May 23, 2009

Date Day at the Wineries!

Today was date day at the wineries! We had so much fun! My mom watched the girls, and we had all day and were able to have enough time to visit 4! The quote of the day from my husband was "Sitting here and not doing anything is the best!" was his favorite part about the day. Oh yes, that was true! It was so nice to visit and have conversation and do wine tastings today! Bobby enjoyed the tastings and at our last winery found the perfect wine he LOVES - so it was a great day in my book as finding the perfect one for him isn't the easiest task. We had a fun day and the views were beautiful of course!

Our picture at the Augusta Winery

Our view at the Montecelle winery where we had lunch - it was an extra stop we made that we didn't plan on so it was neat to stop there!

After lunch Bobby at the Montecelle Winery

Our picture together before we left the Montecelle winery

Our beautiful view from Sugar Creek Winery!

And you may be wondering why this picture...well I just had to document our first time using our picnic basket in our well almost 8 years of having it! We brought some fruit to snack on...and had a glass of wine.

Our last stop was at the Wine Country Gardens - it was beautiful there! So much room and they had a nursery as well so yes we had to look at the plants! We didn't take any pictures there though. A fantastic day we had!

And I got a picture of the girls and myself for a frame that we have so of course I had to include that as they look so cute!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Blessings from all of us!

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