June 3, 2009


You know those days where you look at your children and think, "WOW! How blessed am I?" They are just both growing so much and just watching their minds develop. Hayley's words are just spilling out everyday it seems. I was getting her ready for bed and putting her nighttime diaper on and she always has to hold something because she refuses to sit still during changing so I handed her what we would do next - read a bit from her Bible. I just handed it to her and she said "Bible!" without me even saying anything! At first I really thought she was just saying things, but nope - she sure said it because she said it again! My blue-eyed girl just melted my heart...just sweet and a really loveable girl which I love. Her other new word as of last week and a half is "Mine." Everytime she sees her milk, snack, or really anything that she really loves a lot like her mini giraffe, etc. she says "Mine!" It is so cute...I just cannot believe how quickly she is growing up!...which brings me to my next picture...as we were at our photographer's home, I looked down and noticed Hayley's little bitty cutesy toes were hanging out of her little shoes! I swear two days ago when she wore them they were not like that, but they were...so these shoes shown are the ones we will have to move to...she outgrew size 3 shoes so now we have these cute polka-dot shoes which are very cute I may add. So as we changed her shoes today, she was thrilled...mind you she LOVES shoes...that is one of the first things she wants in the morning to put on and she screamed a little throw-down tantrum when I took them off for bedtime.
I just love the polka-dot and will now have to be on a quest to find new tennis shoes for playing in on a more day-to-day basis.
So mid-week with Daddy gone and today was a great day which usually Wednesday sometimes is the difficult day for all of us, but we all had so much fun today...girls were in less whiney modes, I got so much productive things for my business done...WOO-HOO! BUT more importantly had so much special time with the girls too. My Aunt Mary and Mom did an impromtu visit which definitely was so nice to see them. It worked out perfect time when they stopped by - right before nap to tire them out. We love visitors!

I enjoyed this picture of Madison trying to read Hayley's Bible and telling me what she perceives from the pictures - I love how you see part of her beautiful brown eyes. As I was getting the girls ready after bathtime, I was helping Madison with lotion, etc. and you know just let out a tired sigh - no big deal and really nothing, maybe and probably just tired but I turned around to start to find pj's for her and before I knew it Madison went into her room...pulled out pants, underwear, socks, and shirt for bed. She never picks socks to wear to bed but I was so impressed with not only how quickly she gathered those items but she did it to help me out without me even asking...just sweetness.

Just some pictures of exactly what I am talking about - just some moments where they look like they changed overnight in everything...these are from the other day when we did an impromptu BBQ (just the 4 of us) so that is why they are still in dresses and not in what I call "normal comfy clothes." They love the outdoors which I love. I guess two posts in 1 day but wanted to have some extra "no brain thinking time tonight."

Blessings from us all

Madison's flower in her little container! Just last year around this time she was calling them "Ballers!"

Hayley of course my Cadence "Cada to her." The indoor picture is of her feeding "Cada"...I think they have secret code between them because Cadence always seems to get food from Hayley which is a "No-No!"

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Laurie said...

HA!- Loved the ironing story, Martha. I was cracking up! I read it right after I ironed all our clothes for today. :) And the added pictures today were just precious!! I bet it was exciting to hear Hayley say Bible- a good word to know! Have a great day!