May 30, 2009

Some new friends and a Lowes Trip (again)

Mommy, Madison, and Hayley had a playdate with some new friends this past week- Amanda (the mommy), Zayda in the picture and Macy who is just 5 1/2 weeks old I believe! Yippee! The day before we went on a nice lengthy walk and played at our neighborhood play area (funny story with that one :-) ). Anyway the next day we had already planned on going to lunch together and have the girls play together so that was a lot of fun. Our conversation was so nice and easy! And just think - they live right across the street! We have so many little kiddos on our street now which is exactly what we were hoping for! And last night we all ended up outside as we were doing some things in the yard and they ended up on a walk so we got to talk again! (And the girls played - Zayda and Madison have so much fun together). Speaking of which our significant others had some visiting time too. And of course - Hayley migrated towards their pup... and then when she saw Macy she wanted to see her too! Hayley loves dogs and babies - she immediately wants to go right over to is so cute!

Hayley as you can tell LOVES her Dora cup with milk after naptime! I was so excited to catch a smile on camera - and those toothy smiles are the best! The one to the right is the only one I could get of her in a dress she got for her birthday...I just thought it was cute on her.

Should I mention anymore that we ended up at Lowes again this week....well, we did. We got some paint to eventually finish the loft - no rush on seems like one of those things where if you get it - you are more likely to use it than just keep saying to one another - "Yah, we will plan on painting it soon." We thought perhaps that having the paint can sit out is just a constant reminder for us to get it done sooner than later! Plus we needed some mulch to finish off a job from 2 weeks ago :) and some root stimulator for our trees - (they need the help in this rocky ground here!)

And do we also have to mention we always get the fun cart for girls? It always keeps them quite amused in Lowes and I happened to have the camera in my bag from going to lunch with some friends the previous day! Madison was such a helper and so cute with sis!

This is one of my FAVORITE pictures! Madison had her hat on too but since we were indoors at the store took it off - I forgot to grab their sunglasses before we left and we happened to have these hats in our car for them so it worked to keep out the sun a little. And help them forget that Mommy did forget their sunglasses.

Just a cute pic of Madison - I am teaching the Spanish alphabet to her so she is trying to sing it - she can count to 10 pretty flawlessly in Spanish - it is cute.
Blessings from all of us!

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