August 23, 2010

what it takes...

oh alright...
you all convinced me to suck it up and just do it

your request for beach hair sent me in a little loop I'll tell ya...

but it did force me to get a little creative

it took you asking...
yes it did
because I had know idea that's what you would be waiting for

so thank you my friends

 it made for a fun couple of hours for our family

what I love about Bobby, Madison, and Hayley

is that they are game for pretty much anything
I love that about them

I really will not admit we perhaps trespassed because we didn't
{wink, wink}

we just went on a little hike through fields of which the girls were braver than me
when it came to possibly seeing s-n-a-....e...s...
{you know...}

I cannot even finish spelling what they are because I am that deathly afraid of them

and thank goodness we didn't
because there would be no pictures

so here we go
you wanted beach hair...

I swear I had it lookin' like cute beach hair when we left the house
but my hair turns straight as a board
with humidity

so I give you
"true" humidified beach hair perhaps, right?

with my "would-be" beach comfort wear

comfortable jeans and a tank
because I would live in jeans if I could

and I hope I don't disappoint
but since I am supposed to be showing beach hair
just imagine that the field behind us {even though I love this field} 
is actually an endless sea
a beautiful bright blue

one thing I noticed with my hair is that it is a bit more textured now than normal

exactly what I was striving for
since it is normally thin and no texture
and I love the messier not so put together look anyway

I tell you when Bobby and I take pictures of one another
one of us ends up pouting...

I'll be honest
we aren't comfortable people behind the camera

but we do it anyway and end up laughing at one another
because it takes a lot for us to ease up behind the camera

except for this lil cutie...
she picked a bouquet to hold and is quite comfortable behind the camera

we are finding it matters today and it'll matter someday too
to have pictures of our little adventures
of hiking through fields
and going behind fences
with our girls
when we aren't supposed to

Bobby has become so patient with
with these sorts of things

He was ready to drag around my grandmother's chair
and the newly finished frame I did for the mirror we turned into a chalkboard

I told you that chocolate cake works every time for him
like a charm...

because not one complaint from him the entire time
even when we had to drive separately for the chair
and I was shoving the frame in the back of my car because it wouldn't fit in my trunk

well he didn't like it much when I was having difficulty doing a real smile
which I don't blame him

I have this thing when I take pictures
I have to make sure my neck and jaw are in the "right" place
because otherwise it looks like I have a football players neck
because when I laugh
I throw my heck back for some weird reason
making my jaw look humungo!
and then I start deleting pictures
that really upsets him
for some reason...

so that is when I plant a big ole' kiss on him
and he forgets all about it...

in the matter of seconds
he forgets that I deleted a couple of pictures

thank goodness

kissing him works like a charm just like the chocolate cake...

did you know that?

I even got a handsome smile of his with our two special girls

I'm in love with all three of them together in pictures...

we managed to stop back by the pet store over the weekend
with Daddy this time
and left with some gourmet dog biscuits for a little birthday celebration
for Miss Cadence

I say gourmet because the girls got to pick one biscuit they wanted to get for her
out of about 15 different kinds
all with sprinkles, colors, and shapes
and my good girls chose white
thats my girls!


Tish said...

that's my dream hair. people always look at me like i'm crazy, considering the fact that i have curly hair but i want LOOSE curly hair lol.

grass is always greener. enjoy perfection :)

Amanda Bruss said...

So LOVELY!!!! You are so creative when it come to picture taking!!! Reading your blogs always makes me smile and feel so at ease!!! Talk to you soon!!!

Shannon said...

Love your hair, that chair and your new frame for your chalkboard!! Great pictures as always :)

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

I love easy going kinda hair...and yours is just looks do you and your guys are one good lookin' family ;)

Lissa said...

oh martha!!!! why didn't you post this last week???? I wish so badly that I had thought to take my girl's pics in the corn fields by becky's house!!!! What cute pics it makes!

love the hair you little bombshell...

Farmgirl Paints said...

You guys are beyond adorable. Lissa just called me all beside herself that we didn't run out into a cornfield somewhere and take pics like these. I'm positive it would have caused an allergy fit for me for sure:) You look are model worthy girl...lovin' the beach hair!

LuLu said...

Clapping!!! Love your hair! And how cute are YOU!!! Oh my goodness i just love this photo shoot! Beautiful pictures.... oh i need to take my family out for a photo day... i better bake a chocolate cake to convience them to smile :)
My lily {dog} would love the treats!!!
happy day to you<
P.S. our school day starts tomorrow...
i came home and cried after open house today... {in my closet alone not to freak out my kiddos}

Anonymous said...

Love the beach hair, and you are just gorgeous!! Your girls are ready for the camera that is for sure, love the chair and the huge frame, so perfect for the photos!!! And chocolate cake would work wonders on my guy too!