September 24, 2010

I almost birthed twins

would you ever believe
this sweetie pie
wrote on our wall with permanent marker

and almost...just almost got it all over our white bed spread...
she did get a couple of dots on my ruffled pillowcase
the same ones LuLu just showed on her blog
the ones I got back in February but I thought I was going to birth another baby the moment I turned around and saw her laying on my bed with a black permanent marker
the cap off
ready to write
I almost birthed twins the panic I felt
as she looked up and smiled...
"what mama?"

Instead maybe I just had a cow
PETA don't be mad
but when I exaggerate I often reference cows...

like I'm so hungry I could eat an entire cow
or half of a cow
which is ironic because I don't eat a ton of red meat

as I walked over slowly to her so she wouldn't quickly decide to think it's funny to put a mark all across my bed

it has been a looooong week and that was just the icing on the cake
so as I was closing out some things from an event for my business
she was coloring on the wall with permanent marker
and her sister's floor with a blue dry erase marker

she found our stash in our junk drawer to say the least
and thinks she it's her personal stash
to take from when she pleases
although I followed her and must admit seeing her on her tippy toes
deciphering which permanent color to pick was quite cute

just not the after effects...
of the marks all over the house

note to self...
all pens, markers will be taken out of that drawer when we are back in town

I recently confided in my mom saying
"'s like they are already ganging up on me especially when Bobby is not around"

for those that know me
running over me isn't a small feat
but her response was
"Oh you mean like you two {my sister and I} used to do to me?"

touche mom...

although sometimes we were justified...I'm just sayin'
with an added chuckle there

this week has been quite the non-stop busy week for events, emotions, preparing for a bridal shower
I think I secretly like the chaotic times where I have too much to do
because that makes me thrive a bit to have a lot on my plate
even though I'm trying to not do that
it always seems to happen

we are headed out of town this weekend
for my friend's shower
and to visit some of Bobby's family that will be in town for our hometown Fall Festival
it will be a crazy fun celebration kind of weekend
the best kind of weekend....

I may be even doing something I haven't done in ages
and I'm super nervous because I don't feel prepared
but sometimes you just need to do things without thinking, right?
makes life more fun...

I'm super excited to share on Monday I'll be doing a give-a-way...
I should have just surprised you all
but I'm not great at surprises
so come on back Monday as I have a sweet friend who is sponsoring one for me
right here on
Butterflies and Dragonflies



Anonymous said...

Gasp, permaent marker on the white bedspread i would have birthed twins too! least you had good sense to tell her to raise that marker, I would have just tackled my son and it probably would have hit the bed! Enjoy your vacation...!!xo

Tish said...

lol i seriously can't imagine what you look like upset. is it possible? or do you just raise your voice a tiny biddy bit?

Shannon said...

Oh My Can you imagine! Poor girl doesn't even know how close she was to losing her life :) Hope you have a good weekend and your sweeties don't gang up on you while you are on your trip

LuLu & Co. said...

My second daughter was 1 1/2 and got a hold of a red sharpie my husband left out on the bed. I placed her in the middle of my "white bed" turned around to do a few things/ turned back and she drew all over it.... i still have images of it! My new white bedding is the first white bedding i've bought since then. My sharpies are now up very high!!!!
Have a wonderful time can't wait to hear all about it :)

koralee said...

Oh sweet one...I have many many black marker stories...she is adorable though...just look at that sweet face.

Friday hugs to you and thanks you for your sweet comment you left me about my daughter Molly...she is almost on london soil...I will not sleep tonight until I hear from her. oxxoxoo

Angela Harris said...

Hey Martha :)

Totally have been there, about a million times I think :)
My 2 and year old once spilled over a whole gallon of wall paint in my living room. It got my huge oriental rug. Then they proceeded to play in it with their hands. Valencia pulling herself up to the tv and making hand prints all over it. Let not go into detail about my faults in the matter, like how the kids can get the can open and where was I? It happens! Thank goodness you got there in time!