May 22, 2009

A Week of Cute Pics!

Wednesday, May 21st Madison's last day of school was Wednesday! Bobby had a work golf tournament that day so he was able to go in late. I was asking him if he could go late just one day because I knew Madison would LOVE Daddy to help take her to school one day. So needless to say - Madison was SUPER excited so I had to get a picture of it! Their last day of school was so much fun for them so that was neat - Madison always gets so excited to show us what she did that day. When we dropped Madison off...Hayley was the one who had a difficult time so we decided to send her one day next year - one of the same days as Madison. Hayley was ready to play and learn when we dropped Madison off and thought she was staying too - so next year she will get her opportunity too!

So of course I do storytime with Hayley and she LOVES her books - but she really pays attention to Dora books - not into the shows or really any shows (a good thing) but she loves any book of Madison's that is Dora - I think it may be because Madison has dark hair too and maybe a similarity? It is cute though how excited she gets!

This is just a cute pic of the girls in their glasses - they LOVE their glasses - we call Hayley our 50's girl with hers on and Madison is Hollywood in her Tinker glasses - pretty cute sisters!
Thursday, May 21st
Today was just a fun day and some really cute pictures in my book - the girls love outside and Madison wanted to wear a dress that day and always likes Hayley to "match"...wear a dress that is what we did. We had some outside time and it was errand day for me so they were GREAT helpers - because our day was packed! (Always good, right?)
I just love this picture of both of them looking down - so sweet!

Madison smiling as she is picking her flowers! She loves to help with flowers and pick the ones that Papa and Mena got for her to take care of. Her and Hayley's little butterfly gardens are doing great too - Madison has LOVED seeing them grow in their little long pots...just waiting for blooms!

Hayley looking cute - I have a hard time getting her to smile at me but how adorable is this?

Enjoy your day everyone and Memorial weekend!!!

Blessings from all of us!

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