September 8, 2010

calling tinkerbell...

calling Tinkerbell...

calling Tinkerbell...

do you hear me?

I needed you last Friday to come spread your pixie fairy dust
for me...

funny how life doesn't quite work that way
last Friday was quite the day
as my wallet was stolen and used
so we've been picking up a few pieces

please no need to comment on that
life could definitely be worse
and not really what I want to write about
I shed some tears that were ridiculous and moved on

my mom thought I was pregnant when I talked to her
because I was so emotional
for some reason about the events of the day

but Friday was just frankly one of those days
that I wanted some Tinkerbell pixie dust to magically start my day all over again
because it was just one thing after another
"awful kind of day"

you get my drift...

in other words
pretty much it was just...

it has pushed a few things back a bit
but not too much damage was done
thank goodness

it is the picking up the pieces
and special pictures to me that are gone

and the fact that the one plus I was looking forward to
about my wallet being stolen was
a new driver's license picture

that's so ridiculous isn't it?

didn't happen

they used the same darn one...


but talking about the pictures

all were replaceable but one...
it was a picture of Bobby on our honeymoon
at one of our dinners
and it wasn't taken by us
but by the ship
so I don't have another copy

it was just one of those pictures
that everytime I saw it
I smiled and remembered our special memories we had during our honeymoon week

our hilarious ones
our romantic ones
our relaxing ones

and the picture to me marked the official place where Bobby finally fell in love with the ocean
which is exactly why that was one of my favorite pictures of him

he wasn't all too fond of water when I first met him
but now he loves it just as much as I do
except he has no fear in the ocean as I now do....
I love it but I won't go out past my waist especially if I cannot see the ocean floor

I know a big wuss I have become...

but beside the point is how much I love photographs
I always have them all around me
from the simpliest of sitting at a dinner on our honeymoon

to pictures of our summer nights when we are eating alfresco

summer nights are beyond my favorite

watching the girls play in our backyard
and talking with Bobby as he is grilling...

this was my favorite evening
in these pictures


 calling Tinkerbell...

calling Tinkerbell....

I know you are around as Madison was just talking with you...

and exactly what this little girl was doing
this summer evening...

calling you
on top of this hill
that leads to some common ground behind us

well actually to get it right...

she was calling Tinkerbell and her main squeeze
she informed us about...
{still the same one as last year}

so as she dressed herself in her flower hat
underneath her Fancy Nancy crown
holding her Fancy Nancy purse
and wearing her soccer medal

you know...
the perfect outfit for calling Tinkerbell...

this summer night
was one of my favorites

of all-time...

since fall and winter are closer than ever...

it reminded me to enjoy the last of the summer nights
until next year, that is

the sun was setting perfectly behind the hill
so it shadowed Madison and Hayley as they played until dark

they looked beautiful as we could only see their figures from where we sat

they looked like their own little fairies that night
especially Madison with her feather poofs on her crown

it was all we could see

it made us laugh and smile as we just watched them together
both of them calling Tinkerbell
and then Iridessa
and I said

"hey...what about Silvermist?"
{she's one of my fav's as she likes the color blue and water}

they said...
"you call her mama!"

yes...I'll admit...I did the fairy personality test with the girls...
"and whadya know..."
I can't make a darn decision on some of the answers
because I couldn't decide between a couple descriptions

typical me...

well I do see the sheet often enough
and why I know a little bit about the fairies
as it was requested to be laminated by the girls
so it would stay nice...

it's important reading material you know...
some must-knows for moms of girls

summer nights like these

are a special song to my heart

{thanks for staying with me on this 500 topic post}
well that's a bit of an exaggeration
but you get my drift...

and that wonderful saying on the chalkboard
all the credit goes to Bobby


Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Beautiful pictures Martha! We are trying to hold on to the last of summer too, except now the little one is sick....already!
It would be magical if your wallet found its way back to you with the pictures in it.

Tish said...

these pictures are absolutely breathtaking and enchanting. sigh..

Kasey said...

I had my wallet stolen once and the world pretty much it is OK to say that.
I get it;-)
fabulous photos my friend...your girls are precious.
p.s. love that chalkboard!!!!

Urban Farmgirl said...

Oh girl, it is ok to feel the world needs to stop for a second when your wallet is stolen. It isn't about the wallet...for me it was more about someone felt they had the right to take something that belonged to ME. Ticked me off beyond words, actually.

Your pics are so pretty...those little girlies are just too stinkin' cute! ;o)


Anonymous said...

oh boy it seems we all have those days when we just want to start over and not have those things happen. I am sorry about your wallet, not the end of the world, but a big old pain the booty~ I hope this week is treating you better and your photos are soooo sweet, love them!!!!

Shannon said...

Bummer about the wallet, I would have cried too :( Hopefully this week has gone better!

P.S. I love the ocean also but in the last couple of years will not go in further than my waste too. For some reason I am deathly afraid of what I can't see anymore, even if I can see I'm afraid of sharks coming and getting me!

Angela Harris said...

on a sidenote: since you mentioned tinkerbell. Valencia is driving me crazy!! with the new tinkerbell coming out. It comes out on the 21st but she doesn't understand. She asks me every 20 minutes if it's at walmart yet.
these photos are so sweet!

LuLu said...

oh i would be so upset if my wallet was stolen too... yuck yuck yuck... i would be in a complete funk. Your pictures are AMAZING oh my goodness i adore them.... how about hoping over my way and take pictures of my capture your children soooo fantasticly!!!
wishing you much love and hugs,

koralee said...

Oh I think none of us can escape those bad days...sorry about your wallet my sweet friend.

Hope your weekend is going to make up for your Friday.

Hugs. xoxoxo

Lissa said...

Hi Martha~ Oh I hate it when something is stolen. I'm so sorry that you lost that special picture! That's the worst part!
my girls are huge pixie fairy fans! We got to visit them at Disneyland. Silvermist is the favorite! It was so fun!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry about your wallet!

Seizing My Day said...

buzzard! That does suck! our credit card was being used to buy a lot of gas in FL last year... we live on the WEST coast!! and my wallet had not even been stolen! bank compromised info!! UGH! nightmare changing out all our cards AND having NO access to money for days! yikes!

I love love your little fairies!! My little girl was a huge fairy fan ... she even wrote fairies and they wrote her back... wink wink! ;) Have you heard of The Flower Fairies? those quickly became Abby's favorite! they are old poems rewritten into stories for little girls! Your little fairies would probably love them! ;)