June 16, 2009

Today was a pretty fun day...swim lessons cancelled AGAIN! But the afternoon turned out pretty lovely! I took the girls running after their lunch time with me...a few weeks ago as we were driving out of our subdivision I had to stop my car not far from my house because a turtle was crossing so I just grabbed it to put it across the street. Anyway - for 2 weeks Madison has been talking about finding another one because I promised the next one we found or saw we could bring it home so she could really see it. What do you know right as I was coming around the turn on our street on the way back we see the turtle in the middle of the street. Madison was so excited so we carried it home...and I grabbed the camera. As I stopped with me holding it...I wanted the girls to touch the shell...of course...Hayley was like "let me see it!" and touched the shell. Madison was a little more hesitant...thinks and evaluates everything...like me...and decided to give it a go and touch the shell too. She was soon very fond of the turtle after that! I put the turtle by some flowers in a mini flower bed we have so she could get a closer look. How neat...This next picture it kind of looks "not happy" at all...but it gives you a great look of it. It was soon trying to get to the grass to go across our street, but along the way I got some great pictures of Madison with it!Madison has a cute little face when she got out of the jogger to see it. She was so excited to bring one home!
As it was going through our grass to cross the street. Madison very matter of factly told me "she was going on a walk" with the turtle!
I love these next two pictures...I only made them smaller so hopefully they would be side-by-side but you never know since it changes when you post sometimes:). But so cute as she is right there to look at the turtle and see what it is up to.
The turtle finally made its way to the street to go across since there is a creek across the way...Madison turns to me and says "The turtle needs to go back with its Mommy and Daddy now. BYE Turtle!" she says. I was grabbing Hayley to walk to Madison to ensure she wasn't crossing the street with the turtle...she turns to me and says "Mommy you didn't tell the turtle bye! Tell the turtle Bye!" Oh Madison....I said now how should you ask me that... She says "Please Mommy!" Then of course I told the turtle bye and we watched it cross the street (our street is not really busy at all so it was okay to do that:))
In the meantime Hayley was trying to move the rock...how cute:) Right in there with the mulch and dirt - I love it! Maybe too because we weren't going anywhere and I was all yucky too from running myself:)
One of Hayley's favorite things is to play peek-a-boo and hide and "look around" things. We were playing, and she climbed on the porch all by herself. Of course I said "peek-a-boo" to her because she loves when I do that out of the blue, and she peeked her head around...I just love that shot of her:)
And what do you know...the one place we don't have mulch because we keep FORGETTING she finds and dirties up her sandals and outfit...no big deal...washable right...the best thing was she picked up the mud to just squeeze between her hands...we headed in after that because naptime and so I rinsed her off in the sink because bathtime at night. She loved it...Hayley thought it was the best thing and cried when I took her out:) I guess another Lowe's trip :) HA! You know we went there actually last weekend just to get mulch but walked out with "no mulch."
Have a great day everyone! Blessings from all of us!
It is so fun this summer...as a side note...because I dropped a responsibility and have so much more time for fun, family, work, and running! I never realized how much time I did devote until these past couple of weeks. Don't get me wrong...I loved the serving part of the position and doing things for others...but I really enjoy more time too now! :)

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Laurie said...

As usual, LOVED the post, but boy did I crack up at the end of it. I can very clearly remember about 2 weeks after MOPS was over for me - I couldn't figure out why I was sooooo relaxed. Finally I was like, oh yea, I just quit a part-time job! :) I'm glad you're enjoying a relaxing summer- you deserve it, girl!