June 9, 2009

My little Fish!!!!

Today was Madison's 1st day of swim lessons!!! (As you may tell I am having to backdate this because it took all week to get these downloaded...so very frustrating as I have had so much to say this week!) Anyway - it is finally completed so here is how her first day went:

Madison did so well today and was sooo excited - I was a proud, proud...did I say proud Mommy?! (Or lately it has been more of calling me "Mom"...which is so grown up but a whole other topic too :)). She just so easily makes friends too - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that about her. She sat right down when we go there and just got into her swim lesson! I had so much fun watching her. The best part is that she made me feel so good while I was there! Every once in awhile she would glance back at me just to make sure I was watching her to see all the new things she was doing. It was just so neat to see how independent she is (I think you have read that before from me :))...because believe me independent she is, but all that she is still my little girl who loves to know that I am around to see her do such neat things too! My sweet little girl took the time to help the little girl next to her with her belt too - I got a picture of it, but a little hard to see - but you can tell. Just a sweet girl she is. I love her willingness even at her age to be so nice and helpful to others (and to me too!). She had so much fun and same time and same place through Thursday of this week and then next week too...more to come later in the week too.

Blessings from all of us!

Here she is waiting for class to begin!

She was all smiles almost the entire time - she got right in all by herself after her instructor told them too.

And she is already kicking the water - always has been one of her favorite things to do in the water.

Here she goes - the kickboard - and she did so well. I didn't post this picture but when her instructor had her turn around to come back - the first thing she did was look for me :)

Here is the picture I was talking about - helping the little girl with her belt - just so cute! The next picture I just loved of her because she didn't know I was watching her.

At the end of the first day they did a little train where they kicked their way around and as they went by us - they waved (awe!)

Madison really enjoying the kickboard again. I know there is a lot of pictures but hopefully you enjoyed them as much as me.

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Laurie said...

Oh, Martha, those pictures are SO cute!! She looks like she's a natural in the water. And I smiled cause I just bought that suit for Allison this week. :)