June 16, 2009

La, La, La, La....

Yesterday was an interesting day to say the least...of course it started off with thunderstorms and rain which I typically LOVE just because the sound is so calming and peaceful...plus it is an easy excuse not to go anywhere :)...sometimes that is nice :)

Well when both of the girls were up eating breakfast when it was storming - and a big thunder happened...Hayley's eyes got huge...and Madison says "It's okay Hayley - no windows are broken!" .....hmmm.....what?! I died laughing because I had never heard such a thing come out of her mouth...I didn't know she knew noises from Thunder could do that...she has never seen any windows broken before...or anything broken for that matter....just cute though because it was so matter of fact and so serious :) She knew exactly what "Madison was sayin'!"

Madison's swim lessons ended up getting cancelled...but we didn't know until we arrived in the down pour of rain...the experience to get there was once again hilarious because of Madison of course. So because it was the down pour of rain...I was going to pull the car into the garage while Madison was sitting on the potty before we left...oh my goodness...well I was just about to pull in the garage and she comes running out...completely naked to the end of the garage right before I was going to pull in (naked because we had to take her swim suit off to go potty)...granted our garage is an entire other topic...but she then let Cadence out, our dog, so she was starting to dart out of the garage...then felt the rain so I was able to catch her...meanwhile I am yelling at Madison - oh yes...I yelled at her for this - to get back in the house "right now." She has never been left I don't know why she thought I was going to leave her today...plus she was outside naked for about 30 seconds...I was completely mortified...mortified for real and praying the neighbors didn't actually see this take place. I am completely soaked...Cadence is as well...I go back in and just upset with Madison...still mortified about her being naked OUTSIDE! We had a discussion about that where I also explained that she was not being left - I was pulling the car in the garage since she was safe and sound on the potty (which I have done before when it was raining...no big deal before).

When we get to her swim lessons they are cancelled...after dragging them out again...I wasn't the only mom who showed up #1 I didn't get the call until after I already left #2 when all this was going on I didn't see any lightening...otherwise I wouldn't have been outside myself having that experience with Madison...oh well...what could I do other than laugh at that point, right?

Before we left I thought I would go ahead and change Madison into her regular clothes and I brought her rain boots to help her not get too wet. Can we say "drama" with her. Sometimes I don't even know how to handle it other than pray that this much drama will soon pass...is that getting my hopes up too much :)? We were literally in the restroom for 15-20 minutes because she had to go potty but wouldn't go potty. Everytime I said we were leaving if she didn't go she got upset because she needed to go "tinkle" she said... but would never go everytime I put her back on the potty. Come to find out she didn't want to leave because she thought I was punishing her with no swim lessons because of her attitude. Quite frankly I was about to anyway...so with Madison...she likes to see things for herself...so I told her that if she would go potty I would show her the pool was closed for the day and "no one" was actually in there. She was okay with that...I showed her and she said "that pool is not closed!" (well she thought so because water was in it). Oh yes it is my dear...do you see anyone in the pool? No...then it is closed today because of the weather, rain, lightening, etc. I also had to explain they don't drain the pool everytime it is closed. She was okay to go after that.

So on the way home I decided to stop at my favorite Hallmark (one reason is because there is actually room to push the stroller in there unlike the one we have in our town and secondly, their stuff is really cute and so many choices!) We were already wet anyway so no big deal to get out of the car anyway and a perfect time to get Father's Day cards. Since she had her boots on...she jumped in a couple of puddles of water...kind of fun...made me want to have rain boots on too...but I had sandals on...not exactly the right shoes...and I was chilly from being soaked for the 3rd time already!

Later on that evening, I used a massage a friend had gotten me for my birthday...oh so wonderful and was over 3 years since I had one last...very, very nice! When I arrived home Hayley had the best hug for me - just basically jumped in my arms and wouldn't stop hugging me...now that is a great welcome home. Madison was on the potty - pulling with Daddy now that she didn't want to go but complaining she had to to him...I don't know why she is doing this all of a sudden because she has been potty-trained forever now it seems, but just a phase I guess like everything else she does. Bobby and I ate after Hayley was in bed...I started dinner for the girls before I left so we could eat later. Bobby said Madison didn't eat much so she wanted to eat "again" with us. This was honestly soooooo cute...she turns to me and says "Mommy what was your favorite?" My heart just sunk out of joy! When Daddy is home and we are eating dinner together I typically have us all go around saying our favorite part of the day so far...and since we all ate at different times last night...we didn't do it, but she remembered and it felt sooo good that she did. Bobby said "you don't do that when I am gone?" To be honest...not that often because all Madison usually says is dinner...which is sad that I say that and don't do it when he is away... I just didn't realize how much Madison loved to do that so I will have to start doing it regardless if Daddy is home or not.

You know what I realized...no pictures to post from today...sorry about that...just a story...well actually I have this one that Daddy must have took when I was gone...not from today...but it could have been :) since Daddy always puts Dora on for them...something I forget to do for them...maybe that is why Daddy is much more fun?! :) That brings me to my next little story...Hayley totally freaks out when she sees Dora - I mean dancing and trying to jump up and down, laughing...cannot even contain herself so excited...she loves Dora that much!

Oh...and before I forget you are probably wondering why I put that title...well on the way home a song came on where they said just that and it made me laugh because that is all you can do sometimes...I don't know what song it was...I am not good at song names...never have been...but it came on exactly the right moment when everything seemed to be going hectic!...Perfect timing nonetheless!

Have a great day everyone and Blessings from all of us!

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awww, that is to funny!!!! :)