June 3, 2009

"What's that Mommy?"

Today's post is kind of silly - nothing special - but I just died laughing this morning and actually we had a discussion about this on a friend's blog maybe about a week to 2 weeks ago...ironing. Madison happened to be up before Hayley for once...and yes the iron was sitting out from the night before and was used! I will repeat that just for my mom :) .....I was ironing the night before!

Anyway - me...I am just one of those persons that I never iron - everyone thinks my house is spotless until they see my bedroom where the mounds of laundry stay because #1 folding laundry is the last part of cleaning I EVER want to do #2 laundry gets folded once a week and then seems like another week before it gets put away (a true confession)...so what happens when I need to wear something or the kids do? I just pick it up and if it passes the "looks okay test" I wear with wrinkles in all...my mom always LOVES that one - she teases me in a fun and kind way so don't take that too seriously! Now if it doesn't - I am on a mission to get the laundry out of the dryer that were most likely sitting in the dryer over night...well to be honest...maybe 2 nights...find a basket to throw those in...and whatever has the wrinkles gets put in the dryer for 5 minutes at most and sometimes with a damp towel (people tell me that works too and sometimes I remember that one :) ).

So take me back to this morning - where Madison comes down the stairs with me and the first thing she notices (because it wasn't put away yet...and she notices EVERYTHING out of place) was "THE IRON."

"What's that Mommy?" she says - "Oh...sweetie...that's an iron. I had to iron some of my clothes last night." She looked at me strange - because she literally has never seen one from me or even seen me iron...FYI...I had to iron some of my shirts because I was getting a new picture taken for my business cards from my very talented family photographer helped me with...hard to do because not a fan of pics by myself but she does GREAT, GREAT work - her link is the right to her blog and website.

Hope you enoyed just a fun story...not any new pictures but let's see maybe I have some that I may attach...like kiddos...oohhh...forgot about these - just the other night at dinner - we were eating at our mini table in the kitchen and Madison and Hayley (usually Hayley starts the game) where they want everyone to raise their hands and say WHOO HOO!! Over and over and over and over again...pretty cute!

Blessings from us!

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