June 7, 2009

An "Old Friend" plus a "New One" Possibly Arriving

An "old friend" is back again. He has been here for 4 summers now...such a cute little guy. I guess we assume it is the same toad...but it has always been the same spot. He started showing how big he was when I had the camera lens right in front of him because the flash went off since it was night time...but he didn't run off. I guess after 4 summers of us picking him up, the puppies sniffing him out, and showing our girls...he is getting used to us perhaps. The funny thing is we never named him, and I suppose maybe that is because he has been out so late at night that the girls are already in bed, because I was going to have Madison help with that this summer. Last summer she was a good sport and actually touched the toad...it was cute, but I don' t think she has actually seen it yet so far this year. Anyway it is always nice to see an "old friend" in your yard again...at our 1st home we had a GIGANTIC one in our yard that was so cute too So hopefully this one will continue to grow over the years too :).

So what is this with a new friend?....well I don't know about you all and your home but the BIRDS are stinkin' crazy or something this year!!!! No joke! Everytime I go outside they fly away from my yard, flowers, etc. in BIG groups. I mean there are usually always a handful in the back yard too, but they are picking the flowers off of my plants and just so close to the house. It almost drives me crazy! But as I was going to water my hanging plant...which I have had suspicions about this for about a week now as the birds are always at this hanging plant (yes, I have watered this plant more than just once a week, but last night I took it down to water and take a peek inside to confirm what I thought.) Yep, I was right...the blue birds have made a nest in my hanging plant on my front porch!!! Part of me was "oh, man...my plant" but a bigger part of me was "how neat...a real bird may come of this right in front of my eyes!!!!" I am secretly excited so I was asking Bobby...if I still water my plant will the birds not come back or will it hurt the egg too much...he just smiled because he knows I would prefer the egg to stay. So now after the birds DRIVING me CRAZY everytime I walk outside I kind have grown fond of being able to see this take place...although I don't know if the chances have been ruined now with me watering or taking the hanging plant down to take a peek...we will see...but I just have a soft spot, of course, for little babies of all sorts...even animals...well, don't get me wrong...not all of them...but most :).

So I have included some pictures of the little egg all by itself, but the birds really created a deep nest in protection of that egg...you can really see it with the second picture. Can you blame them for picking such a beautiful home really though? The last picture is just of their "little nest area...my hanging plant."

Just a few more pictures of my asiatic lillies that started blooming. The odd thing is that those plants are about 1/2 the size of last year...which we were going to split them anyway because they grow bigger each year so it was kind of nice not to have to do that...but the blooms are beautiful! Everytime I see those my lillies bloom it always takes me back to our wedding...neat to garden or plant with a purpose you know with flowers and plants that are significant to you! Now with the hibiscus trees in the back I have a neat reminder of our honeymoon. I love those types of reminders!...Now I am having some impatience take root as I am waiting for the hydrangeas to bloom....my very favorite flowers!

Perhaps this post isn't as interesting as ones about the kiddos but I should have some updates of them later today with another post...that will have to be tonight as I have a work engagement today! Although not too much happening as it was a lay low kind of weekend with Hayley not well at all since Friday so it was a kind of take turns kind of thing with Bobby and I getting things done with taking Madison to a friend's party, errands, and mowing the lawn, watering, etc. Although last night was a nice relaxing night for Bobby and I...after the kiddos were put to bed we just sat on the front porch for about an hour and a half on our bench together...that was nice! It was a nice evening that we enjoyed and appreciated as Bobby leaves town again for the week but just a nice night...we laughed so much about the stories from our 1st house and how horrible the move-in was...icky is all we have to say! Enjoy your day everyone and Blessings from us all!

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