June 23, 2009

More Surprises on Monday and Tuesday...

What I just thought about after downloading these pictures was that I hope everyone is okay with the pictures of these cute little birdies...and their lack of hair in most of them doesn't gross anyone out. I don't typically get bothered by much, and I have relatively a strong stomach so I forget to think about that for others...
Anyway, I just did a posting on the lil' guys the other day but exactly one day later - two more hatched and how cute are they?!
So on Monday before I layed Madison down for her nap I took her outside to see them, and she was so excited and you can see her peeking in...she just loved see how small they were!
And on Tuesday....this is what the little nest looked like...all of them were hatched and apparently a little hungry too. After dinner last night, I got this fun sprinkler out for the girls which I will have to show later too, but the little momma was so upset because we were in the front yard and she kept flying to the neighboring homes with a worm ready to feed her little babies... I hope you enjoy the pictures of the birdies...I feel way behind with posting other fun things so I will need to do that soon:)
Blessings from all of us

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