September 27, 2010

tippy toes

standing on your tip toes
is one of the cutest things children do

whether it's to see over the counter to grab those
little cookie crumbs or that extra salsa chip

whether it's Hayley sneaking for another permanent marker out of her stash drawer
or Madison reaching for her tutu off her crown hook in her bedroom

little ones on their tip toes
 always makes me stop
to take in the moment
even for a split second
to remember exactly how sweet childhood was

even if seconds later I am asking them to put that marker back
or "no, not another cookie"

and just maybe
"do you need help with that? can you reach it okay?"

little ones on their tippy toes
reminds me of a time where your thoughts were full of wonder

and your next thought was only if you remembered where you put your princess crown
to complete your outfit

many things signify childhood
but for me...

few things signify it as simply as when I see the girls on their tip toes

the innocence
and cleverness
about them

the only time I stand on my tip toes anymore
 is for reaching something off of a shelf
the childlike tippy toe state has now been replaced by day to day tasks

I much rather think of tip toes
from my girl's point of view
full of excitement
and intention

I'm so excited to share Tippy Toe Tutus
a business by my friend, Tonya

she is sponsoring today's give-a-way
and I hope you love her Tutus as much as my girls do

she is giving away one Pink Licorice tutu
in the size of your choosing
{shown below}

for your little girl
for your granddaughter,
neice, cousin,
friend of the family
or other special little girl you would like to surprise

To enter the give-a-way...

visit Tonya's Tippy Toe Tutu website and tell me your favorite tutu
as well as something that signifies childhood to you

leave a second comment if you would like to look her up on facebook under Tippy Toe Tutus
and become a fan of her business

and if you'd like to become a follower of my blog....why yes...comment one more time for another entry and if you are a follower just note that too {in a separate comment}

Winner will randomly be picked on Friday, October 1st
Comments will close Midnight Thursday, September 30th

{Tonya's picture from her website was used with her permission}


Laurie said...

DARLING post, Martha! All her tu-tu's are too too cute, but I'll call the ladybug one my favorite for today. SO CUTE!! And something else that signifies childhood to me... so many things... but I'll say... pointing out the moon every night... finding wonder with it... as adults we tend to take the beautiful sky sightings for granted. Not kids. :)

Tish said...

Circus Star Tutu (wish it came in my think i'm kidding?)

what signifies childhood to me: horny toads and strawberries.

when i was a little one we lived out in the country and so i had all of this free space to explore (without my mom spazzing out). i'd catch horny toads and pick strawberries in my cute little overalls...i could spend the whole day playing and exploring the world. i saw a horny toad on tv yesterday and i almost teared up explaining the amount of joy i got from that period of my life to mark.

sniff. i'm so glad you document theirs. good mom, you are! (said yoda)

Shannon said...

Those tutu's are so adorable, I think I like the Mermaid or the Ladybug tutu the best but they are all so pretty with all their colors!

Hmmm so many things that signify childhood to me but I would have to say sandy beach babies. I always loved going to the beach growing up so I love seeing little kids or babies in bathing suits playing on the sand.

pie eating friend said...

freakin adorable.
unfortunately lola is a little old for tutu's but i wish her much success with her venture.
your girls are always adorable.

Jules said...

Oh the bubblegum tutu is totally adorable.

One thing that signifies childhood to me is "carefree"......

Jules said...

already a follower.....

Kristin said...

oh this post brought tears to my eyes...sigh...childhood is so fleeting..i look at my little ones and get a little tearful...this time is so precious...
childhood is making dandelion wishes, chasing faeries, and discovering the pure magic of life...

*thank you* for the great giveaway!! my little one would *love* any one of her fabulous tutus!!

praire hugs,

Mary said...

Love to read your blog Maratha! The tutus are darling- love the pics! My favorite one is the Happy Taffy tutu. One of my favorite childhood memories is the wonder of fireflies- chasing them and capturing them to have my own lantern at night!

LuLu & Co. said...

The mermaid tutu reminds me my girls and swimming!!! the tutus are sooo cute!