June 30, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

Some summer fun in the sun underway! I am a little behind no surprise at updating the blog, but it is really difficult to keep up right now...a good thing I may add...but I have missed my late night and before bed blogging efforts:) I don't have too much to say other than this is the last picture that shows 5 little birdies...it was taken last week...did I mention I was behind in postings? Now we only have 4...it was sad because I checked on them the next morning after I took the picture and it just vanished :( Wait until I get caught up - you should see them today...they resemble the "adult" version so much now. I'll have to do more posts later tonight on that one and some more fun stuff!

Just some pretty flowers I thought I would share...I am still growing impatient at my hydrangeas that I have never had problems in front:)...but these will do for now...they are 'kind of' located in my little "purple" section of the flowers. I didn't intend for that to happen but it ended up so.
Now these pictures were my intentions. I took a night off from everything and just set up the sprinkler when Bobby was out of town - a spur of the moment kind of thing...the girls LOVED it! However, I only did 1/2 power as to have Hayley feel more comfortable. Madison kept sneaking to the side of the house to turn it full blast....then it was a "please stop so Hayley may have fun too or it will be turned off." I just thought these were some cute pictures of the girls having fun...Hayley wasn't too hesitant, and of course Madison thought she was speed demon through it! They had a lot of laughs which always makes everything fun!
Kind of blurry....but I still love the picture...you can still see how excited she was:)
These were just one morning the girls before our run...they looked cute in their hats. I didn't realize the one of Hayley turned out blurry until now...gotta love their smiles though.
Blessings from all of us!

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