September 29, 2010

give-a-way and project

Almost a month ago I made a run to Michael's
to grab some of their blank thank you notes for a $1

I like to look in the dollar section just to mix up the notes
so my clients aren't getting the same ones with each order

plus it makes doing thank you notes for each order so much more affordable instead
of $5-$8 per pack of eight that I seem to go through sometimes in a couple days

 Michael's had some cute ones
have you seen some of them?

I'm in love with how simple they are

fly, shine, discover, and write your own story are the ones I purchased

the girls were with me
 and we found a craft project in the same dollar section
so the trip to Michael's was under $6 including the thank you notes and a craft project for the girls

we found some miniature white bird cages
and put an "h" ball inside of it for Hayley

 and for Madison I just stamped a blank tag I had on hand that Angela had given me
because they are always out of the m's...
so as soon as I find an m ball elsewhere I'll change that out for her

 we cut out miniature butterflies and dragonflies to put at the bottom of the cage

butterflies for Madison
dragonflies for Hayley
{they sure made sure that they did not get mixed up}

I already had the butterfliy and dragonfly punches from awhile back
and newspaper was free
so this literally was a $3 project with them

the punches were a bit difficult for those tiny hands to do themselves
but they enjoyed filling the cages up and putting their tag and ball in the inside

they were little happy campers and some fun smiles from them as we placed the little bird cages on an antique desk in our loft below one of our picture walls

they loved the fact that they put something together below their pictures

now this wall/room has some progress to make
so let this serve as my before picture

the antique desk and chair on the right is from my grandpa
It will stay as painting it

however, the chair on the right

I'll refinish the wood to be white
and sometime next year I'll change the upholstery to a light tan linen fabric

the rocking chair color will probably stay as is...
it was the one I was rocked in as a baby and the same one we used for our girls

you choose the size
last day is tomorrow {Thursday} at midnight
and if you don't have a blog
please leave in the comment a way for me to contact you {e-mail}


Shannon said...

I like those notecards and what a cute idea with the birdhouses. I love going to Michaels they always have such fun stuff. How neat to have the chair you were once rocked in as a baby!

Casa Bella said...

Love the notecards. Yes, Michael's is a wonderful place for ideas. What a fun post!

paige said...

what precious notecards. i love it when you find a great bargain that is also hip!
sweet projects you made for your little butterfly & little dragonfly! sweetness

Tracey said...

Hi Martha! Those mini bird cages are absolutely adorable! And I totally love what you did with them!!! I always lose hours of my life when I go to Michael's to wander around :))

Hugs ~

:) T

tara said...

Those birdcages are darling, you are so creative with your wee ones! And you can't beat leaving micheal's at 6.00 and happy babies!! xo

LuLu & Co. said...

I now can't wait to head to Michaels for some weekend craft projects! The birdcages turned out sooooo cute, so special!!!Love your wall, beautiful!