June 22, 2009

And a baby has arrived...

We had family up over the weekend so I will have another post about that maybe later tonight...but a neglected yard I had last night after arriving home...no big deal...however, I decided to take a peek at the little birdie eggs...and we now have a little baby bird...why of course...I then had to get a few pictures to share...so here you go...and oh how cute the little baby is...of course it didn't make the little mama happy at all that I took my hanging plant down to take a peek :) I hope you this cute little bird as much as me!
Blessings from all of us!....And this fun picture of Bobby is him getting rid of a wasp nest in our drain...if any neighbors saw us they were probably laughing because he looked ridiculous ... and mostly hilarious at the same time:)

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Amanda Bruss said...

WoW how precious!!!!