May 30, 2009

Trader Joe Withdrawls!

Our Top Ten Reasons Why We Love Trader Joes!

10. They have yummy cranberry/oatmeal cookies in their bakery section!

9. Always something to was yummy lemonade!

8. After having their coffee it is hard to go back to the generic brand.

7. Their candy/sweets don't make you feel as guilty when eating them.

6.Their Orange Bergamot Green Tea is soooo good!

5. Bananas are 19 cents EVERYDAY!

4. They have organic foods at the BEST price ever!!!

3.Madison has her own little shopping cart to push around and fill!

2. We always leave with a fun present - the balloons they give even get to pick the color :))

1. It is always a fun family trip together!

Needless to say it has been awhile since we have been! We had committed to going every two weeks - it isn't that far away we just always end up getting cold stuff so it is pretty much there and back! We LOVE Trader Joe's as my mom's side of the family does too! They make special trips just to come so you gotta know it is goooood to shop there. We usually go every 2 weeks stock up on things and are set except odd and end stuff.

Madison is excited about her cart to push today! She was such a great helper!

Madison picked out some flowers...she LOVED that part...actually our first time buying flowers there, but it made her morning so it was sweet!

As always Miss Hayley enjoying herself and smiling and laughing! She was having a great see below her enjoying a snack while we shopped...always a must, and we usually time shopping at snack time as it helps keep them happy and entertained.

Hayley enjoyed watching Sis push her cart today.

We just liked this picture of Madison in her little world pushing the sweet we thought. She was on a mission to fill her cart!

Madison is ready to go! I love to have such a sweet helper!
Blessings from all of us!

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