my darn camera was too slow! So this is what happened. We had a really great picture taken of all four of us; however, I don't have that copy - Monica has it so I will have to get it sometime! So this is my way of doing it back...posting this picture of her being silly (can you tell I am used to talking to my girls)- BUT the funny thing is she doesn't care...which you so much fun about her!
Melissa and I - we took this about 3 times until we got it right. :) I think it turned out great. Yes, and my big nose still shows!!!! (ha!) The picture she got was really neat in black and white - she has her camera set on that which I cannot figure it out for the life of me on my camera - my old one that was stolen (correction...Bobby's old one) I knew how...can you tell change with electronics is difficult for me!

Linda enjoying the concert. Monica and Melissa told me it was my turn to sit by Linda because she goes CRAZY at concerts. I didn't think she was bad at all and enjoyed sitting (standing) by her! It is fun to see how excited she gets during it though! She LOVES Kenny Chesney and made out with 2 shirts that night she proudly wore!

We had a fun night, and I really was glad I was able to go with them. It is a rarity that I get to spend time with just them and NO BOYS! Thanks guys!

May 9, 2009


In Memory of our little "Buddy"...
January 22, 2001 - May 9, 2008


by Wendy Silva

Dogs are great for many things, they love you unconditionally and always have time to spare,
They will sit and rest beside you, play the day away, or lick you to show you how much they care.
Dogs know that with a little affection, they can make your troubles disappear.
They stand guard to protect the ones they love, without hesitation or fear.
Dogs offer their paw in friendship and bark to show you their emotion.
They truly are a great pet filled with loyalty, friendship, love, and devotion.

Maximus lived up to that poem to the entirity which is why we chose that one today!

Today is a difficult post, but I wanted to do is the year anniversary of the passing of Maximus. A year ago today we had a very difficult day...not only did I have a meeting that Friday morning that I certainly didn't want to be at just because I knew what the afternoon entailed, but also it was the Friday before Mother's Day...Mother's Day is one of my favorite days...most know because why...but were celebrating having a new addition just 2 months before with Hayley arriving but the loss of our Maximus during that special weekend was hard for us too.
So if you are not in the mood for a rather lengthy post you made click the "back" button and go to another blog! (I mean that in the best of ways :) ).

Our first picture together with Maximus! How young we all look. In case you are wondering I took pictures of pictures in scrapbook pages I did awhile back...which adds a little character. Back then we didn't have digital!

What do we love about Maximus? To be many things that we couldn't possibly explain them all but we will try to say some.

1. Maximus is one of a kind. In college Bobby surprised me with Maximus as a gift and boy was he! We came up with his name from the movie Gladiator - Bobby and I LOVE that movie! It has always been one of our all-time favorites (yes...I love those kind of movies!!!) So he was never Max but "Maximus;" however, Madison eventually came to call him that which was fine by us. His middle name...Morrison, my maiden name. I don't know why we chose that but maybe because we would eventually come to have girls? (I know those kind of thoughts come in our head). I guess I just knew...His last name obviously ours.

2. He was a vegetarian...not by choice AT ALL. He was allergic to meat protein so he had to have special vegetarian food and had to have all natural and/or organic treats - nothing with meat protein. It really got us looking at labels for our own dog. People would always laugh when we said he was a vegetarian - they would look at us like we were cruel until we said no, he's allergic! So his main form of treats were carrots. AND one of his favorite toys to play with was his stuffed carrots! Go figure that one! So every time I would cut up vegetables for dinner Maximus was by my side - he always thought I was cutting carrots. As many know they can't have all vegetables, but the ones he could we would give him. This was ESPECIALLY challenging when we went to visit our family because both sides have dogs and of course they are not vegetarians either so we would constantly have to watch him. He would do ANYTHING to get to their food (probably can't blame him either!) So when he ate was VERY upset stomach, bumps around his eyes, and getting sick in store for him.

3. I used to take him running with me...he loved it. For those that ever saw him run - it was BEAUTIFUL. "Deer" is the nickname for Min Pins because of their graceful running - he would leap and bound. At my in-laws home - he escaped and if you knew Maximus - if he escaped it was a free for all...good luck catching him and drop everything for the next 1/2 hour to hour and a 1/2. However, when he did he was running with other dogs. It just stopped Bobby and I in our tracks even though we were FRANTIC. It was so beautiful because my in-laws live in the country where there is a lot of room so he was literally bounding in and out of the land. We literally never thought we would catch him but it was so beautiful at the same time. However, not all of his escapes were always so fun. Literally 5 days after I had Madison he escaped - Bobby was traveling so what in the world did I do? I had to call my neighbor and have her come watch Madison (now that made me cry just leaving her already) and I was chasing him in the creek with trees we have in front of us with hills! Now that WAS FUN! (just kidding but trying to make light of it somehow!) Maximus was the master of escaping as you can tell!

What more can we say. He is born in 2001 - January 22nd. So he was ready to leave his mother right around my birthday - Maximus was the most handsome Miniature Pinscher we have ever seen. Not kidding...yes we were his parents (owners) but we heard that from so many. "He should be a show dog..." is what we always heard. He would have been perfect but just on the "little taller side" we heard for the regulations. He always stood so proud.
We won't focus on what happened because that is still too hard to this day. But Maximus was a special dog. He went through our most difficult times Bobby and I have gone through-to-date...a loss...and our fertility failures for several years...but he went through so many good times...Madison...Hayley...and lots of fun times with both Bobby and I...the lake, he went everywhere with us in college as our friends had dogs too so they had "playdates."

We are so thankful for Maximus because always greated us at the door with so much love and happiness...which was the best feeling when we were going through those times. He was the one who would cuddle us and love us.
But from the day we got Maximus he was different. Loveable, kind, sweet, protective, and loyal! Maximus was definitely a Mommy's Boy - he LOVED his Daddy but he was always by my side and snuggled right in my stomach at night or behind my legs when I slept. When I was pregnant with both girls he had to sit in my lap by my stomach which posed as a challenge as I had a growing belly! What joy he brought to us! Some of our favorite memories of him... (maybe this isn't good to go into so much detail but we still to-date miss him more than ever).

It is funny because sometimes I still think I hear his collar jingle or hear his bark outside. That is the hardest part. Madison has a special, special bond with Maximus - I mean close! She misses him and when she sees a picture of him somewhere she says "Max is with Jesus - in heaven." It is really sweet. My Aunt Mary did something so special for us -got a book to read to Madison since she had a difficult time understanding so I would highly recommend that book to anyone in this situation in the future. All Dogs go to Heaven. It still makes me cry sometimes to see it and read it.

I cannot forget to talk about Cadence and Maximus' relationship. Maximus was always the caretaker of Cadence. From the day we got her he accepted her, loved her, and he let her do anything to him. Cadence was so attached to Maximus...she had to be sitting by him and literally on him. To do this she would back her hiney on his back and just sit there- he never minded. Whe we got Cadence one of her ears was clipped wrong (according to AKC standards...they had to be clipped and obviously it wasn't done to AKC standards). However, we LOVED that about fit her personality paw-fect (ha, ha), but Maximus was always concerned about her because the ear will get extra dirty. He would clean it for her by licking and often times when she wanted him to do it she would nuzzle her head by him which I guess was the "signal."

Enjoy some of their pictures together...

Here is Maximus and Madison. Madison is climbing in his bed with him - you cannot even see him because one of her favorite things was to cover him up. As you can tell - Maximus was a very tolerant dog with the girls. We never really had an opportunity to get pictures of him with Hayley but he was already starting to love her too.

Of course, they snuggled together too!

And hugs....

When Madison first got her toddler bed, Maximus found a new sleeping mate.

And we will leave it at this picture.

Madison loved to dress Maximus up with her toys and especially necklaces. He would always let her do that...however, you can tell here he is thinking...."Help Me!"

We love you Maximus and thank you for your gifts you brought to us!

Blessings from us!