June 9, 2009

***Update on our new friends!***

No pictures today...but I am happy to report that we now have 2 blue bird eggs in my hanging plant - HOW neat. I went to check to see how they are doing and the mama flew out...I saw an additional egg.

On another note, I am highly disappointed. Madison started swim lessons yesterday and boy how exciting. She is marvelous and LOVING it. However, for some reason my pictures will not upload so I am post poning that post because you won't want to miss how stinkin' cute and brave she is! More to come this week...but that's it for now...just a busy week and trying to keep up.

Blessings from us! Martha

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Amanda Bruss said...

That is AWESOME!!!! I want to come see the eggs!!! I was tellign my grandma about that she is so into the bird thing... and i can't wait to read about Madisons swim lessons!!!!