October 1, 2010


first thing is first ~ thank you all who entered my give-a-way
winner with random.org is Jules {#5}
who said the one thing that signifies childhood to her is "carefree"

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thank you so much Tonya for sponsoring this give-a-way

I feel like I have been nesting in an unusual way this past week
I'm not expecting
but it almost feels that way
I feel panicky to get some projects done ASAP

I've had the urge to spontaneously do a ton around the house
my head is spinning with projects that need to be completed around the house

more rearranging,
and fixing things around the house more than anything
no new projects thank goodness

and I feel like I have no time to get it all done

this week I got the news that someone is leaving in two weeks for five months
home on Saturday and Sundays
I feel in a panic
and sadness to be quite honest
he travels a lot but not every week for five months

since Monday...I've had a lot of help from some family
but I'm learning to stand in my truth
and live my life
because I have to be strong for the girls
they never get used to his traveling like I do and the back and forth of his traveling
is crazy difficult for them

 I'm going to need a lot of date nights with Madison and Hayley
and a big stock of wine to get me through
{half kidding there and half not}

we have a lot of things to get covered and taken care...
projects that cost nothing except time 
but I just need help with getting them all done
{you know that need to check it off the list}

I think it is about time to show you our bedroom redo...
that was supposed to be finished beginning of summer
it was obviously put on the back burner
for personal reasons
so I'm not done
I haven't actually done anything with it since March~April of this year
so I should have showed you in March
way back when
but that's okay
when the time comes to put the finishing touches on it
it will happen
but it suits us right now perfectly
except I'm still working on trying to get the tv out of our bedroom

I will admit not so much a year ago I said I would never do without a tv in my bedroom
yes...I love noise at night
especially to drown out the noise so Cadence isn't barking at every little noise when Bobby is gone
but I wanted our bedroom going in the retreat direction for us
and it sticks out like a sore thumb...

lets see if we can get that moved in the next two weeks:)
by handsome hubby
happy weekend everyone


Shannon said...

Oh my..gone for 5 weeks! I'm happy for you that you will maybe get some time to yourself on the weekends and will be able to be with your hubby for atleast those 2 days. I know what you mean about the wine :) I def. have a glass poured when I'm on my own as well, heck even when I am not on my own when it's been one of those days ;) Hang in there!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I was here yesterday but didn't have a chance to enter your giveaway, then I ran out of time to come back. So I know what you mean about not enough time. I have two projects that have been hanging over my head and I want them done...

Travel is hard, I don't sleep well when my husband goes. You just made me realize that I need more wine in my life, I have been too wound up. Hang in there, and you have us to lean on too.


Jacki said...

Oh my goodness, did you say your husband will travel every week for the next 5 months? Maybe I read that wrong. What does he do for a living? Oh Martha, if this is true, I will help you by praying for you. I hope you've got lots of family arms to help around you. Your girls look like they've got lots of personality in all these pictures, and your stories are funny.

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Oh girl, I'm feeling for you! You'll get through it though. You will!

Can't wait to see that swoony bedroom. :)