May 3, 2009

Our Weekend!

Sunday, May 3rd

Today was a cute day with the girls in matching shirts and khaki's today. Madison loves for her and Hayley to match too. - The only picture I could get of them together was with me holding Cadence for them and sitting in Daddy's lap which was completely adorable to me!

These next two pictures we just thought were cute of the girls - we hope you enjoy them too. It is so hard to get them stop long enough but how cute!

So these next two pictures are what it is really like in our household. You see Hayley just getting up from Madison having her in a non-intentional head lock...trying to give Hayley a hug because as you can tell from our main pic above Madison hugs her with her arm around her neck... (well sometimes it is intentional, but this time it wasn't). And then Madison smiling like nothing happened at all. The picture of Hayley is of the aftermath with her hair! Funny though and cute when they both end up laughing...not always the case as many of you know yourselves.
Saturday, May 2nd

Saturday was nice! Go figure we went to Lowe's again - we had to get a stake for one of our trees we forgot last weekend and Daddy got a new BBQ grill - our old one was really old and not usable after this past winter and after having gas grills we went back to the Weber charcoal (Bobby used it on Sunday for lunch since I was gone at night doing my thing, and was really excited about it :) Our early dinner was good!).
Other than that - some major cleaning [ well partially] going on - it really looked like a tornado went through the entire house and EVERY SINGLE room - literally - (I am posting Sunday night and still not done, but that's okay :) ). We were at the point we didn't even know where to start - anyone relate...hope so...

I included a picture of Madison that was really cute of her doing her puzzles that she loves all by herself - she wanted her crown on and a gown she wrapped around herself to do her Jasmine puzzle and then she continued on to Dora puzzle! Miss Hayley a.k.a. Miss Trouble found Madison's princess stickers...just wait until she notices after she is done with puzzles!

Today I had some cupcakes delivered for a surprise for Bobby. I met someone last week at a Vendor Blender I did who recently started her business - with CuppieCakes. I did half dozen in chocolate and half in vanilla - Bobby is definitely a chocolate fan and me ALWAYS vanilla. I wanted to try them out and they were delicious (plus I wanted some for an event I had on Sunday)!!! Kelley did a wonderful job and everything is from scratch...definitely someone I will remember for events in the future!

Friday, May 1st

It's Friday and Madison was so excited because her backpack came today that HAD her name on it! She was so excited as you can see! And I wanted to show a picture of it on her!

Oh and I cannot forget a picture of Cadence too - our "little girl" too! We love Cadence and how she is with the girls! We call her "pretty witty" for short but the girls call her "Cada!" Now we end up calling her "Cada" too...funny how your children's language rubs off on you sometimes! She is sweet and cute and we love her little mask on her face with the brown!

Just some other cute pictures of the girls - Miss Hayley - did I mention aka "Miss Trouble" of course has something she ran with that she isn't supposed to have - we are still working on that one - very stubborn little girl like her sister and well...guess both of our girls have no shot since BOTH Bobby and I are stubborn! We actually got a picture of
Madison below doing her "Real smile"... not that her querky one isn't cute too because it is... but that's her typical smile below!

Blessings from all of us!

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Laurie said...

Man you guys make cute kids!! They are both just sooooo beautiful!! And I totally don't believe that your house is EVER messy, Martha. I'll never believe it. Really, never!!