May 12, 2009

The cutest things...

Kids say the cutest things! So I received an e-mail last night from Madison's school about this week is red, white, and blue week. Well, we are just now shopping for summer clothes for Madison - kind of when we see something she needs we will pick it up...well, we haven't made it too far there yet (only have a few warm things so a lot of keeping up with laundry). So my Mom came over to watch the girls this morning while I did some work and after I was done we headed to Old Navy since it was right by where I had to stop too. It was a beautiful day so we took the girls into the main center of the shopping area to run around a bit and get some energy out before lunch today. They were so stinkin' cute together. The first thing of course Hayley does is climb the center thing and run on the grass. Madison was running circles around it saying "I'm running so fast!" It was so cute. But what was funny today was when Madison was talking to me when we got does she imitate me or what...she was talking to me while I was "focused" on completing something and yes, listening to her, but not looking at her. Her response was "Mommy...look at me please!" I just started laughing because of course that is what I say to her when she is focused doing something and tuning out everything around her - I always have her make eye contact to know she heard me. How funny that she said it back to me...she was right too!
So cute - her knew thing is bobbing her head when she dances. She literally runs from me when I pick out her clothes in the morning because getting dressed is not one of her favorite things. So I said to her over the past weekend ago - "Hayley get over here" (in a fun nice way). So as I chased her down she said "NO!" so matter of factly! It stopped Bobby and I in our tracks! I'm sorry but I couldn't help but laugh because I was not expecting my 1 year old (14 months) to start telling me "NO!" already! So needless to say - we are working on that. When she tells me "No" (she shakes her head "No" at the same time too)...I say "Yes" and shake my head yes and she follows by shaking her head "Yes!" (while she is smiling and laughing...she knows what she is doing and it kills me :) ).
Happy Tuesday to everyone!
Blessings from all of us!
We tried to get a picture together...but this was the best that was going to happen - they are busy girls, you know!

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