June 12, 2009

Crazy Hair and a little more swimming...plus an experience after the lesson

Sweet Sisters! Hayley woke up on Tuesday from her nap with some pretty crazy hair. Madison always loves to go in Hayley's room with me when she wakes up to help me, and the 1st thing Madison said was "Hayley has crazy hair!" It was so stinkin' cute. I get asked all the time if Hayley's hair has been cut yet because it looks styled (when it isn't crazy hair)...but it hasn't been cut yet. She has a bit of a wave to it and it is just growing so cute and thick, but this is what it looks like when she wakes up..so cute! We laugh because Madison used to have a little bit of a "Baby mullet" that everyone says I was in denial about...which now that I have seen some pictures...yes, I probably should have cut it sooner...the 1st hair cut is just so hard (for me).
Now I couldn't get over this smile below...just a cute face.
Miss Hayley having a graham...but with her not feeling well lately she really hasn't eaten much so this week she is doing better...and I'm trying to get some of the weight back on her...she is honestly the pickiest eater ever so very difficult...but all you can do is keep on trying!
These pictures from Madison's swim lessons below are mostly from Thursday. Tuesday - the day I didn't bring my camera - Madison jumped in the pool all by herself and without the floating belt on! So proud of her...for those wondering yes, the instructor was right there...But Madison hasn't done that before so I was super proud of her. Now they didn't do it on Wednesday so at the end of the class she just did it herself :).

This picture below - she did so well after a day of practice laying her head completely back.

This picture is pretty cute of Hayley looking at a Dora book. She does pretty good in the stroller - she doesn't last the whole time in there but even 1/2 of the time is nice for me and extremely good for both of my girls that have a difficult time sitting still :).

Madison for the first time went under the water by herself. Not her favorite thing to do and never has been...I was proud of her for doing it...I still think it scared her a bit...but you always have something to work on. She did so good and so neat she did it...she didn't want to do it a 2nd time though :)...once was enough for now.

To finish it off she was kicking pretty good again with the board! How fun!

So on Thursday we had an interesting experience after her swim lessons. I have debated whether or not to even blog about this...but I have always said you have to share those stories too, right?

The chlorine has been bothering Madison's eyes and I have a wash that takes off the chlorine, etc. so I brought it to rinse her off after swim lessons...so it isn't staying in her hair, face, eyes, & body until later on when we do bath time. So anyway...they have these family rooms - 2 of them...well I was going to use one of the them because in the locker room - they just have stalls of showers in a row which isn't too convenient with having Hayley with me too because I don't want all three of us getting wet...you know...plus I didn't want to sit Hayley in the aisle by herself as I rinsed Madison off. So I would have preferred to use one of the family rooms and one looked like it was open so I was about to walk in...and a mom came around the door or actually was standing in the door way (just couldn't see her until I walked up). So I stood there waiting for our turn...absolutely no big deal to wait. Well...it was one of the mom's from Madison's class...she has 2 girls in the class...she was waiting there all by herself...no kids...nothing...so you know what she does...stands there and holds the room...she has trained her kiddos to meet her there after each swim lesson...and she sneaks out a couple of minutes before to "hold" the room. Now granted her kiddos are around Madison's age - one older and one just a bit younger...so it would be way more convenient for her to use the locker room than me with a baby in a stroller that I didn't want to sit in the aisle by herself while I showered Madison...I just thought I would use the family room.
No big deal at first...I have grown a bit more patient with having kiddos...so I thought no big deal - she couldn't honestly take that long...we will just wait our turn because the convenience of that room was worth it because I could keep Hayley right by us in her stroller with the room locked and Hayley staying dry...but to where she could see us and be okay.

So...we wait...we wait...we wait...I was thinking 3-5 minutes went by but honestly without exaggerating it really was 5 minutes...she stood in the doorway waiting for her kids...not using the room and 2 more people were waiting behind me now!!!! I was so ticked off...I just thought "how rude!" She wasn't even using the room yet because her kids were in no rush...now for me...I would have let someone go ahead considering I was just going to rinse Madison off and change her and we are done. She just stood there and looked at me...I couldn't even make eye contact with her because I was getting really upset! So in the meantime Madison starts to throw a bit of a whiney fit because she is cold and having trouble getting her cover up on. Of course...I tried to help her...but need I mention again her independence & her never wanting "Mommy's help!" (under most and all circumstances). For me...I don't get embarrassed to let my child throw a tantrum in public...be whiney and if you don't want my help then that's fine, but she will have to figure it out until she lets me help her or she calms down. (My kiddos don't throw that many tantrums...knock on wood...in public...maybe why it doesn't phase me too much. I just always let her figure it out and don't play into those things because it will just encourage her to do it again if I do kind-of-thing. So you know what the mom does...refuses to look at me while she does this....walks up to MY DAUGHTER and helps her! I was still upset but trying to reinforce my manners with my child and telling Madison to make sure she says "thank you"...it is all about the manners...in looking back she probably was trying to help, but I was just really upset that she was "holding a room" and had the audacity to help my daughter when she was being quite rude by "holding the room while people even besides me were waiting." I wanted to say "please don't touch my daughter!" But I try to hold back when I should you know...just wouldn't have been right to say that in front of Madison and Hayley. So her kiddos finally get there....we wait another 10 minutes while the mom's behind me just say to me....you can go in the locker room to me! WHAT! "I wanted to say...you can too...I am waiting in line for the convenience of this one like everyone else." But of course...I just bit my tongue...said "whatever" to myself and walked off. So yes after waiting even longer...we ended up in the locker room and I just bit the bullet...Madison ended up crying because I was 1/2 out and 1/2 in to simultaneously help Madison and keep an eye on Hayley... Miss Hayley was growing impatient because she was back in the stroller...honestly I cannot blame her because she does so well sitting with me entertaining her for 1/2 the class. That was an experience after swim lessons for sure.

The whole time I just wanted to say to that mom "are you really making not only me wait, but everyone else too that was behind us...and holding a room that she wasn't using yet! What are you back in high school?!!!" But I didn't...I just didn't want her to get the best of me...and did not want her helping Madison since she was being quite frustrating to us...I guess that is where Madison gets the "I don't want your help" from, but it would have been different if she was not doing such a rude thing, in my opinion.

I just hope I am not the only one who would be bothered by that mom and incidence....

Thank goodness Madison just gave me a hug after it all...and we were ready to go!!! The rest of the day turned out nice yesterday with the girls...and I had a meeting that night. It was appreciation night for our husbands...but Bobby travels so I brought my dad...I wish I could have brought both of my parents...they are just a HUGE support in my business with help with the kiddos...but someone had to watch the kids and my mom does that most of the time so she wanted to do it again. But I just wanted to thank them for helping me out so much because before they moved here it was even harder and my parents are so flexible with me it is such a blessing to have that! My dad enjoyed it as several men were there too of course and some were asked to talk on how this business of their wives' has affected their life...so neat to hear their words and life changing for families...and what some have been able to do and how they have helped others because of our business.

That's it for today...I only blog about that because it is a BIG part of our life and me so I want to be honest and true to that too...so I hope no one minds that occasionally I like to talk about what I do and keep anyone from commenting :)

Blessings to you all!

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