October 2, 2010

without thinking

 I did it last weekend
even though I was tricked into doing it for a bright orange team "C" shirt
provided to us by Grandpa C
I still did it

my in-laws have been trying to convince all of us to do a 10k together as a family
it's very rare that we are all together the same weekend
I had been putting in the miles for the 10k but wasn't necessarily ready {speed, sprint ready}
plus I had bruised the balls of my feet the week before since I had worn my shoes out

so the day before
I just decided to join in the fun
and do it regardless
and have fun
to make it a family run together
yes...Mom and Monica...I finally enjoyed a race again
you both were right

I wasn't sure I was ready to go back to racing
it's been 11 -12 years since I had raced last

but it sure felt nice to do it all together
even in bright orange

{I'm in the back with the visor}

thank you family for convincing me
the feeling of running a race is something I haven't felt in such a long time
and not only was it fun again
but it felt really good to just feel it

everyone had great finishes

all of us in the picture either ran the 10k or walked the 5k
that includes Madison and little Miss "A" her cousin
they walked with Grandpa and one of Bobby's sisters, Melissa
{or should I say piggy backed}
the little, little ones didn't participate other than sporting their orange shirts as little cheerleaders
with Grandma

p.s. the orange shirts were a great idea because no one wears orange and we could spot our family as we looped by one another
it was great!

next year though...I think we should go bright pink so the guys have to wear pink...lol
and next year I need to take 2 1/2 minutes off my time...

easy peasy as I could have done that day and frankly should have


koralee said...

Yahoooooo for you my sweet friend...yahooo for all of YOU!
You look adorable.

Sending you fall hugs today. xoxoxox

Julie said...

yay yay yay!! i'm SO glad you did the race last weekend! you forgot to mention in this post that you were AWESOME...kristin leitze gave me the scoop :o)

it makes me so happy to hear you were able to enjoy racing again - i bet you felt that competitive spirit (even against yourself) come into play, yes?

i like the orange shirts, too! hasn't that always been one of your fave colors?

can barely run a block said...

that's awesome...
and i was thinking of running a 10k
but since you did it...i can just live through you!
good girl!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

That is amazing!!

Lissa said...

Now THIS is a great idea!! What a fun memory! LOVE the shirts!