May 12, 2009

Kenny Chesney's Concert!

So Saturday - we had a fun day - we woke up and left for Kansas City for the Kenny Chesney concert! I was invited to go with my mother-in-law Linda and my two sister-in-laws, Monica and Melissa. NO BOYS ALLOWED! It was a great time, and I had so much fun. I hadn't been to a concert in ages (literally since I was anywhere from 8-10 going to NKOTB) and within two months I saw David Cooke and Kenny Chesney! How excited am I!

We had terrific seats too! Linda saw this black box with wheels coming around the corner in front of us and she said "I bet Kenny is in there!" We all laughed :) and sure enough he had to be because this lift was not too far in front of us and he raised up on it - how stinkin' cool. Linda said to us "I told you so...he does stuff like that!" We all laughed about that. Of course he had to come out singing "She thinks my Tractor's Sexy."

He was really enjoyable as a LIVE entertainer - the whole show was TERRIFIC. Lady Antebellum opened the show...they were great...Miranda Lambert was next - she is a little firecracker! I really enjoyed her and she is a great entertainer too!

I think I got some great shots and some video too:) He sang all his great songs and also some of my all-time favorite songs too! - Jack and Diane -
well Miranda Lambert sang I Love Rock -n-Roll which is definitely an all-time fav by me!

Okay - so this is my sister-in-law, Monica - she just does this to drive me crazy - for one - we have a thing where she likes to take pictures of me offguard (she knows I don't like pictures of myself) they are the most awkward moments like where I am talking and my mouth is in mid-word looking ridiculous and she will NEVER delete them which DRIVES ME CRAZY. So I thought, I will just do it back...well, my attempts didn't work out too well because my darn camera was too slow! So this is what happened. We had a really great picture taken of all four of us; however, I don't have that copy - Monica has it so I will have to get it sometime! So this is my way of doing it back...posting this picture of her being silly (can you tell I am used to talking to my girls)- BUT the funny thing is she doesn't care...which you so much fun about her!
Melissa and I - we took this about 3 times until we got it right. :) I think it turned out great. Yes, and my big nose still shows!!!! (ha!) The picture she got was really neat in black and white - she has her camera set on that which I cannot figure it out for the life of me on my camera - my old one that was stolen (correction...Bobby's old one) I knew how...can you tell change with electronics is difficult for me!

Linda enjoying the concert. Monica and Melissa told me it was my turn to sit by Linda because she goes CRAZY at concerts. I didn't think she was bad at all and enjoyed sitting (standing) by her! It is fun to see how excited she gets during it though! She LOVES Kenny Chesney and made out with 2 shirts that night she proudly wore!

We had a fun night, and I really was glad I was able to go with them. It is a rarity that I get to spend time with just them and NO BOYS! Thanks guys!

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