August 30, 2010

weekend in pictures

 "Wabash Days"

where we spent most of our Saturday afternoon

This year our town celebrated 153 years of our town's railroad heritage

from 1857 to 2010

 tons of booths
a town parade
carnival rides
a little bit of jazz music

 just plain old carnival fun in our historic downtown

the celebration is only about a mile and a half from our home

so instead of captioning all the pictures

I'll let them tell the story...

some are of downtown shoppes with vintage signs

and others have silly memories to us

like double daring Bobby to do the bottle break...

he kept eyeing the sign for the game

I said...

"just do it already..."


one of my favorite parts was watching the girls ride the rides together
all by themselves
and being able to watch them from a distance
with this handsome guy...

not to mention finding one of his old project hats while he was away these past weeks
with our favorite number on it

made me smile to hang it up for him
but also made me miss him more


Shannon said...

Great pictures, looks like a fun family day! I can't wait til both my girls can ride on the rides with each other. I'm sure it is much better watching them giggle together :)

blondiensc said...

wow looks like a good time for everyone!! love all of the photos, Ia m sure my son would have been in heaven!! happy monday sweet girl!

Kasey said...

okay...looks like a ball.
your photos are awesome Martha!!!
The girls look like they had a blast.

LuLu & Co. said...

awwww what gorgeous pictures and a wonderful day!!!! Isn't it great when you can stand back and watch your kids ride a ride.... i love watching how excited they get.
Happy Monday,

Jules said...

Your pictures are amazing. I love the candid shots of the girls the best. It looks like you had a wonderful day.

paige said...

ya'll are such a good looking family!
i love the girls hair too

sweet photos of a fun weekend

margarita knight? love it!