May 8, 2009

Spring Fling at Preschool

Tonight was Madison's Spring Fling at her preschool. She was so excited, and she was pretty darn FANTASTIC if we have anything to say about it! (Proud parents for sure). She missed school yesterday because her allergies were so bad...which I think I made the right choice because she was much better today...although they are still showing, but I have found some things that work to help ease her misery.

Anyhoo...they had a fun-filled program of beautiful songs to sing together for the Lord! How cute it was. They had definite signing, motions or actions, and singing of course. Right up Madison's ally! She really got into the signing and motions - WE LOVED IT! We have wonderful video of most of the songs too so it was so neat! We had the perfect seat and in a couple of the videos obnoxious parents kept leaning over in my way...urrgghhh! However, I finally started catching on just in time when they moved over that I would move first so we would not see their heads. The video ended up turning out great - perhaps I should load a video too...never done that before though so we will see. They had a fun-filled night planned after the program so that was sooo much fun!
Just some pics of Hayley too. Daddy stood behind the seating because she was already antsy before the program started...but did she love to watch everyone when it did! My girls are already people watchers...a trait both girls get from both of us!

Madison is with some of her friends...Emma and Brenton that she loves to play with! So she was super excited to be by them -it was adorable!

Afterwards they had so many games planned, jump things, food - hotdogs for the kiddos, popcorn...pretty much carnival theme. Then they had a police motorcylce, firetruck, and had a helicopter land in the parking lot. Soooo neat for me as it was my first time to be so close to one! Madison really loved that part. Hayley loved trying to run around looking for trouble as usual :) She kept thinking "free at last" it seemed...very cute!

Pictures are below from the rest of the evening.
My mom, Mena, came with us too so she really enjoyed it. During the program it was so hard not to laugh because the kids were so my mom would laugh...which makes me laugh if you heard her laugh...then my camera would jiggle...not so steady hands...but the video turned out pretty good...we just watched it.

Madison received a fire hat and waterbottle - that made her night! Hayley loved her hat too so that was really neat - wanted to wear it like Big Sis!

Blessings from all of us!

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